Raycon Earbuds Not Connecting? – (Don’t Panic, Easy Fix!)

raycon earbuds not connecting

Wondering why are the Raycon earbuds not connecting? This is a common issue to solve!

Although the main culprit for Raycon’s repeated connection failure is improper Bluetooth, the issue might be also caused by charging problems or conflicting connections.

This guide will improve your understanding of your problem, and significantly assist you with troubleshooting.

If the Raycon earbuds keep failing to pair, perform a soft restart, recharge the earbuds, and erase other existing connections.

Also, check for wireless interference and factory reset the earbuds.

There is much more so keep reading further!

Why Won’t My Raycon Earbuds Connect?

why won’t my raycon earbuds connect

Achieving a resolution of Raycon’s connection issues requires a fluent understanding of how Bluetooth works and knowledge of Raycon’s technical parameters.

Well, repeated failed connection attempts can be caused by insufficient distance or improper network settings.

Let’s have a further analysis of the possible causes for Raycon’s issue!

  • Your Bluetooth device is out of the wireless range.
  • There’s an issue with the earbuds’ battery charge.
  • Other devices are causing congestion in the signal.
  • Your device’s network settings are misconfigured.
  • Your earbuds have developed a functionality fault.

This is what can prevent the Raycon earbuds from pairing with your device.

After a thorough examination of the issue, we shall proceed with the expert troubleshooting guide!

Raycon Earbuds Not Connecting – Fixed in Easy Steps

Tip: We advise following the instructions in consecutive order!

1. Soft Restart the Raycon Earbuds

soft restart the raycon earbuds

To soft reset the Raycon earbuds, you must place them back into the charging case, wait until the Bluetooth connection is disbanded, and take them out again.

This is an extremely effective solution against temporal functionality issues or problematic pairing of any Raycon buds model.

Here’s how to soft restart the Raycon earbuds in easy steps:

  1. First, open the lid of the Raycon charging case.
  2. Place both earbuds back into the charging case.
  3. Wait for about 10 seconds after placing the buds.
  4. Open the charging case and eject both earbuds.
  5. Next, attempt to connect the buds to your device.

The LED lamp on the front of the charging case is configured to become lit for a short amount of time upon placing one of the earbuds in.

If there is no visual indication from the case that an earbud has been inserted, one of the earbuds or the charging case may have lost power supply.

Tip: Check for obstructions on the bottom of the earbuds or the case’s charging contacts!

2. Reactivate the Device’s Bluetooth

reactivate the device’s bluetooth

If the Raycon earbuds are still refusing to connect, you should turn off the Bluetooth feature of your device and then reactivate it through the settings. 

Besides the earbuds, the connection fault might be originating from your device’s wireless or Bluetooth configuration.

So, reactivating the connection will surely take us one step further.

Here’s how to re-activate the Bluetooth feature on most devices:

  1. Launch the “Settings” app or page on your device.
  2. Find and access the “Bluetooth” tab in the settings.
  3. Tap the activation slider to deactivate the feature.
  4. Wait for 25–30 seconds while the Bluetooth is off.
  5. Click on the activation button to turn on Bluetooth.
  • Remember that wireless devices that are within range of the earbuds will pair automatically if the Bluetooth profile isn’t removed.

Your wireless device will immediately pair with the earbuds as soon as the Bluetooth feature is reactivated and the Raycon buds are within wireless range.

Also, Shorten the Bluetooth Distance:

shorten the bluetooth distance

You should also note that the wireless range of the Raycon is limited to 15–20 feet and moving or staying out of that range will prevent the earbuds from connecting.

The wireless distance is also dependent on the Bluetooth transmitter of your wireless device and its model capabilities.

3. Unpair Raycon From Other Devices

Existing connections can result in Raycon earbuds not connecting, due to a conflict of wireless signals.

Besides the Bluetooth connection to your wireless devices, both earbuds maintain persistent private frequency connection to pair and play synced audio.

unpair raycon from other devices

Here’s how to check if the Raycon earbuds are paired with another device:

  1. Open the “Settings” tab on the suspected wireless device.
  2. Navigate to “Bluetooth” and scroll down to “MY DEVICES.”
  3. Check if Raycon’s connection status says “CONNECTED.”
  4. Finally, hold the connection and press/tab on “Disconnect

Once a Bluetooth profile is created, the Raycon earbuds will automatically pair to the closest “remembered” device within range.

If multiple “remembered” devices are within range of your earbuds, Raycon will pair to the closest Bluetooth wireless transmitter and ignore all other units.

Note: The profile of the Raycon earbuds should only exist in the settings of one device!

4. Erase Raycon Earbuds Profile

erase raycon earbuds profile

A potential fault with the Raycon’s Bluetooth profile on your wireless device may prevent the earbuds from establishing a proper connection.

Once paired, the connection data of the buds is automatically stored in the Bluetooth database of the device, allowing for automatic connection.

Warning: Erasing Raycon’s Bluetooth profile will erase all existing wireless settings!

Here’s how to forget and re-add the Raycon earbuds from your device:

  1. Access the “Settings” page or app on your wireless device.
  2. Navigate to “Bluetooth” and locate the “Remembered” list.
  3. Next, look for Raycon’s wireless profile within the listings.
  4. Tap the “Manage” or the “Action” button next to their profile.
  5. Select “Forget this Device” at the bottom of the settings tab.
  6. Wait until the profile of the earbuds is removed from your list.
  7. Scroll upwards/downwards and find “Discovered Devices.”
  8. Select the Raycon earbuds’ connection within the list to pair.
Notice: Verify the Raycon earbuds are within range before attempting to connect!

5. Recharge your Raycon Earbuds 

recharge your raycon earbuds

There’s a possibility that the earbuds are immediately shutting down once taken out of the charging case due to issues with the charging. 

If either of the earbuds or the case does not yield sufficient battery levels, Raycon might be unable to maintain a proper wireless connection.

Before attempting to charge the earbuds, verify that the charging case’s capacity is well over 50%.

The capsule might fail to charge one or both earbuds if the battery is running low.

Check the Charging Equipment:

The Raycon earbuds may develop a problem with the charging due to loose connections or malfunctioning equipment.

So, re-install the USB type-C cable from the power adapter, plug the adapter into a proven charging source, and then install the Raycon case with both earbuds.

Note: Using original equipment, Raycon may take under 40 minutes to fully charge!

6. Factory Reset the Raycon Earbuds

factory reset the raycon earbuds

If you’re still wondering why are my Raycon earbuds not connecting, the factory reset is a good method to perform, especially if you can’t identify the culprit. 

However, remember that restoring the buds to factory defaults will erase all existing Bluetooth profiles and preferred connection settings of the earbuds.

Follow these instructions to easily factory reset the Raycon earbuds:

  1. Place both earbuds within the Raycon charging case.
  2. Locate the “On/Off” power button on the compartment.
  3. Hold the button for 30 seconds to start the factory reset.

By default, there is no visual/sound indication that the Raycon earbuds have started the reset.

Notice: The factory reset of the Raycon earbuds typically lasts for 60 seconds!

7. Reset your Device’s Network Settings

reset your device’s network settings

You can address problems with the wireless connection of your device and Raycon earbuds by restoring the network settings to defaults.

The device’s “Network Settings” are a combination of Wi-Fi, cellular, and Bluetooth settings that allow for efficient connection to third-party devices.

Alert: Restoring the device’s network data will erase all existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings!

How to Reset Network Settings On Mobile?

  • On Android, navigate to Settings → Network → Network data reset → “Confirm.” Wait for at least 15–20 seconds until the device’s network data is restored.
  • On iOS, head to “Settings” → General → Transfer or Reset [Device] → Reset → Reset Network Settings and confirm the procedure.

How to Reset Network Settings On PC?

reset network settings on pc
  • On Windows, navigate to Start → Settings → Network & Internet → Advanced Network Settings → Network Reset and confirm the procedure.
  • On macOS, select “Apple Menu” → System Preferences → Network → “-” and once you’ve removed the existing connection, tap the “+” icon to re-add the Wi-Fi.
Reminder: When you’re ready, keep your Raycon earbuds close to your Bluetooth device and re-try the pairing process.

Quick Recap

Whenever the Raycon earbuds not connecting, fully recharge the equipment, check for congested signals and factory reset the earbuds.

If the fault persists, restore the network settings of your device to factory defaults.

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