Why Are My Beats Solo 3 Not Charging? – (7 Quick Fix)

why are my beats solo 3 not charging

Asking “Why are my Beats Solo 3 not charging?” Well, this guide will answer your question!

The Beats Solo³ is one of the high-end headphones on the market, but charging issues arise even with the best products.

That’s why this guide will help you unravel the charging problem with your Beats and help you resolve the issue with the best solutions in a matter of minutes.

When your Beats Solo³ is not charging, first acclimatize the headset, perform a soft reset, and try to charge it in a different socket.

Additionally, you might need to replace a piece of your charging equipment or factory reset the headphones.

Let’s next unwrap some of the essentials related to charging Beats Solo³…

How to Know if Beats Solo 3 Are Charging?

know if beats solo 3 is charging

To charge your Beats Solo³, plug them into a proven-to-work power outlet, and to know if they’re charging look at the Fuel Gauge.

Those are the five LED lights underneath the power button of your Beats Solo³, which also indicate the battery level.

When fully charged, the Beats Solo³ can provide up to 40 hours of audio playback, and the Fuel Gauge will accurately show the battery level.

One LED equals 20% battery, so for example, two LEDs would mean 40% battery charge, and so on…

If the Fuel Gauge does not flash when you connect your Beats Solo³ to an electrical outlet, the headphones are not charging.

If your Beats Solo³ is not charging, this generally means a fault with the charging equipment, which consists of a micro USB wire, power adapter, and A/C outlet.

So, let’s get into troubleshooting and resolve the issue as quickly as possible…

Why Are My Beats Solo 3 Not Charging – 5 Minute Solutions

Tip: We strongly recommend following the troubleshooting guide in order!

1. Acclimatize your Beats Solo³

acclimatize your beats solo³

Well, the first and one of the most important things to pay attention to is the fact that the Beats Solo³ will not start charging under extreme temperatures.

So, if you’re just taking them out of the box, we recommend acclimatizing the headphones by leaving them for at least 10–20 minutes.

If it’s very cold outside, the battery may be kinda “frozen”, which prevents the charging instantly, before acclimatizing.

Once the internal battery gets adjusted to the environmental temperature, the Fuel Gauge will start flashing when connected to power.

While waiting, we recommend reading the entirety of the guide…

2. Soft-Reset your Beats Solo³

soft-reset your beats solo³

The next, quickest, and one of the most effective solutions against charging issues with the Beats Solo³ would be to soft-reset them.

This method will not unpair your headphones from any wireless sources, rather it will restart their system and address software charging problems.

To soft-reset your Beats Solo³, there are only two steps:

  • To power OFF your Beats Solo³, hold the Power button for 2 seconds.
  • To power ON your Beats Solo³, hold the Power button for 1 second.

When your Beats Solo³ are rebooted, plug them into the power outlet using the micro USB cable and check if the Fuel Gauge flashes.

If not, the headphones are not charging so keep reading…

3. Charge in a Different Socket

charge in a different socket

A swift and widely recommended approach against charging issues with Beats Solo³ early into the troubleshooting is switching to a different outlet.

This will immediately tighten the circle of possibilities as it’ll reveal whether the electrical source is preventing your Solo³ from charging.

Important: Third-Party Connectors!

It’s crucial to connect the USB power adapter straight into the power socket without any devices in between.

In many cases, such power rerouters impact the voltage supply from the outlet and can actively prevent not only the Beats Solo³ but also other devices from withdrawing electricity.

This means you must remove devices such as:

  • Power extenders
  • Surge protectors
  • Smart connectors
  • Electrical dividers
In Short: Plug the power adapter of your Beats Solo³ directly into the power source!

4. Clean the Solo³ Charging Port

clean the solo³ charging port

As we continue troubleshooting the Beats Solo³ charging issue, it’s crucial to check and clean the micro USB port of your headphones.

If there is dust accumulation or other obstructions within the charging port, the micro USB connector won’t go all the way in, and your Solo³ won’t charge.

So, get a toothpick, an old toothbrush, and a flashlight!

When you have the tools, here’s how to safely clean the charging port:

  1. Using the toothpick, reach within the micro USB port.
  2. Gently scrub all the debris from the bottom and sides.
  3. Using the old toothbrush, attempt to remove the debris.
  4. Use the flashlight to check whether there is more dust.
  5. Repeat the steps until the micro USB port is unclogged.

When you’re ready, plug the micro USB connector into the Beats Solo³ charging port by applying a mild force inwards to secure the connection.

Then, connect the headphones to the power and check whether the Fuel Gauge will now start flashing, thus if your Beats Solo³ is now charging.

Note: We also recommend inspecting the port on your power adapter for obstructions or clogs!

5. Replace Charging Equipment

replace charging equipment

The charging equipment of your Beats Solo³ headphones consists of a micro USB to USB cable and an electrical adapter (power brick)

If one of these components is faulty or not working at its full potential, your Beats Solo³ won’t charge, and the Fuel Gauge won’t flash. 

So, a replacement could be your only solution!

About micro USB Cable:

about usb a/c adapter

The charging cable can be a standard micro USB to USB 2.0 or 3.0 and works with almost any power adapter.

The small end plugs into your Beats Solo³ and the big end goes into the USB port on your power adapter.

If you have a replacement micro USB to USB cable at home, feel free to implement it and test if your Beats Solo³ will start charging.

About USB A/C Adapter:

To charge your Beats Solo³ headphones, you need a standard power brick (USB adapter), with 5V maximum voltage.

The maximum power for USB port 2.0 is 2.4W and for 3.0 is 4.5W, both of which will work and charge your Beats Solo³ successfully.

Quick Tip: You can entirely bypass charging your Beats Solo³ into an outlet and plug the big end of the USB cable into a computer/laptop.

6. Factory Reset your Beats Solo³

While your Beats Solo³ still has some battery left, we strongly recommend performing a factory reset, which will revert the device to its original configuration.

This ultimately means that your headphones will be unpaired from any Bluetooth devices, and in-app settings will be deleted

However, if the charging problem is related to a software-related bug, surely, the factory reset will “unclog” the system in one go. 

factory reset your beats solo³

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your Beats Solo³ easily:

  1. First, verify that your Beats Solo³ is turned “ON.”
  2. Then, locate the Volume (-) and Power buttons.
  3. Hold both buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  4. Release the buttons when the Fuel Gauge flashes.

Viola! Your Beats Solo³ is now factory reset. So go ahead, plug them into your charging source, and check whether they are now charging. 

Reminder: Don’t forget that after the factory reset you’ll need to pair your Beats Solo³ with the Bluetooth device or other source that you’ve been using beforehand.

7. Charge your Beats Solo³ Overnight

If your Beats Solo³ is connected to a proven power source, but the Fuel Gauge is not flashing this doesn’t necessarily mean the headphones are not charging.

Sometimes, especially if you haven’t used the headphones in a while, the battery might be critically dead, not being able to charge immediately.

charge your beats solo³ overnight

So if you’ve tried everything, but the Fuel Gauge doesn’t flash, as a last resort, leave the Beats Solo³ connected to the power overnight.

Luckily, once the battery adjusts after a long time of no use, it will start charging and in the morning you’ll find your Beats Solo³ charged to maximum.

If not, your Beats Solo³ is likely facing a hardware (battery) defect, which can’t be resolved at home straightforwardly, so we recommend getting professional help.

Quick Recap

Why are my Beats Solo 3 not charging?

Hence, if your Beats Solo³ is not charging, soft reset the headphones, clean the charging port and switch to a proven-to-work power outlet.

Also, replace the micro USB cable and the power adapter before performing a factory reset.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more!