How To Turn On JBL Earbuds Without Case? (Easy Steps!)

how to turn on jbl earbuds without case

Wondering how to turn on JBL earbuds without case? Well, there are 3 working methods!

You don’t necessarily need a charging case to turn on and use the JBL earbuds, but the case is definitely an essential component in the charging process.

Fortunately, this guide will not only help you turn on the earbuds but provide you with useful tips for charging JBL’s without a case.

Here’s what needs to be done:

To turn on the JBL earbuds without using a case, set up a manual wireless connection through your device’s “Bluetooth” menu.

An alternative would be to use an iOS device’s “AirPlay” feature or jump-start the earbuds with external charging.

It might sound a little unclear, so continue reading…

Is it Possible to Turn On JBL Earbuds Without a Case?

possible turn on jbl earbuds without case

The activation of the JBL earbuds is possible with or without a charging case, as long as the earbuds have already been paired to your device. 

Trying to turn on the JBL earbuds through a brand new device that had no connection history, may not work, as pairing requires the JBL capsule.

Let’s go through the drawbacks of not using a case with the JBL earbuds:

JBL Charging Case Functionalities
FeatureWith a CaseWithout a Case
Power On/OffPossible, by taking the buds out of the case.Possible, in multiple different methods.
Battery ChargingPossible, by placing the buds in the case.Possible only with external charging.
Storage & ProtectionEnhancedLimited
Location & TrackingPossibleNot applicable
Firmware UpdatesPossibleNot possible
Button FunctionsSameLimited

Let’s review all possible methods for using the JBL earbuds without a case!

How to Turn On JBL Earbuds Without Case – Working Methods

Tip: Attempt each of the methods individually!

1. Perform Manual Earbuds Pairing

perform manual earbuds pairing

The first method for activating and using the JBL earbuds without a charging case is to perform manual pairing.

If there’s an existing Bluetooth profile of the JBLs in your device’s settings, you will be able to manually request the wireless connection, as long as your buds are within range.

Here’s how to manually pair the JBL earbuds to any Android or iOS device:

  1. Launch the “Settings” app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Next, navigate to the “Bluetooth” tab on your smartphone.
  3. Scroll downwards and locate the JBL earbuds’s connection.
  4. Press on the Bluetooth profile of the earbuds to start pairing.
  5. Wait until the connection status has changed to “Connected.”
  6. Play any audio on the connected device and test the earbuds.

It may take up to 15–20 seconds until the earbuds successfully establish a connection to your device.

However, do not move the buds out of your smartphone’s range before the connection.

Tip: If the connection fails multiple times in a row, restart the phone’s “Bluetooth” feature!

2. Activate & Set Up AirPlay On JBL (iOS)

activate set up airplay on jbl ios
  • iOS devices compatible with “AirPlay” can activate Bluetooth devices within wireless range, including the JBL earbuds.

So, an alternative to turning on the JBL buds without a case is discovering the earset through the “AirPlay” feature on your iOS device and pairing directly.

Here’s how to use the “AirPlay” feature to turn on the JBL earbuds:

  1. Swipe downwards from the iPhone’s homepage.
  2. Next, locate the audio player from the top right.
  3. Press and hold the AirPlay icon on the corner.
  4. Ensure the earbuds are within wireless range.
  5. Press on the audio connection of the earbuds.
  6. Wait until a tick icon appears next to your JBLs.

If the earbuds have established a successful connection to your device, you can test if the AirPlay connection is reliable by playing any audio. 

Tip: Use your phone’s audio controller settings to regulate the output strength of your JBLs! 

3. Charge the JBL Earbuds Externally

charge the jbl earbuds externally

If you’re still wondering how to turn on JBL Wireless Earbuds without case, you should attempt to re-charge and turn on the buds externally.

There are multiple possible methods to achieve external charging of the JBL earbuds, such as direct USB charging or wireless charging.

Let’s go through the possible methods for charging the JBL buds externally!

Use an Exposed USB Cable

The most common solution for charging earbuds externally is exposing one end of a USB cable, connecting it with a power source, and touching the wires with the earbuds.

This will deliver the strongest and uninterrupted power supply to the earbuds without having to use extra equipment.

Ensure to utilize an old or unused USB cable, as exposing the terminal wires will disallow further charging functions for other devices.

Set Up Wireless Charging (JBL Live Free 2 Earbuds)

If your JBL earbuds are compatible with wireless charging, you can turn on and use the earset by connecting them to a wireless charging dock.

Contact the terminals of the earbuds with the surface of the wireless charger and allow the JBL earbuds to magnetize and start charging.

Use a Third-Party Case

use a third-party case

You can lay two current wires connecting with the terminals of a third-party charging case and touch them with the JBL earbuds.

This will provide a sufficient amount of electrical supply to the JBL earbuds and jump-start the hardware.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to track the charging status and capacity of the earbuds, as only the original JBL case displays the current battery charge.

It takes approximately 2.5 hours for any set of JBL earbuds’ battery to refill if the charging is persistent, strong, and uninterrupted.

Warning: Work extremely carefully with the exposed ends of the USB cable!

Quick Recap

Now we know how to turn on JBL earbuds without case!

One way is to recharge the earbuds externally or use your iOS device’s “AirPlay” feature.

Another solution is to attempt to establish a direct wireless connection with the earbuds.

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