Why Do My JBL Earbuds Keep Cutting Out? (Best Solutions)

why do my jbl earbuds keep cutting out

If you’re wondering why do my JBL earbuds keep cutting out, well, this guide is for you!

Apart from their excellent Bluetooth integration, the JBL Wireless Earbuds may sometimes lose connection to your device due to power or charging issues.

Alternatively, issues may also occur as a result of not configuring your device’s network settings properly. Let’s learn more!

The JBL earbuds may be consistently cut out due to broadcast problems, insufficient distance, or charging problems.

In addition, there could be a problem with the wireless or Bluetooth devices you’ve paired your JBL earbuds with.

Let’s learn more!

Why Do My JBL Wireless Earbuds Keep Cutting Out?

jbl wireless earbuds keep cutting out

Here’s what causes JBL’s connection to drop persistently:

  • Insufficient Bluetooth distance.
  • Improper charging of the JBLs.
  • Issue with JBL’s charging case.
  • Issues with the wireless device.
  • Interference with your playback.

When Do JBL Earbuds Automatically Power Off?

Unlike other earbuds that will stay powered on for as long as they are out of the case, the JBL earbuds automatically turn off once idle for 10 minutes.

So, if you’re not playing any music or audio via your connected wireless device, the JBL earbuds will turn off even outside the case.

The standard method for turning off the JBL earbuds and disbanding the existing connection is simply placing the JBL earbuds back into the charging case.

Now that we know this, let’s continue with the troubleshooting!

Why Do My JBL Earbuds Keep Cutting Out – Fixed Easily

Tip: Follow the instructions in a consecutive order!

1. Shorten the Bluetooth Distance

shorten the bluetooth distance

When using JBL wireless earbuds, you should always pay attention to the built-in Bluetooth coverage of the wireless transmitter.

While some earbuds unpair instantly after moving out of the 10-foot radius, the JBL earbuds can sustain a stable Bluetooth connection for up to 50 feet.

However, you should note that the sound of the earbuds may start cutting out at 35–40 feet distance, but this also depends on the supported wireless coverage of the Bluetooth device.

How to Test JBL Earbuds Bluetooth Coverage?

The easiest method for defining the exact coverage of your earbuds is pairing JBL and placing your smartphone or wireless device right next to you.

After that, ensure the buds are playing audio and start going backward, counting your steps.

test jbl earbuds bluetooth coverage

Once the audio of the earbuds starts cutting out, you can convert the counted steps into feet, and you will know JBL’s exact coverage.

In Short: Keep your JBL earbuds close to your source device to prevent the audio from cutting out!

2. Alter the Broadcasted Audio

Before attempting any of the in-depth troubleshooting, you should alter the audio your JBL earbuds are playing.

You can play songs, media, or audio tracks from trusted social media platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, and Netflix, to verify if the audio or buds are cutting.

In addition, ensure there are no active audio settings that are stabilizing, equalizing, or configuring the audio in any way.

The broadcast may sound proper through your device’s speakers, but it could start muffling or cutting out once a set of JBL earbuds is connected.

Tip: Check if the platform has a separate audio controller!

3. Re-activate your Device’s Bluetooth

re-activate your device’s bluetooth

Perhaps, re-activating your device’s Bluetooth feature will put a stop to the persistent cut-outs in the connection.

So, you can turn off your device’s ability to connect via Bluetooth through the wireless settings, which means that all wireless devices will temporarily lose their connection.

Let’s learn how to re-activate the Bluetooth feature on most output devices!

How to Re-activate Bluetooth On Mobile?

  • On Android, access the quick menu, scroll right or left, tap the Bluetooth icon from the sliders, and re-activate the feature after 30 seconds.
  • On iOS, swipe downwards from the homepage, tap on the Bluetooth icon, and access the settings, to re-activate the “Bluetooth” feature.

How to Re-activate Bluetooth On a Desktop?

re-activate bluetooth on a desktop
  • On Windows, navigate to “Settings” → “Bluetooth & devices”, tap the activation slider at the top of the page, and wait for 15 seconds.
  • On macOS, tap the features button right next to Siri’s activation and click on “Bluetooth” once to disable it for approximately 15 seconds.
Warning: All other wirelessly paired devices will also lose connection after turning off Bluetooth!

4. Inspect the JBL Earbuds’s Charging

If the JBL earbuds cutting out does not stop, you should verify that the earbuds’s equipment is properly charged.

Thus, an underlying fault with the charging equipment or insufficiency of the charging source can lead to periodic drops in the Bluetooth connection of your JBL earbuds.

Here are multiple proven solutions for underlying charging issues with the earbuds!

Fully Charge JBL Buds’s Equipment:

fully charge jbl buds’s equipment

The first step is to ensure the JBL earbuds and case are charged to maximum capacity.

You can verify by placing both earbuds into the charging case and plugging it with a micro USB charging cable until the frontal indicator turns solid.

Inspect the JBL Buds’s Charging Case:

An obstructed charging contacts of the JBL case may prevent both or one of the earbuds from charging properly.

  • Use rubbing alcohol, a dry cloth, and 1–2 ear sticks to collect all debris and dust accumulation on the charging pins/terminals.

Switch to a Proven Electrical Source:

Another excellent solution for JBL’s charging malfunction is to alter the electrical outlet.

Relocate the power adapter and the connected micro-USB cable to an alternative outlet and ensure there is no third-party equipment, such as strips, power splitters, or outlet connectors.

Use Alternative Charging Equipment:

If you’re still unable to refill the JBL case’s internal battery, you should re-attempt charging but use an alternative micro-USB cable or power adapter.

Test by replacing both components of the charging setup and check the charging case’s indicator.

Tip: If you’re using an iOS device, you can track the battery capacity of the JBL charging case!

5. Forget & Re-Add the JBL’s Profile

forget & re-add the jbl’s profile

Your JBL earbuds or wireless device’s connection might be cutting out due to existing issues with the Bluetooth connection.

You can address failures in the wireless signal by removing JBL’s profile from your device’s Bluetooth settings and re-adding it freshly.

Warning: All stored JBL functionality settings will be erased after removing the profile!

Here’s how to “forget” and re-add the JBL earbuds’s profile on any device:

  1. Access the settings tab or app on your wireless device.
  2. Navigate to the “Bluetooth” section and find JBL’s profile.
  3. On Android, tap on the cogwheel and select “FORGET.”
  4. On iOS, press the “Info (i)“ icon and “Forget this Device.”
  5. Then, wait until the JBL earbuds’ Bluetooth profile is gone.
  6. Place both earbuds back into the charging case and wait.
  7. Take the JBL earbuds out and complete the initial pairing.
Notice: The JBL earbuds will be automatically detected by your device once removed from the case.

6. System Reset the JBL Earbuds

system reset the jbl earbuds

If the JBL earbuds are still struggling with maintaining the Bluetooth connection and cutting out the audio, you should perform a system reset. 

Restoring JBL to factory defaults will erase all existing Bluetooth connections of the earbuds and resolve existing issues with the audio output.

Here’s how to perform a system reset on the JBL earbuds:

  1. Remove both JBL earbuds from the charging case.
  2. Tap the rear panel button 2 times to start the reset.
  3. On the third tap, hold the button for up to 5 seconds.
  4. Release the button and place both buds in the case.
  5. Wait until the factory restoration process has ended.
Warning: After starting the reset, do not remove the buds from the case for 30 seconds!

7. Test JBL On a Different Wireless Device

The Bluetooth inconsistency and audio cutting out on JBL earbuds can be caused by your wireless device, rather than the JBL earbuds.

If restoring the earbuds’s system to factory settings did not improve the connection, pair and register the JBL earbuds on another device.

test jbl on a different wireless device

Here’s how to complete the JBL earbuds’s initial setup on an alternative device:

  1. Access the “Bluetooth” settings on the wireless device.
  2. Bring the earbuds within a 15-foot radius of the device.
  3. Remove both earbuds from the case and then wait.
  4. On iOS, press “Connect” on the prompt that will appear.
  5. On Android, scroll to “Discovered” and press on “JBL.”
  6. Then, wait until the buds connection status says “Paired.”

JBL earbuds have integration within Apple devices similar to AirPods, allowing for a quick and seamless connection.

Once the buds are within range, you can automatically pair the device.

Tip: You can track the earbuds’s connection status through the “Bluetooth” settings!

Quick Recap

Why do my JBL earbuds keep cutting out?

Hence, if your JBL earbuds are cutting out, inspect the Bluetooth connection between the devices and re-activate the “Bluetooth” feature.

If the issue persists, reset the buds and test pairing them to a different device.

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