Skullcandy Earbuds Not Turning On? – (Don’t Panic, Easy Fix!)

skullcandy earbuds not turning on

If your Skullcandy earbuds not turning on, keep reading as we’ve found several solutions!

The troubled startup of the Skullcandy earbuds can be a result of improper case charging, obstructed charging contacts, or a malfunction

This guide will help you rule out all potential issues with your earbuds and help you conduct expert troubleshooting, served chronologically.

Whenever the Skullcandy earbuds aren’t starting, fully charge the case, check the case’s charging plates, and replace the equipment.

If the fault continues, recharge the earbuds through a different source and force a factory reset.

Let’s investigate the issue further!

Why Are My Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds Not Turning On?

skullcandy wireless earbuds not turning on

To greatly increase the effectiveness of the upcoming troubleshooting, it is recommended to review all underlying causes for Skullcandy’s issue.

As established, the reason for the issue may include improper charging, lousy Bluetooth, or failures of the system so let’s check:

  • Malfunctioning earbud charging equipment.
  • Issues with the connected charging source.
  • Obstructed Skullcandy charging case port.
  • Congestion of the Bluetooth wireless signal.
  • Hardware malfunction with the earbud units.

This is what can prevent the Skullcandy earbuds from turning on and working properly!

Skullcandy Earbuds Not Turning On – Here’s How to Fix

Tip: Follow the steps in a consecutive order.

1. Pair with the Earbuds Properly

pair with the earbuds properly

The first solution is to pair the earbuds properly in case the Bluetooth signal gets temporarily congested.

There’s a significant chance that the earbuds have already established a connection to an alternative Bluetooth device and are refusing to appear in the menu of your phone/PC.

Let’s learn how to properly pair and manage the Skullcandy earbuds!

How to Pair Skullcandy Earbuds On Mobile?

  • On Android, launch the “Settings” application, tap the activation slider to turn on the feature, and tap on the “Skullcandy” connection name from the list.
  • On iOS, activate the Bluetooth feature through the quick access menu, hold the icon for 3–4 seconds, and tap Skullcandy’s connection once it shows up.

How to Pair Skullcandy Earbuds On PC?

pair skullcandy earbuds on pc
  • On Windows, go to “Settings” → “Bluetooth & devices”, and if the earbuds are within range, tap on the “Connect” button to establish the connection.
  • On macOS, tap the Bluetooth icon at the top, wait until the connection of the Skullcandy earbuds appears in the list, and click it once to pair successfully. 

Also, Unpair Existing Connections!

One of the standard functions of the Skullcandy earbuds is that they can only connect to one device at a time.

Make sure the profile of the earbuds does not exist in the wireless menu of other devices before attempting to pair the buds with your computer or mobile device again.

Tip: You can “Forget” an existing profile of the Skullcandy earbuds through the Bluetooth menu!

2. Re-activate the Device’s Bluetooth

re-activate the device’s bluetooth

Chances are that the earbuds are turning on but your wireless device is refusing to establish a direct Bluetooth connection.

The issue can be caused by existing wireless interference, issues with the device, or a malfunction of the Bluetooth feature within the settings of your source unit.

Let’s learn how to re-activate Bluetooth on different platforms!

How to Re-activate Bluetooth On Mobile?

On Android

Launch the “Settings” app, navigate to “Bluetooth” and tap the activation slider that will appear at the top of the screen.

When you’re ready, you can re-activate the feature after ~10 seconds.

On iOS 

First, access the quick menu and tap the Bluetooth icon.

Then, go to “Settings” and enter the “Bluetooth” menu section, to reactivate the in-built Bluetooth feature of your iPhone or iPad.

How to Re-activate Bluetooth On a PC?

re-activate bluetooth on a pc
On Windows

First, go to “Settings” → “Bluetooth & devices” → “On.”

Verify that the Bluetooth profile of the Skullcandy earbuds exists within the menu and tap the “Connect” button once to start pairing.

On macOS

First, hover your cursor over the Bluetooth icon, tap the activation slider, wait for 15 seconds, and re-enable the feature to connect with the Skullcandy earbuds.

Note: Verify the Skullcandy earbuds are within range while re-activating your device’s Bluetooth!

3. Refill the Equipment’s Battery

Another reason why the Skullcandy earbuds aren’t turning on and pairing to your device can be due to improper equipment charging

Both the earbuds and the case must be sufficiently charged to function optimally and preserve proper connection with your Bluetooth device.

Let’s learn how to properly charge Skullcandy’s equipment!

How to Fully Recharge Skullcandy Case?

fully recharge skullcandy case

The newest Skullcandy earbud models use a standard USB-C charging cable along with a standard 12V power adapter.

To charge the case, install the type-C cable into the charging port on the case, plug the cable with the adapter, and install the equipment in an A/C outlet.

How to Fully Recharge Skullcandy Earbuds?

To fully recharge Skullcandy, connect the case with a charger and place both earbuds inside.

Upon inserting each earbud, the frontal LED lamp of the case should blink as an indication that the earbud is successfully charging.

It takes ~30–40 minutes for your earbuds to fully charge.

Note: If the earbuds have charged sufficiently, the case’s LED should illuminate in green!

4. Install Different Equipment

install different equipment

The power fault of the earbuds can be produced by malfunctioning charging equipment, more particularly, a faulty charging cable

To determine what exactly is interrupting the power supply, you should attempt to charge the earbuds with a different cable/adapter.

Let’s charge the Skullcandy equipment alternatively!

Replace the Charging Cable:

Install an alternative USB type-C cable with the existing 12V power adapter of the Skullcandy earbuds and plug it into an outlet.

Replace the Power Adapter:

Install a replacement 9V or 12V power adapter compatible with type-C USB and attempt to refill the internal battery of the charging equipment.

If the earbuds are still not turning on, install the alternative USB-C cable with the replacement power adapter and check if the LED lamp will illuminate.

Also, validate your electrical source!

Note: Case charging with original Skullcandy equipment typically takes about 45–50 minutes!

5. Alter the Electrical Source

alter the electrical source

The main culprit whenever Skullcandy Bluetooth earbuds not turning on is improper charging, which can be a result of power source insufficiency.

That’s why you should attempt relocating the charging equipment of the earbuds next to an alternative outlet and re-attempting charging.

Here’s how to alter the power source of the Skullcandy earbuds:

  1. Disconnect the USB-C cable from the power adapter.
  2. Unplug the power adapter from the current A/C outlet.
  3. Then, connect the adapter to a proven power socket.
  4. Connect the USB-C cable (small end) to the capsule.

Avoid! – Third-Party Equipment

Attempting to charge the Skullcandy earbuds with equipment different from the original can reduce the battery’s health significantly.

In addition, ensure you’re charging the case directly from an electrical outlet and there are no third-party connectors, such as strips or dividers.

Quick Tip: You can test if an electrical outlet is functional by installing any electrical appliance!

6. Restore the Buds to Defaults

restore the buds to defaults

If you’re still encountering issues turning on and using the Skullcandy earbuds, you should conduct a factory reset procedure to reset all system settings. 

Well, be aware that restoring the earbuds to factory settings will erase all existing Bluetooth connections to all wireless devices.

Here’s how to restore the Skullcandy earbuds to factory settings:

  1. Place both the earbuds back into the charging case.
  2. This will turn off the Skullcandy earbuds automatically.
  3. If not, verify that both your earbuds are currently “OFF.”
  • On Indy Evo, hold the touch panel for 10 seconds.
  • On Indy Series, hold the touch panel for 4 seconds.
  • On Indy ANC/Fuel, hold the touch panel for 15 seconds.
  • On Sesh, tap the touch panel 6 consecutive times.
  1. Wait until you see the LED indication of a successful reset.
  2. Info: The LED indications vary between the different models.

If you’re having difficulty resetting your Skullcandy earbuds or you have a different model, feel free to check online or use the user’s manual.

When your earbuds are factory reset, you should be able to turn them on, by holding the touch panel for a few seconds, on each of your earbuds.

Note: If your Skullcandy earbuds are still not turning on, contact Skullcandy Support.

Quick Recap

When the Skullcandy earbuds not turning on, verify the case and earbuds are charged, inspect the equipment, and alter the charging source.

If the fault persists, force a factory reset on the Skullcandy earbuds.

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