Why Are My Skullcandy Earbuds So Quiet? – (Proven Solutions)

why are my skullcandy earbuds so quiet

If you’re wondering why are my Skullcandy earbuds so quiet, this guide answers this!

The reduced audio quality or strength of the Skullcandy earbuds can be a result of improper Bluetooth connection with your device or issues with the charging.

This guide will help you improve the output of the Skullcandy earbuds and strengthen the produced volume levels.

Your Skullcandy earbuds can be quiet due to unstable Bluetooth, charging issues, or obstructions within the speakers.

The solution involves increasing the volume, cleaning the earbuds, and performing a factory reset.

Let’s explore potential resolutions to the issue!

Why are the Skullcandy Earbuds Quiet?

why are the skullcandy earbuds quiet

Identifying the exact reason behind the silent output volume of the Skullcandy earbuds requires a deep analysis of the earbuds’ functionality. 

A potential Bluetooth connection failure, improper charging, or unclean speakers can lead to significantly muffled audio output.

So, let’s take a quick look at everything that can cause this:

  • Improperly positioned Skullcandy earbuds.
  • Lowered device or earbuds output volume.
  • Obstructed Skullcandy earbuds speakers.
  • Improper charging of the case or earbuds.
  • A hardware issue with one or both earbuds.

This is what can negatively impact the volume strength of the Skullcandy earbuds and prevent the earphones from working properly.

So, keep reading to explore expert solutions to the issue!

Why Are My Skullcandy Earbuds So Quiet?

Tip: Follow the solutions consecutively!

1. Position the Earbuds Properly

position the earbuds properly

The main culprit for quiet sound coming out of the Skullcandy earbuds is improper positioning of one of both earbuds.

According to many users and opinions, not pushing the plastic cover of the earbuds into your ear might make the sound muffled until the buds are positioned properly.

How to Properly Wear Skullcandy Earbuds?

First, verify that the earbud with an “R” imprint is in your right ear or that the earbud with an “L” imprint is in your left ear.

For significant audio quality, push the plastic cover through your ear’s cavity and maintain the earbud’s position while listening to your device’s audio output.

how to properly wear skullcandy earbuds

We should also note that some Skullcandy earbuds come with small, medium, and large plastic tips to match the size of your ear.

Attempting to insert a large plastic tip into a small ear cavity might muffle the audio broadcast of the earbuds and prevent you from hearing properly.

Tip: If your Skullcandy earbuds have no extra plastic tips, you can order different sizes online!

2. Increase the Output Volume

The first step is to increase the output level of the earbuds from all existing sources that involve the earbuds themselves and the settings of your device. 

It may be possible that the audio setting on your mobile is interfering with the audio produced by the Skullcandy earbuds.

How to Increase Volume From Earbuds?

how to increase volume from earbuds

To turn up the output volume of the Skullcandy earbuds, tap the right bud twice in a row, and you should immediately notice a change in the sound.

To lower the volume, tap the left earbud twice or keep tapping if you wish to mute the sound of the Skullcandy earbuds temporarily. 

How to Increase Volume From Device?

If increasing the volume of the earbuds has no effect, you should check if your device’s volume setting is also turned on.

If the earbuds are paired to your mobile device, repeatedly press the “Volume +” button on the side panel and ensure that the volume slider goes up to at least 75%.

Note: Older Skullcandy earbud models may not have a separate audio controller feature!

3. Clean the Buds’s Speakers

clean the buds’s speakers

Unclean earbuds are what can primarily lead to reduced volume strength or audio quality of your Skullcandy.

That’s why one of the most straightforward solutions is to clean the internal speakers, wait until the plastic surface has fully dried up, and then test your earbuds’ volume.

What Do I Need for Cleaning the Earbuds?

Here are the necessary and optional materials for cleaning the earbuds:

  • One or two thin earsticks.
  • A cleaning solution (alcohol.)
  • A microfiber rubbing cloth.
  • Optional: Extra plastic tips.

How to Clean Skullcandy Earbuds?

how to clean skullcandy earbuds
  1. Apply some cleaning solution to the rubbing cloth.
  2. Carefully clean the charging case and both buds.
  3. Apply some of the solution to one of the earsticks.
  4. Insert the ear stick into the Skullcandy plastic tips.
  5. Perform circular movement to collect all ear wax.
  6. Wait until your case and both earbuds are fully dry.
Note: Wait for a bit until the earbuds are dry before inserting them back into the case as this can potentially defect the electrical terminals or the battery of the case!

4. Inspect the Bluetooth Connection

A failure of the Bluetooth connection between the earbuds and your device may silence the audio output of Skullcandy.

To restore optimal audio quality, you should forget and re-add the connection of the earbuds, which will reinforce the connection and hopefully solve the issue.

How to Forget & Re-Add Earbuds On Android?

forget & re-add earbuds on android
  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Android mobile.
  2. Access the “Bluetooth” tab within the settings.
  3. Tap the “Info” or “Manage” icon next to the buds.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Bluetooth settings page.
  5. Tap on “Remove Device” or “Forget this Device.”

How to Forget & Re-Add Earbuds On iOS?

  1. Deactivate the Bluetooth feature on your iOS device.
  2. Launch the “Settings” application and scroll downwards.
  3. Tap on the “Bluetooth” page within the iOS settings app.
  4. Locate the connection of the Skullcandy earbuds below.
  5. Press on the “info” icon and tap “Forget this Device.”

How to Forget & Re-Add Earbuds On Windows & Mac?

forget re-add earbuds on windows mac
  • On Windows, go to “Bluetooth,” highlight “Skullcandy” and choose “Forget.”
  • On Mac, tap the Bluetooth icon at the top-right, tap on the buds, and choose “Unpair.”
Reminder: You must manually reconnect the earbuds once the Bluetooth profile is erased!

5. Use Only One Skullcandy Earbud

To determine if the Skullcandy earbuds quiet while paired in unison, you should connect one of the earbuds individually.

This can be achieved by cleverly using the charging case to deactivate the Bluetooth of one earbud and taking out the other one to complete a single Bluetooth pairing.

use only one skullcandy earbud

Here’s how to pair only one Skullcandy earbud (for testing purposes):

  1. Place the left or right Skullcandy earbud in the case.
  2. Take the other earbud and close the charging case.
  3. Open the “Bluetooth” tab in your device’s settings.
  4. Tap on Skullcandy’s connection to pair the earbud.
Note: Once paired, insert the earbud into your ear and test the audio quality.

6. Test on an Alternative Device

To determine if the low volume issue is only occurring on a particular device, you should test the earbuds on an alternative Bluetooth device. 

This can be a potent solution if the fault is caused by improperly configured device Bluetooth settings or issues with the wireless device transmitter.

test on an alternative device

Here’s how to complete Skullcandy’s initial pairing on an alternative device:

  1. Place both earbuds within the Skullcandy charging case.
  2. Next, bring the charging case close to the Bluetooth unit.
  3. Open your “Bluetooth” settings on your wireless device.
  4. Scroll downwards to the “Discoverable Devices” section.
  5. Tap on the Skullcandy earbuds’s connection from the list.
  6. Wait until your device is successfully paired to the earbud.

You can track the connection status of the Skullcandy earbuds solely through the activity label within the Bluetooth settings of your devices. 

If the status changes to “Connected” shortly after tapping on the connection of the earbuds, it means you can take them out of the charging case.

Note: Placing the earbuds back into the charging case will automatically unpair them!

7. Restore the Earbuds to Factory Defaults

If the audio produced by Skullcandy is unknowingly quiet, you should perform a factory reset on the earset.

A potential failure of the system settings can lead to accelerated wearing of the built-in speakers, cause issues with the microphone, or prevent the earbuds from connecting.

restore the earbuds to factory defaults

Follow these instructions to factory reset the Skullcandy earbuds:

  1. Remove both Skullcandy earbuds from the case.
  2. Locate the “Control” button on the charging case.
  3. Next, hold the control button for ~5-10 seconds.
  4. Release the button once your case’s LED blinks.

The standard indication for a successful factory reset on most Skullcandy earbuds models is two consecutive flashes of the frontal LED lamp. 

If there is no output from the case at all upon holding the control button for more than 10 seconds, the charging case’s battery is running low.

Warning: The factory reset will not start if the battery of the charging case is running low!

Quick Recap

The reason why are my Skullcandy earbuds so quiet is because of a misconfigured audio setting or an issue with the charging.

You must re-charge the case, inspect the Bluetooth connection, clean the earbuds or factory reset them.

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