Raycon Earbuds Won’t Charge? – Here’s How to Fix!

raycon earbuds won't charge

Wondering why Raycon earbuds won’t charge? Wonder no more and follow the steps in this guide!

Raycon uses standard charging case technology to receive power through a built-in internal battery like any other pair of earbuds.

So, disrupted charging contact, insufficient case battery, or a potential hardware malfunction can prevent the earbuds from charging. 

Let’s take an in-depth look at what can be done against:

Whenever Raycon earbuds aren’t charging, set each earbud properly, check if the case’s battery is drained, and troubleshoot the charging equipment.

If the issue persists, factory reset the earbuds and replace the USB-C adapter.

Let’s learn more!

Why Won’t My Raycon Earbuds Charge?

why won’t my raycon earbuds charge

To determine what could potentially defect the Raycon earbuds’ charging process, it’s necessary to analyze the behavior of the earbuds during interaction and the LED indicator.

The LED lamp of the charging case simulates the current activity status of each bud individually and the case.

Here are all possible reasons why the Raycon earbuds aren’t charging:

  • The earbuds are not appropriately set in the case.
  • Low battery in the Raycon earbuds charging case.
  • A hardware defect or fault with the charging cable.
  • Improper contact with the case’s charging terminal.
  • A software issue with the Raycon earbud firmware.

This can potentially prevent the Raycon earbuds or the charging case from receiving power.

So, proceed further into the guide to explore reliable solutions for Raycon earbuds charging issues.

Raycon Earbuds Won’t Charge – Quick & Effective Solutions

Tip: It’s easier to identify the issue by following the guide chronologically!

1. Seat the Earbuds Properly

seat the earbuds properly

The Raycon earbuds start charging once they have established secure contact with the metal plates within the Raycon charging case.

If you’ve positioned the earbuds improperly within the case, they will be unable to withdraw electricity from the charging case’s built-in internal battery.

Here’s how to position the Raycon earbuds properly within the case:

  1. Open Raycon’s charging case and take both earbuds out.
  2. Insert the left Raycon earbud into the left charging socket.
  3. Insert the right Raycon earbud into the right charging port.
  4. Determine if the status light of the charging case will change.

If the earbud does not produce a clicking sound when placed within the charging socket, the connection with the charging plate is not secure. 

The case’s charging plates use magnetic metallic plates, so you cannot move or take out the earbuds easily if both earbuds are charging.

Note: The status light of the charging case should alter twice after placing both earbuds in.

2. Charge Raycon’s Charging Case

charge raycon’s charging case

If the issue was not related to improper placement of the earbuds, another cause for Raycon’s malfunction is insufficient power of the charging case.

The Raycon charging container uses a standard USB-C cable and a power adapter to connect with an electrical outlet more securely.

Here’s how to properly recharge the Raycon earbuds’s charging case:

  1. Connect the USB type-C to an electrical adapter.
  2. Plug the other connector into your charging case.
  3. Insert the power adapter into a proven A/C source.
  4. Wait for 15–20 min until Raycon charges optimally.

The estimate for a full re-charge of the Raycon case is typically ~2 hours, but that’s solely based on whether you’re using the original equipment.

Some fast-charging USB-C cables may fill up the case’s battery in under an hour, while others may take up to 3 hours, so wait patiently.

Tip: While the case is charging, read the solutions reset below!

3. Clean the Charging Case Terminals

clean the charging case terminals

One of the reasons why the Raycon earbuds are refusing to charge is because of unclean charging pins within the charging case.

Cleaning and maintaining the earbuds should be a common practice, as ear wax, debris, or dust accumulation can build on the charging pins.

What Do I Need for Cleaning Raycon Earbuds?

  • 2–3 earsticks or cotton sticks.
  • Cleaning solution/rubbing alcohol.
  • Optional: Can of compressed air.

How to Clean Raycon Earbuds Charging Pins?

clean raycon earbuds charging pins
  1. Access the charging case by opening the lid.
  2. Apply some cleaning solution to an earstick.
  3. Contact the earstick with the charging plates.
  4. Perform circular movements to clean the case.
  5. Repeat the same steps with the other socket.
Tip: If you wish to reinsert the earbuds immediately, use a dry cloth to dry up the sockets.

Bonus Tip: Clean the Earbuds’s Surface

It is also possible that the charging contact is interrupted by dust accumulation or debris on the charging pin on one of the earbuds.

If that’s the case, use a microfiber cloth to carefully clean the bottom of each earbud to allow proper contact with the poles of the case.

Warning: Rubbing the earbuds too hard may result in irreversible damage!

4. Charge in a Different Outlet

charge in a different outlet

A defective power outlet is another reason why the Raycons not charging and can suspend the power supply to the charging case.

So, to determine if there’s a failure with the source, you should try to recharge the Raycon case in a different outlet while both the earbuds are inside.

Note: The Raycon earbuds will also charge when inserted and the case is disconnected.

So, install the power adapter of the Raycon earbuds into an alternative outlet and plug the USB-C cable with the charging port on the case. 

Wait for 10–15 seconds and determine if the frontal LED lamp of the earbuds will start flashing as an indication of successful charging.

Tip: To test if an outlet is defective, attempt to charge your mobile smartphone through it!

5. Factory Reset the Raycon Earbuds

factory reset the raycon earbuds

A standard solution whenever both or one Raycon earbud not charging is to force a factory reset on the charging case while both earbuds are inside. 

This will revert any alterations to the functionality of the earbuds and allow for a complete system flush and sound reset.

Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset on the Raycon earbuds:

  1. Hold the button on each earbud for 4 seconds.
  2. Access the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone.
  3. Tap on Raycon’s connection to access the menu.
  4. Select “Forget this Device” and wait for 3 seconds.
  5. Next, reconnect the earbuds with the charging case.
  6. After waiting for 10 seconds, take the earbuds out.
  7. Then, connect the earbuds to your mobile and test.

Each of the Raycon earbuds has an action button on the outer panel of the earphone’s surface.

Holding the button for more than 3 seconds will manually shut down the earbud and unpair it from all Bluetooth sources.

Do not attempt to factory reset the earbuds while still turned on.

Alert: Removing the earbuds’s profile from your mobile will erase any settings of the earbuds.

6. Replace the Charging Equipment

replace the charging equipment

If you’re still experiencing issues with Raycon’s charging, you should consider replacing the charging cable and the power adapter of the case. 

The power supply is potentially related to a malfunction with the USB-C cable, a loose outlet connection, or a failure with the power adapter.

We recommend first charging the Raycon case using a proven-to-work USB-C charging cable and a power adapter.

If the Raycon case still refuses to charge after replacing the USB cable, install and use an alternative power adapter with the type-C USB

Tip: You can track the charging status of the Raycon use through the status LED lamp!

7. Drain the Raycon Earbuds

drain the raycon earbuds

If Raycons not charging after attempting all solutions so far, you should attempt the 24-hour drain procedure as a last resort.

Multiple users suggested that taking the earbuds out of the case and not delivering any power to the case for a full day can solve issues with the supply.

So, remove the Raycon earbuds from the container, unplug the case from power, and go on with your day without using the earbuds. 

After an entire day or almost a full day has passed, place the earbuds back into the case and connect it with the power supply to test the charging sequence.

If you still experience issues, it’s not excluded that the charging case is defective, so we recommend checking your warranty.

Warning: The earbuds can be damaged easily while not in the case, so ensure they’re in a safe place to avoid losing them.

Quick Recap

If the Raycon earbuds won’t charge, power cycle the charging case, inspect the charging equipment and factory reset the case.

If the issue persists, charge the case in a different outlet and attempt the 24-hour drain procedure.

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