Why Are My TOZO Earbuds So Quiet? – (Easy Fix Guide)

why are my tozo earbuds so quiet

Why are my TOZO earbuds so quiet? Well, this guide will answer all of your TOZO questions!

The audio output of the TOZO earbuds can become impaired if the device’s audio settings are incorrect or the Bluetooth connection is fluctuating.

This guide will uncover all possible causes for the muffled output of the TOZO earbuds and provide you with top-tier resolutions and tricks.

The TOZO earbuds are so quiet because of unclean ear tips or the reduced volume of the connected device.

Another possible cause is the improper audio settings of the earset or a potential charging issue with the case or the TOZO earbuds.

Let’s review the causes of the muffled TOZO output in detail!

Why Are TOZO Earbuds Too Quiet?

why are tozo earbuds too quiet

Before attempting to improve the output of the earset in any way, it is suggested to become familiar with all of the causes of the issue.

Knowing what could go wrong with the earbuds is vital to understanding the issue and troubleshooting the TOZO earbuds more effectively.

Here are all of the possible reasons why the TOZO earbuds are quiet:

  • Unclean tips of the TOZO earbuds.
  • An issue with the TOZO batteries.
  • Incorrect audio settings of TOZO.
  • Outdated TOZO software version.
  • Issues with the connected device.

This is what can impair the audio output of the TOZO earbuds.

To explore reliable solutions for the issue, progress into the troubleshooting guide…

Why Are My TOZO Earbuds So Quiet – Quick Solutions!

Tip: Follow the steps in consecutive order!

1. Manually Increase the Volume 

manually increase the volume

The TOZO earbuds have an in-built volume adjustment system that regulates the audio output of the earbuds.

TOZO’s volume system is individual and isn’t linked to the volume settings of the connected device, thus, it must be adjusted manually.

How to Adjust TOZO’s Volume Manually?

Each earbud has an in-built touchpad button that can initiate different actions related to the audio broadcast and the output. 

To increase the volume of the TOZO earbuds, press and hold the left earbud for at least 5 seconds, and you will immediately hear the earbud’s volume increase.

Let’s explore how to control TOZO’s behavior via the built-in touch commands!

TOZO Earbuds Touch Commands:

tozo earbuds touch commands

Here is a complete list of the TOZO touch commands:

  • Single Press – Pauses/Unpauses the audio stream.
  • Double Press – Skips to the next song in the queue.
  • Triple Press – Play the previous song in the queue.
  • Press & Hold – Increases & decreases the volume.
Note: Holding the left action button will decrease the volume, and the right increases it.

2. Test With Different Media

The volume of a particular media you’ve played on the connected device may have reduced audio by default, causing you to think that the fault is with the earbuds.

So, the next step is to test alternative audio playbacks on various platforms to determine if the fault is with TOZO.

You can play any type of media as long as it is on a proven platform to determine if the audio output of the TOZO earbuds is correct.

How to Check the Media Volume Controller?

check the media volume controller

Most popular streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Netflix, have in-built volume controllers that also adjust the broadcast’s audio strength.

Hence, if you’re streaming a song or a video online, check if the supported platform has an in-built volume button.

3. Clean the TOZO Earbuds

The first step is to clean and maintain the TOZO earbuds to improve the audio output volume.

As mentioned, one of the primary reasons you’re hearing the output of TOZO muffled is because of the unclean ear tips of the buds

What Do I Need for Cleaning TOZO Earbuds?

do i need for cleaning tozo earbuds

Acquire the following materials for cleaning the TOZO earbuds efficiently:

  • Ear stick 
  • Warm water
  • Dry cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol

How to Clean TOZO Earbuds?

  1. Remove the earbuds from the case and detach the ear tips.
  2. Apply a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol to the earbud.
  3. Insert the ear stick into the earphone and collect all debris.
  4. Finally, wait until the earbuds are fully dry and reinsert them.

Using alcohol when cleaning the insides of the earbuds is a proven method for disinfection and proper maintenance of the earbuds.

Using water will not allow the removal of hardened earwax from the TOZO earset when compared to using an alcohol solution.

4. Recharge the Battery of TOZO

recharge the battery of tozo

When the batteries cannot provide enough power to meet the requirements of the TOZO earset, you may encounter volume fluctuations and muffled audio. 

That happens over time, and recharging or replacing the batteries is required. 

Method #1 Charge Via USB Cable

  • Recharging the TOZO case via a USB cable is the standard way of charging.
  1. Connect one end of the USB cable to a compatible adapter.
  2. Plug the adapter into a power outlet and connect the case.
  3. Put the TOZO earbuds back into the charging case and wait.

Method #2 Recharge TOZO Externally

recharge tozo externally
  • Recharging TOZO externally requires two copper wires and a battery!
  1. Acquire a positive and a negative charging wire.
  2. Connect the wires with an external battery unit.
  3. Next, remove the TOZO earbuds from their case.
  4. Contact the wires with the case’s charging plates.
  5. Wait for 10-15 minutes until the case recharges.
Tip: After charging the earbuds, test the volume after turning them OFF and ON.

5. Adjust the TOZO Audio Settings

adjust the tozo audio settings

TOZO earbuds one quiet, and the other not? You must check the playout’s audio settings!

The TOZO earset has a touch panel on each earbud.

You can control the earbuds by pressing the touch panel, and different ways of pressing or holding have different outcomes.

Sometimes, an unintentional touch can activate a command, which can interfere with the volume’s strength.

TOZO Earbuds Audio Settings
Setting:Android:Apple’s iOS:
“Volume”Adjust by pressing the volume buttons on the side.

“Settings” →” Audio” → “Equalizer” → “Frequencies”“Settings” → “Sound & Haptics” → “Custom Audio Setup” → “Frequency”

“Sound Amplifier”
“Settings” → “Accessibility” → “Sound Amplifier” → “Open Sound Amplifier”“Settings” → “Sound & Haptics” → “Custom Audio Setup” → “Soft Sounds”

“Reduce Loud Sounds”
“Settings” → “Accessibility” → “Audio” → “Loud Sounds” → “Reduce Loud Sounds”“Settings” → “Sounds & Haptics” → “Headphone Safety” → “Reduce Loud Sounds”

Test each of the audio settings on your device to the highest setting and determine which value works best to boost the audio output of the TOZO earbuds.

The highest option of each audio setting may work on some content solely based on what you’re listening to.

Tip: We recommend reverting the audio settings on your playout device to default!

6. Resolve Wireless Interference

resolve wireless interference

A problem that can appear and keep your earbuds or one TOZO earbud quiet is interference during a Bluetooth connection.

The interference can be caused by other active Bluetooth connections in the same room or devices that transmit wireless signals.

Here are a few ways to overcome wireless interference:

  • Move closer to the playback transmitter.
  • Turn off any electronics near your TOZO.
  • Toggle OFF & ON the Bluetooth feature.
  • Forget and reconnect with the Bluetooth.
Note: If your earbuds are still quiet, we recommend checking if the problem exists when the buds are outputting a different song/media.

7. Factory Reset TOZO Earbuds 

The factory restoration is a proven resolution for any functionality errors in the TOZO earbuds, including the quiet and muffled sound.

The process will erase all existing Bluetooth connections of the earbuds and restore the default settings configuration of the product.

factory reset tozo earbuds

Here’s how to factory reset the earbuds correctly:

  1. Place the TOZO earbuds inside the charging case.
  2. Locate the Action button on the back of the case.
  3. Press and hold the button for around 10 seconds.
  4. Wait for the LED lights to turn on and flash rapidly.
  5. Remove the earbuds from the case and test TOZO.

The factory reset will not start unless the TOZO earbuds are correctly connected to the charging case.

You will know that the process is finalized whenever the LED lights on the charging case go off or turn into a solid blue light.

Note: If the LED lights of the charging case do not start blinking, repeat the reset instructions!

Quick Recap

The reason why are my TOZO earbuds so quiet is because of a problem with the charging or unclean ear taps.

To resolve the issue with your TOZO, re-charge the case first, correct the audio settings of your device, and factory reset the TOZO earbuds.

Follow us for more TOZO earbuds troubleshooting!