Why Won’t My Skullcandy Earbuds Charge? – (7 Proven Solutions)

why won't my skullcandy earbuds charge

If you’re wondering why won’t my Skullcandy earbuds charge, this guide will help you out.

Skullcandy earbuds develop charging issues due to malfunctioning the charging equipment, insufficient power source, or potential hardware damage.

So, we will guide you through all possible issues the earbuds might have developed and help you try a few working solutions.

The Skullcandy earbuds typically won’t charge due to equipment failure or hardware malfunction.

To address the issue, replace the equipment, charge through a different outlet, and clean the case’s charging port.

Let’s dig deeper!

Why Won’t My Skullcandy Earbuds Case Charge?

skullcandy earbuds case charge problem

To properly troubleshoot the Skullcandy earbuds, you must first identify what has possibly led to the fault’s development.

The primary suspects are the port, cable, and power source, which can directly impact the charging of your earbuds.

Let’s review an organized list that contains all causes for the malfunction:

  • Your earbuds are not appropriately positioned.
  • A failure with the charging case or the adapter.
  • Third-party equipment is blocking the charging.
  • Hardware malfunctioning case or power source.

Let’s next explore working solutions against those possibilities…

Why Won’t My Skullcandy Earbuds Charge – Solutions

Tip: To identify the issue quickly, follow the instructions in consecutive order!

1. Reinsert the Skullcandy Earbuds

reinsert the skullcandy earbuds

If Skullcandy has not established proper contact with the charging poles within the case, none of the earbuds will charge, even when inserted. 

That’s why the first step is to remove and reinsert the earbuds back into the charging case to refresh the connection with the case’s electricity poles.

Here’s how to correctly reinsert the Skullcandy earbuds from the case:

  1. Open the lid of your Skullcandy charging case.
  2. Take both earbuds from the charging sockets.
  3. Wait for ~15 seconds and reinsert the earbuds.
  4. Close the lid of your Skullcandy charging case.
  5. Wait 30 seconds and test both of the earbuds.

Both earbuds must produce a clicking noise upon connecting with the charging plates of the case, and the status lamp should blink as an indication.

If the charging case does not detect the earbud, there will be no visual indication from the status lamp, even if there’s a clicking noise.

Note: The earbud shouldn’t move easily within the case once connected to the plate!

2. Refill the Charging Case’s Battery

refill the charging case’s battery

The next step is to fully recharge Skullcandy’s charging case, especially when the earbuds fail to work due to low power.

You should also inspect all connections on the charging equipment and try to locate any loose cables that can interrupt the proper charging of the Skullcandy case.

So, connect a USB-C cable to the case’s charging port and wait for at least 30–35 minutes until the internal battery is filled up optimally.

Upon opening the lid of your charging case, the status lamp should turn solid green to indicate sufficient battery level.

Note: The Skullcandy earbuds require at least 20% of battery level to function correctly.

3. Clean your Case’s Charging Port

clean your case’s charging port

Another reason my Skullcandy earbuds won’t charge could be due to a potentially obstructed charging port and/or hardened debris particles.

The most straightforward solution is to clean the periphery of the charging case and remove any charging port obstructions.

What Do I Need to Clean the Earbuds?

It’s recommended to have and use some (or all) of the following materials:

  • One or two earsticks for cleaning.
  • A cleaning solution/rubbing alcohol.
  • Optional: A can of compressed air.

How to Clean Skullcandy Earbuds Charging Port?

clean skullcandy earbuds charging port
  1. Apply some cleaning solution to an ear stick.
  2. Next, insert the earstick into the charging port.
  3. Perform circular movement to collect all debris.
  4. Wait for 1–2 min until the charging port dries up.
  5. Connect the charging cable to the case to test.

The charging port can be obstructed by debris, dust, or hardened particles interrupting proper contact with the terminals.

If using the ear stick was not enough to remove all the debris, use the compressed air to soften the debris and shake the Skullcandy case until all particles fall out.

Tip: To avoid hardened debris, clean the charging case of the earbuds periodically!

4. Alter the Charging Source

alter the charging source

A potential failure of the charging source associated with the charging case could prevent the earbuds from receiving sufficient charge when inserted. 

The next step is to recharge the Skullcandy’s case from an alternative source and reinsert the buds to replenish the supply.

Some electrical outlets in your home may also have a power switch, so make sure to check around the outlet’s plate for a power button.

To consistently deliver power to the Skullcandy earbuds charging case, the outlet’s power plug must be set to “On.”

Note: The Skullcandy case's average equipment needs a 12V power adapter!

5. Remove Third-Party Equipment

remove third-party equipment

You must plug the adapter directly to verify that the electrical source (outlet) delivers sufficient voltage to your Skullcandy earbuds.

Avoid charging your case through electrical dividers, strips, or other extenders that may impact the power supply and prevent charging your earbud’s case.

You should remove the following equipment from Skullcandy’s charging setup:

  • Power strips, dividers, or re-routers.
  • Smart plugs and outlet connectors.
  • Electrical outlet wall plates or covers.

You can test each piece of third-party equipment on another low-voltage electrical appliance to determine if the socket works.

If any equipment used in recharging the Skullcandy case turns out to be defective, you must replace it with brand new to restore the supply to your earbuds. 

Warning: Using a defective power strip or faulty outlet connector to charge the Skullcandy case can lead to potential A/C issues.

6. Factory Reset Your Skullcandy

factory reset your skullcandy

If Skullcandy’s charging fault is on the software end, you can quickly address issues by forcing a factory restoration process using the charging case’s “Control” button.

It’s an easy yet greatly effective way to resolve any existing problems with the buds and restore all settings to defaults.

Alert: The earbuds’s Bluetooth profile will be erased from all associated devices!

Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset on the Skullcandy earbuds:

  1. Take off both earbuds from the charging case.
  2. Hold the “Control” button on the charging case.
  3. After ~4 seconds, release the button and wait.
  4. Hold each button on your Skullcandy earbuds.
  5. After 10 seconds of holding, release all buttons.
  6. Wait until the LEDs flash red and blue to indicate.

For the factory reset to work correctly, the earbuds and the charging case must be charged to a sufficient battery amount.

If the LED light on the earbuds and the case is not coming on, there’s a chance you haven’t activated the factory restoration procedure and must re-do all instructions.

Tip: Connect the charging case to a power supply while starting the factory reset.

7. Replace Skullcandy’s Equipment

replace skullcandy’s equipment

If the earbuds still fail to charge while inserted, you should consider testing the charging process individually after replacing the charging cable and adapter. 

You can identify defective components in your equipment by testing with an alternative charging cable and an adapter.

With Skullcandy, you can install any USB adapter and USB Type-C cable connector to charge the case.

This will help you localize where the problem comes from quickly.

Skullcandy Charging Cable?

All recent models of Skullcandy earbuds use a USB Type-C charging cable and a 12V power adapter to receive sufficient power supply. 

Skullcandy Power Adapter?

skullcandy power adapter

If the charging cable wasn’t the fault with the Skullcandy earbuds, install the same cable with an alternative 12V power adapter. 

If your Skullcandy earbuds are not charging even with proven-to-work equipment, the case may be faulty or have developed an HW defect.

In that case, we recommend checking your warranty.

Tip: Attempt to charge the earbuds after replacing the charging cable and the adapter!

Quick Recap

Why won’t my Skullcandy Earbuds charge? Hence, Skullcandy earbuds are not charging because of defective equipment or electrical source issues.

To solve your problem, alter the case’s power socket (plug directly), clean the charging port, and factory reset the Skullcandy earbuds.

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