Raycon Fitness Earbuds Not Pairing Together? – Easy Fix Guide

raycon fitness earbuds not pairing together

Are you wondering why Raycon Fitness earbuds not pairing together? This guide will help!

The Raycon Fitness earbuds can often develop pairing blunders due to charging problems or issues with the Bluetooth connection. But fear not!

This guide will unwrap all possible reasons behind this pairing problem and proven ways to restore your Raycon earbud’s functionality.

To fix the Raycon Fitness earbuds pairing issue, restart, recharge the earbuds, and reset the Bluetooth connection.

Additionally, try the pairing process from scratch by using the correct steps, and finally, factory reset the earbuds.

To know more about why earbuds are not pairing together, keep reading!

Raycon Earbuds Not Pairing? – Here’s Why!

raycon earbuds not pairing here's why

One most likely reason why your Fitness earbuds cannot pair can be that they are already paired with another device. 

In some cases, external factors can impact the connection of your Fitness earbuds.

So let’s learn all the possibilities that can cause earbuds to disconnect:

  • Other Bluetooth units are causing interference.
  • Low charging of the Fitness earbuds or capsule.
  • Bluetooth connectivity problems with the mobile.
  • Incorrect method of pairing the Raycon earbuds.
  • Hardware damage to the Raycon Fitness earbuds.

This is what could prevent your Raycon earbuds from pairing to your Bluetooth device.

Let’s move further to the troubleshooting solutions to fix this pairing problem in a matter of minutes!

How to Fix Raycon Fitness Earbuds Not Pairing Together?

In the below section, we’ll discuss different proven methods that will help you solve the pairing problem with your Fitness earbuds on your own.

Make sure to try as many of them as possible!

1. Pair your Earbuds Correctly

pair your earbuds correctly

The first and most helpful step is to try pairing your earbuds by following the correct instructions that we’ve prepared at your disposal. 

How to Pair Raycon Earbuds to Android?

  1. Put the earbuds into the charging case.
  2. Ensure that the indicator lights are “ON.”
  3. Open the case and remove the earbuds.
  4. The earbuds should turn on automatically.
  5. Then turn on the Bluetooth on the Android.
  6. Select your “Raycon” earbuds connection.

How to Pair Raycon Earbuds to Apple iOS?

  1. Put both earbuds into the charging capsule.
  2. Verify that the indicator lights are working.
  3. Eject both earbuds from the charging case.
  4. Go to the “Bluetooth” menu on your iPhone.
  5. Locate and select your “Raycon” connection.

This will pair your Raycon Fitness earbuds to your mobile instantly, and you should be able to start using them.

If the pairing fails, there are quite a few things to inspect so keep on reading.

2. Restart your Raycon Earbuds

restart your raycon earbuds

The next step is to restart your Fitness earbuds, as this is the most effective solution to resolve any functionality issues with the pairing.

Restarting the earbuds will soft reset the device and clear out all conflicting glitches, preventing the Bluetooth connection, and restricting the pairing.

Follow these steps to restart your Raycon Fitness earbuds:

Method #1 Restart Via Button:

  1. Locate the R logo button on both L and R earbuds.
  2. Push the button on your earbuds for ~10 seconds.
  3. This will Power OFF both Raycon Fitness earbuds.
  4. Then, press the R logo button for about 3 seconds.
  5. This will restart and Power ON both your earbuds.

Method #2 Restart Via Capsule:

method #2 restart via capsule:
  1. Place both L and R earbuds in the capsule.
  2. Then, close the lid to power off the earbuds.
  3. Then, open the lid and remove the earbuds.

Once done with the above steps, try to connect both earbuds with your Bluetooth device.

If the pairing issue continues to persist, try the next step in the guide…

Warning: Remember that holding the button on the capsule will conduct a factory reset.

3. Unpair Buds From Other Devices

Raycon earbuds can only support Bluetooth connection with one device at a time, meaning you cannot pair them again if your earbuds are already connected.

So, it’s recommended to remove the earbud’s connection to other devices and then attempt to pair them with your mobile cleanly.

unpair buds from other devices

To unpair Raycon earbuds from other devices, it’s not enough to simply turn off the Bluetooth, you need to “Forget” their profile. 

  • On Android, open Settings → Devices → Bluetooth & other devices → Raycon → Remove Device or Forget.
  • On Apple iOS, go to Settings → Bluetooth → Raycon → Info (i) button → Forget.
Important: Verify that your Raycon Fitness earbuds are not paired with any device!

4. Recharge Your Fitness Earbuds

recharge your fitness earbuds

There’s a chance that the earbuds are not pairing with your device because they are not fully charged.

To rule out this possibility, put both earbuds into a capsule for charging and once they charge up completely, then attempt to pair them again.

Follow these steps to recharge your Fitness earbuds:

  1. Make sure that the charging capsule is fully charged.
  2. Then, firmly seat both earbuds in the charging case.
  3. Advance by securely closing the charging capsule lid.
  4. The red light on the capsule and earbuds will turn on.

Once the red light on both earbuds and capsule turns off, your earbuds are now fully charged.

So, try to connect your Raycon Fitness earbuds with your Bluetooth device to see if this works.

Note: Verify the device you are connecting your earbuds with also has sufficient charge!

5. Reset the Bluetooth Connection

reset the bluetooth connection

If restarting and charging the earbuds doesn’t help, reset the “Bluetooth” feature on the mobile by turning it OFF and ON.

This is an excellent and tested solution that will reset the connection between your wireless earbuds, prompt them to reconnect, and hopefully resolve your problem.

Follow these steps to reset the Bluetooth connection:

  1. Put both your Raycon earbuds into your case.
  2. Access the Bluetooth settings on the device.
  3. Toggle off the Bluetooth button for 5 seconds.
  4. Then, toggle on your Bluetooth mobile feature.
  5. Finally, try to connect with your Fitness earbuds.

Make sure that both earbuds are placed near your connection device when you attempt to connect.

You can also try restarting the connecting device, as this could often help against Bluetooth and connectivity issues.

6. Factory Reset your Raycon Earbuds

factory reset your raycon earbuds

If nothing worked so far and your Fitness earbuds can’t pair together, factory reset them.

This is one of the most ideal fixes against any connection faults with the device. 

However, resetting your Raycon Fitness earbuds will remove all Bluetooth connections and address software-related issues.

When you’re ready you’ll need to pair your earbuds again.

To reset the Raycon Fitness earbuds, follow the steps below:

  1. First, delete your Fitness earbuds from your device.
  2. Then, place both the Raycon earbuds in the capsule.
  3. Hold the RESET button on the capsule for 5 seconds.
  4. Release the button when the battery LED light flashes.
  5. Lastly, close the capsule lid to finalize the factory reset.

In the charging capsule, both earbuds will power off and reset. Once the process is completed, try to pair your earbuds again.

If the pairing issue persists, there is one more thing you can try!

7. Try Pairing to Another Bluetooth Device

try pairing to another bluetooth device

Well, as a last resort, it’s recommended to pair your Fitness earbuds with a different device, just to test where the issue comes from.

There are two possible outcomes:

  • Raycon earbuds can be paired – If you can pair your earbuds with a secondary device, the issue is with your old device.
  • Raycon earbuds can’t be paired – If you can’t pair your earbuds with a secondary device the problem is with your earbuds.

Sometimes, the problem comes from a hardware defect or malfunction that you can’t fix at home.

If that’s the case, we strongly recommend checking your warranty to get a replacement.

Tip: For more help with earbuds troubleshooting or replacement, contact Raycon Support!

Quick Recap

To fix when Raycon Fitness earbuds not pairing together, restart the earbuds, recharge them, and reset the Bluetooth connection.

Additionally, forget their Bluetooth profile, and re-try the pairing process with a different device.

Follow us for more Raycon earbuds troubleshooting!