Beats Fit Pro One Side Not Charging? – (Easy Fix In Minutes)

beats fit pro one side not charging

If Beats Fit Pro one side not charging, the issue is potentially related to the charging case of the involved charging equipment.

This guide will clear out all the questions and provide you with working solutions to help you get your dead Beats Fit earbud charging and working in no time. 

If one of your Beats Fit Pro earbuds is not charging, clean the charging case, inspect the equipment, and seat the buds properly.

Also, you may need to replace the equipment and restore the earbuds to factory defaults.

There’s more so let’s keep going!

Why Are Beats Fit Pro Not Charging?

why are beats fit pro not charging

Here’s why only one of the Beats Fit Pro buds isn’t charging:

  • Obstructed or malfunctioning charging case.
  • An issue with your buds’ charging equipment.
  • Improper positioning of the Beats Fit earbuds.
  • Loose or untightened equipment connections.
  • Obstruction of the Beats Fit Pro charging port.

Here’s how to identify the remaining battery charge of the Beats Fit Pro on mobile!

How to Check Beats Battery Status On Android?

To check the remaining power of your Beats Fit earbuds on Android, you must download and install the Beats app available in the Google Play Store.

Once installed, ensure Beats Fit is paired and navigate to the “Devices” page to check the remaining earbud and case battery.

How to Check Beats Battery Status on iOS?

check if beats studio buds status

The Beats earbuds and headphones have a specialized integration with iOS systems, allowing the users to directly view the equipment’s battery without the app.

Once paired, you can check both earbuds and the case’s remaining battery within the “Battery” widget bar on your device.

Beats Fit Pro One Side Not Charging – Quick Fix

Tip: We recommend following the solutions in a consecutive order.

1. Seat your Beats Fit Buds Properly

The leading solution is to take both Beats Fit earbuds out of the case and place them back in to restore the connection with the charging plates

If the contact between the left or right Beats Fit earbud and the charging plate is disrupted, only one of the units will receive the case’s power.

seat your beats fit buds properly

So, take both of the Beats Fit Pro earbuds out from the case and place them back in.

It’s crucial to ensure that each of the earbuds has clicked in and that the case’s indicator light has flashed.

If that’s not it, keep reading…

2. Adjust the “Audio Balance” Feature

The issue may not be related to your Beats Fit Pro, so identifying this as early as possible is the best way to begin the troubleshooting. 

Your wireless device’s Audio Balance might have been misconfigured.

The “Audio Balance” is essentially an option that controls the loudness of the left and right Beats earbuds individually.

So if misconfigured, one of your earbuds may be entirely muted!

Let’s learn how to configure the “Audio Balance” on all platforms:

How to Configure “Audio Balance” On Mobile?

configure “audio balance” on mobile
  • On Android, go to “Settings” → “Accessibility” → “Audio” → “Audio Balance” and drag the slider in the middle for balanced output.
  • On iOS, navigate to “Settings” → “Accessibility” → “Audio/Visual” and adjust the slider at the center to equalize the sound.

How to Configure “Audio Balance” On a Computer?

  • On Windows, go to “Settings” → “System” → “Sound”, tap the Beats connection, and go to “Device Properties” to adjust the balance.
  • On macOS, go to “Settings” → “Bluetooth”, enter the settings of the Beats Fit Pro and scroll down to “Balance” and set the slider in the middle.
Alert: Some devices may not have a global “Audio Balance” feature!

3. Tighten the Charger’s Connections

tighten the charger’s connections

Loosen or unsecured connections are one of the primary culprits for the charging issue with one of your Beats Fit Pro earbuds.

That’s why your next step should be to thoroughly inspect all connections in your Beats charging case’s equipment and verify there are no loose connections.

Beats Fit Pro’s equipment consists of the following connections:

  • The charging cable and adapter’s connection.
  • The charging cable and capsule’s connection.
  • The charging adapter and outlet’s connection.
Warning: Inspect the physical condition of Beats Fit’s charging cable and A/C adapter!

4. Unpair the Beats Fit Earbuds

unpair the beats fit earbuds

Before attempting to charge the Beats Fit Pro again, you should verify that the earbuds are disconnected from your wireless device.

Earbuds are particularly susceptible to this, as the technology of the Beats Fit Pro does not allow for charging until the earbud is disconnected.

Note: By default, all Beats earbuds are designed to unpair automatically once put in the case!

Here’s how to manually unpair the Beats Fit Pro from your device:

  1. First, open the “Settings” application on the Bluetooth device.
  2. Navigate to “Bluetooth” and scroll down to “Paired Devices.”
  3. Find the Beats Fit Pro earbuds’ connection within the listings.
  4. Tap the “Manage” or “Info” icon and then tap on “Disconnect.”

Warning: The Beats Fit Pro is designed to pair automatically once taken out of the case!

How to “Forget” Beats Fit’s Bluetooth?

“forget” beats fit’s bluetooth

It is also recommended to temporarily “forget” the Bluetooth connection of the earbuds, in case they accidentally pair with your device again. 

You can achieve a full uninstallation of Beats’s Bluetooth profile by selecting the “Options” icon next to the connection and tapping “Forget.”

Note: On iOS, you must tap the small “Info” icon next to the Beats Fit earbuds’ connection!

5. Clean the Beats Case’s Sockets

If Beats Fit Pro one earbud not charging, you should verify that both charging terminals of the Beats case are free of obstructions.

Your right or left Beats Fit Pro earbud might be failing to establish proper contact with the case, resulting in charge issues.

To clean the earbuds thoroughly, you need at least 2–3 earsticks, some rubbing alcohol as well as a microfiber cloth to collect all periphery dust.

clean the beats case’s sockets

Follow these instructions to clean the charging sockets of the Beats Fit Pro:

  1. Apply some rubbing alcohol to one of your earsticks.
  2. Next, open the lid of the Beats Fit Pro’s charging case.
  3. Gently clean the charging terminals with your earsticks.
  4. Use your microfiber cloth to clean your buds and case.
  5. Also, wait until the Beats Fit Pro equipment fully dries up.

While waiting, we recommend reading the rest of the solutions…

6. Charge in a Different Socket

charge in a different socket

One of the most frequent causes for improper charging of either earbuds or the case is power source insufficiency.

So, the next step is to install the charging equipment of the Beats Fit Pro into an alternative power socket and place both earbuds properly into the charging case to test.

The charging equipment of the Beats Fit Pro consists of a USB type-C charging cable as well as a standard USB 2.0, 3.0, or USB-C adapter.

Important: Always connect your charging case directly to an outlet, avoiding all kings of power strips, dividers, and smart plugs.

7. Restore your Beats to Defaults

You can address issues with the Beats Fit Pro alternatively, by restoring the earbuds’ system settings to factory defaults.

The system reset of the buds settings can be achieved by using the built-in “System” button on the inner side of the charging case while both earbuds are inserted.

Warning: Restoring the earbuds to factory defaults will erase all existing wireless connections!

restore your beats to defaults

Here’s how to restore the Beats Fit Pro earbuds to default settings:

  1. Open your charging case’s lid and position both earbuds in.
  2. Locate the “System” button in between the charging sockets.
  3. Next, hold the “System” button for approximately 15 seconds.
  4. Release the button once the case’s LED flashes red and white.
  5. Wait until the Beats Pro’s system is restored to factory defaults.
Reminder: Do not release the “System” button before the charging case flashes!

8. Test a Different Charging Cable

If the Beats Fit Pro not charging through an alternative power source, the charging equipment remains the main culprit.

So, the best next step is to install an alternative USB-C charging cable with the existing power equipment of the earbuds and check if both earbuds will charge in sync.

test a different charging cable

Here’s how to replace the charging cable of the Beats Fit’s equipment:

  1. Unplug the power adapter from the supplying outlet.
  2. Detach the USB-C charging cable from the adapter.
  3. Install an alternative USB-C cable with the adapter.
  4. Plug the adapter back into your supplying A/C outlet.
  5. Check if the status lamp of the charging case changes.

Bonus Tip: Change the Power Adapter

Although power adapters rarely malfunction, you should test the current and new USB-C cable of your Beats earbuds with a replacement power adapter. 

Tip: Ensure the new power adapter is compatible with 9V and 12V USB-C charging cables!

Quick Recap

If your Beats Fit Pro one side not charging, inspect the power equipment and clean your case’s charging sockets.

If the issue persists, use an alternative power adapter, reset the earbuds, and alter the charging cable.

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