Raycon Earbuds Not Turning Off In Case? – (7 Proven Solutions)

raycon earbuds not turning off in case

Raycon earbuds not turning off in case is a weird issue, but we’ve managed to find a fix!

Like other earbuds, the Raycon charging case is designed to automatically turn off the earbuds once inserted and disband existing wireless connections. 

The earbuds may remain turned on if there’s an existing Bluetooth connection or an issue with the charging.

So let’s take a look at the quick fix:

Whenever the Raycon buds aren’t turning off in the case, check if the charging poles are obstructed, fully recharge the case, and forget the earbuds.

Also, perform a factory reset on the Raycon buds and try again.

There is much more so let’s dig deeper!

Why My Raycon Earbuds Won’t Turn Off in Case?

raycon earbuds won’t turn off in case

Understanding what stops Raycon from turning off when inserting it into the case is essential.

Thus, we’ve prepared a quick list of all possible causes why your earbuds are not turning off:

  • Obstructed charging case or unclean earbuds.
  • A malfunction of the “L” or “R” earbud buttons.
  • Issues with the charging capacity of your case.
  • An existing Bluetooth connection with a device.
  • A hardware malfunction of your Raycon setup.

How to Turn Off Raycon Earbuds?

Let’s review the possible methods for turning off the Raycon earbuds!

Method #1 Placing the Buds in the Case

placing the buds in the case

The standard method for turning off the earbuds is placing them directly into your well-charged Raycon case.

Once the buds have established contact with the charging contact on the bottom, they will automatically unpair from your Bluetooth device and power “OFF” until taken out again.

Method #2 Using the Built-In Buttons

While not all Raycon models have outer panel controller buttons, most earbuds can be turned off by holding the “L” or “R” button on the outer panel of the earbud.

So, this is an alternative to placing the earbuds into the case and is preferably used to switch Raycon’s existing connection.

Raycon Earbuds Not Turning Off in Case – Fixed in Minutes

Tip: We recommend trying all the instructions below!

1. Hold the “L” & “R” Buttons

hold the “l” & “r” buttons

Fortunately, placing the Raycons into the charging case is not the only method to turn off the earbuds and unpair them from your device. 

You can achieve manual deactivation of the earbuds by simply holding the in-built “Left” or “Right” button on the outer peripheral panel of the earbud.

There will be no sound or visual indication once the earbuds have turned off, but holding the button for 3–4 seconds should unpair Raycon from your device.

Once turned off, place the earbuds into the case and check if the “Connection Status” in your settings will change.

Note: The “L” and “R” buttons on some Raycon models could be digital!

2. Fully Charge the Raycon Case

The Raycon earbuds are designed to automatically unpair and power off as soon as they start charging within the case.

If the battery of the case is depleted and the earbuds are not detecting the flowing power supply, they will remain connected to your mobile and continue to function.

fully charge the raycon case

Here’s how to fully recharge the Raycon case and both earbuds:

  1. Install Raycon’s USB-C cable with a power adapter.
  2. Next, plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet.
  3. Connect the other end of the cable to Raycon’s case.
  4. Place both earbuds into your case and close the lid.
  5. Wait for a minimum of 20 minutes to charge the buds.

How to Charge Raycon Earbuds Efficiently?

The key to efficient charging of the earbuds is using the original charging equipment and securing all connections.

The charging setup of Raycon consists of a USB-C power cable, an adapter, and a power source that must be reliable and deliver a sufficient amount of voltage.

Tip: Inspect the charging equipment for potential damages!

3. Manually Unpair your Raycons

manually unpair your raycons

If fully recharging Raycon does not work, the next step is to manually disconnect the earbuds from your device and then place them back in.

As already established, the Raycon earbuds will not turn off if they remain paired to your device or if there is no power supply within the case.

How to Manually Unpair Raycon On Mobile?

  • On Android, go to “Settings” → “Wireless” → “Bluetooth,” tap the activation button at the top, and after 10–15 seconds, place the buds back in.
  • On iOS, turn off the Bluetooth from the quick menu, go to “Settings” → “Bluetooth”, and tap the “Info” button to select “Remove This Device.”

How to Manually Unpair Raycon On Computer?

manually unpair raycon on computer
  • On Windows, go to “Settings” → “Bluetooth & devices,” click on the tree dot icon next to Raycon’s connection, and “Remove device”.
  • On macOS, access the “Bluetooth” tab, locate the connection of the Raycon earbuds, and press the “X” button to uninstall the profile.
Note: You must undergo Raycon’s initial setup of the earbuds after removing the profile!

4. Clean the Buds & Charging Case

If you’re still facing issues with the deactivation of the Raycon earbuds, the next step is to verify that both the earbuds and the case are fully charged

Let’s learn more!

How to Clean Raycon Earbuds?

how to clean raycon earbuds

Cleaning Raycon requires removing any debris or dust accumulation from the metal plates on the bottom part of the earbuds.

If the contact between the “terminals” of the earbuds and the charging poles within the case is interrupted, your earbuds will not power off once inserted. 

How to Clean the Charging Case?

The most efficient method to clean the case of your Raycon earbuds is using an ear stick and some rubbing alcohol to collect all debris on the bottom of the compartment.

In addition, you can also spray the bottom of the charging case with a can of compressed air to scatter debris.

Tip: It is recommended to clean the charging case of the earbuds every once in 2–3 weeks!

5. Forget Raycon Earbuds’s Profile

forget raycon earbuds’s profile

Like many other wireless earbuds, Raycon uses automatic pairing technology that allows the earbuds to establish a connection with your device once taken out of the case.

However, the earbuds must be no farther than 10–15 feet once taken out of the case to pair automatically.

You can prevent Raycon from connecting wirelessly by temporarily removing the Bluetooth profile of the earbuds from the settings of your device.

Here’s how to forget Raycon’s connection on your device:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your wireless device.
  2. Navigate to the “Bluetooth” tab from the menu.
  3. Next, scroll down and find Raycon’s connection.
  4. Tap the settings or “Info” button next to the buds.
  5. Finally, scroll down and tap “Forget this Device.”

Once the Raycon earbuds are successfully removed from the settings of your device, the buds will no longer pair automatically.

If you wish to re-add Raycon, scroll down to the “Discovered Devices” section within the Bluetooth menu.

Alert: Forgetting the earbuds will erase any existing settings or connection preferences!

6. Restore the Buds to Factory Defaults

restore the buds to factory defaults

If the earbuds are still refusing to turn off after inserting them into the case, you should initiate a factory reset procedure.

As long as Raycon’s case is charged sufficiently, holding the “Central” button used for operating the earbuds for long enough will cause the earbuds to factory restore.

Here are detailed instructions on how to factory reset the Raycon earbuds:

  1. Place both Raycon earbuds into the charging case.
  2. Connect the Raycon case with a charging cable.
  3. Open the lid and locate the “Center Reset” button.
  4. Hold the button for 5 seconds and then release it.
  5. Wait until the frontal LED light has flashed 3 times.
  6. Close the lid of the charging case to finish the reset.

Releasing the reset button early or not holding it for long enough will prevent the earbuds from restoring to factory defaults.

If the battery of the charging case is depleted or the LED lamp does not blink, repeat the factory reset instructions and ensure you’ve disconnected your earbuds.

Warning: All existing Bluetooth connections of the earbuds will be reset after the procedure!

7. Drain the Earbuds’s Power

drain the earbuds’s power

If you’re still wondering how to turn off Raycon earbuds, you must fully drain the electricity of the Raycons.

This is a brute-force way of turning off the earbuds, that is guaranteed to work!

Once the battery capacity of the earbuds hits zero, the Raycons will turn off and automatically lose Bluetooth connection from your wireless device.

You can track the remaining battery levels of the earbuds by checking the LED indicators on the front of the case.

If all 4 fields are lit, it means that Raycon is charged almost at full capacity.

Info: Each LED indicator on the front is equivalent to about 25% of Raycon’s battery!

Quick Recap

The reason why Raycon earbuds not turning off in case is due to charging problems or obstruction of the electrical poles.

To fix the issue, fully charge the case, manually unpair the earbuds, and perform a factory reset.

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