Beats Fit Pro Blinking Red Light? – (Reasons & Solutions)

beats fit pro blinking red light

If your Beats Fit Pro blinking red light, the solutions you’re looking for are in this short guide!

The red-colored light produced by the Beats Fit Pro is an indication of underlying issues with the electrical supply or charge of the headphones.

Let’s review the issue in detail to solve it easily!

To fix Beats Fit Pro’s blinking red light, fully charge the case and inspect your charging equipment for defects.

Also, perform a system reset on your earbuds, alter the charging source, and detach third-party equipment.

There’s much more to learn so let’s get started!

Why is Beats Fit Pro Blinking Red Light 3 Times?

beats fit pro blinking red light reasons

The repeatedly blinking red light (3 x times) on the charging case of your Beats Fit Pro is a standard indication of an underlying charging issue

The three consecutive red light flashes are often associated with a dead case battery, an equipment issue, or power source insufficiency.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the flashing red light on Beast Fit Pro:

  • Beats Fit Pro’s charging case battery is below 40%.
  • There’s an issue with Beats’s charging equipment.
  • There is an existing connection preventing charge.
  • The Beats Fit Pro has encountered a system failure.
  • There is a hardware malfunction with the Beats Fit.

Beats Fit Pro’s “Low Battery”?

beats fit pro’s “low battery”

If the indicator blinks three times and goes off instead of staying solid, it’s an indication that the charging case has fallen below 40% of battery capacity.

This is the first low-battery warning of the Beats Fit Pro and as the battery continues to deplete, the indicator will soon turn solid red.

Info: Once the indicator turns solid, you have about 5–10 minutes of usage remaining!

Beats Fit Pro Blinking Red Light – Here’s How to Fix

Tip: Follow the solutions in a consecutive chronology!

1. Fully Charge the Beats Fit Case

The first solution against the consecutively blinking red lamp on your Beats Fit Pro is to fully refill the battery capacity of the case and reinsert the earbuds.

fully charge the beats fit case

Since the red lamp is related to charging issues, ensuring your Beats Fit case is at full capacity ensures proper functionality!

Here’s how to fully charge the case of your Beats Fit Pro:

  1. Install the USB-C cable of the charging case into an adapter.
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into the case’s charging port.
  3. Next, wait until the indicator lamp turns solid or stops flashing.

How Long Does Charging Beats Fit Pro Takes?

Based on whether you’re using original charging equipment or not, charging your Beats’ case from 0% battery capacity up to 100% takes about 1 hour

However, keep in mind that this estimation varies on the equipment used and the efficiency of the electrical outlet, as well as the power adapter/cable.

Notice: Installing third-party equipment may shorten or extend the charging time!

2. Forget Beats Fit Pro’s Connection

forget beats fit pro’s connection

The blinking red light Beats Fit Pro might signify a poor Bluetooth connection that’s preventing the Fit Pro’s case from charging.

That’s why the next step is to forget the Bluetooth connection of the Beats Fit Pro earbuds in your device’s Bluetooth settings and re-add them from scratch.

Here’s how to forget the connection of Beats Fit Pro on your device:

  1. Access “Bluetooth” within the device’s configuration.
  2. Locate or navigate to the “Devices” listings on the tab.
  3. Tap the “Manage” or “Info” icon next to the connection.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the section and select “Forget.”
  5. Reinsert both the Beats Fit Pro earbuds from the case.
  6. Check if the case’s indicator is still flashing in red color.

Erasing Beats Fit Pro’s Bluetooth profile from your device will delete all existing settings and connection preferences of the earbuds. 

To reconnect with the earbuds, open the charging case while within range of your device and search in the “Available Devices” tab.

Note: Newer iPhone models will automatically detect and pair with the Beats Fit Pro!

3. “System Reset” the Beats Fit Pro

“system reset” the beats fit pro

One of the most effective solutions against the red indicator light on your earbuds is to restore the system of the earbuds to defaults.

The factory reset is achieved by placing both earbuds into the charging case and activating the built-in “Reset” process, which is explained in steps.

Here’s how to system reset the Beats Fit Pro in easy steps:

  1. Place both of the Beats Fit earbuds into the charging case.
  2. Locate the “System” button between the earbud sockets.
  3. Hold the button for approximately 15 seconds for initiation.
  4. Release the button once the LED indicator turns red/white.

If the earbuds have successfully entered the “Reset Sequence,” the color of the LED indicator should go from red to white and the other way around.

The Beats Fit Pro system reset typically lasts for up to ~60 seconds, based on the existing connections and remaining battery charge.

Alert: Do not interact with the earphones while the indicator lamp is blinking white!

4. Troubleshoot the Charging Case

troubleshoot the charging case

There are multiple possible ways to troubleshoot the red colored indicator on your Beats Fit Pro case if it is still there.

Any existing problems with the charging case may include an obstructed charging port, unclean earbud charging sockets, or a hardware malfunction of the board.

Here are reliable solutions to issues with the Beats Fit Pro charging case!

Clean the Beats Fit Charging Case

The first and most important step in troubleshooting Beats Fit Pro’s charging case and ensuring all charging contacts and the port of the case are free of debris.

So, use an ear stick with some rubbing alcohol to collect debris accumulated in the case’s charging port and earbud sockets.

Charge the Case Via Computer

An alternative to using a standard electrical outlet for charging the case is plugging the Beats Fit Pro into the USB of a computer or a laptop.

It’s a proven method to determine if the charging issue is caused by the equipment or whether it is related to an insufficiency of the power source.

Drain the Charging Case’s Battery

drain the charging case’s battery

If the case is still producing a red light or the indicator is blank, you should leave the case open and place both earbuds inside until the battery is completely drained.

Thus, once the capsule is not blinking in red and responding to the earbuds, plug it into the charging equipment and wait.

Note: It takes between 30 minutes to an hour to charge the Fit Pro case from 0% to 100%.

5. Replace Beats Fit Pro’s Equipment

The reason why Beats Fit Pro blinking red light when charging could be caused by defective charging equipment.

If the red blinking light does not subsequently go away after connecting the earbuds, this can be a standard indication of a malfunctioning charging cable or adapter.

Let’s start with replacing the charging cable of the Beats Fit Pro!

How to Replace Beats Fit Pro’s Charging Cable?

replace beats fit pro’s charging cable

The Beats Fit Pro earbuds’ charging case uses a USB type-C cable along with a compatible power adapter.

To test the charging case, install a replacement USB-C cable with the charging port of the case and determine if the indicator lamp remains red, starts blinking, or goes blank.

How to Replace Beats Fit Pro’s Charging Adapter?

If the cable did not cause a charging fault with the Beats Fit Pro, you should test the same USB type-C cable with an alternative 9V/12V power adapter.

The continuous red blinking light is an indication of insufficiency of the power supply that can also be caused by a faulty outlet adapter.

Warning: Ensure to test the replacement equipment separately!

6. Alter Beats Fit’s Charging Source

alter beats fit’s charging source

As we’ve already clarified that the red light is one of the primary indications of electrical supply insufficiency, the next step is to alter the case’s charging source.

The equipment of the Beats Fit Pro must be installed with a proven and effective outlet that will deliver enough power supply.

To alter the charging source of the Beats Fit Pro, disconnect the power adapter from the current power source and relocate the equipment to a different outlet. 

Additionally, verify that all connections are secure and connect the USB Type-C connector to the charging port on your Beats Fit Pro’s case.

Note: The indicator will stop blinking in red once the case has reached more than 40% battery!

7. Detach Third-Party Equipment

detach third-party equipment

Another possible reason for the blinking red light on your Beats Fit Pro is the power supply from the outlet to your charging case.

It’s very important to verify that you’re charging your Beats Fit Pro case directly into the outlet, without any extender devices that actively re-route the voltage.

This means disconnecting the following devices:

  • Electrical strips/dividers.
  • Smart plugs of all kinds.
  • Power surge protectors.

Then, connect your Beats Fit Pro case for at least 40 minutes directly into the outlet and wait for the blinking red light to disappear.

If your capsule is not charging, seek professional assistance.

Quick Recap

If the Beats Fit Pro blinking red light, fully charge the Fit case, alter the charging source, and inspect the equipment.

Additionally, replace pieces of your charging equipment, and uninstall all external outlet connectors.

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