JLab Go Air Won’t Turn Off? – (7 Proven Ways to Fix!)

jlab go air won't turn off

JLab GO Air won’t turn off and you’re wondering why? Well, that’s quite an unusual problem!

Like other True Wireless earbuds, the JLab GO Air buds are designed to turn off once inserted into the charging case.

So, potential obstruction of the case, improper capsule charging, or HW malfunctions may prevent JLab from turning off.

Let’s have a look at the solution:

If the JLab GO Air buds aren’t turning off, ensure the buds are properly laid in the case and refill the case’s battery to maximum capacity.

If the issue persists, manually forget the buds’ connection and factory reset the capsule.

Let’s get into some essentials…

Why Does My JLab GO Air Won’t Turn Off in Case?

jlab go air won’t turn off case

Before diagnosing faults with the earbuds, know that the earset is designed to turn off whenever not connected to any device.

So, this means that the JLab GO Air doesn’t necessarily have a “Power On” and “Power Off” state, hence if paired, the earbuds won’t turn off when in their case.

With this in mind, here’s what else can prevent JLab GO Air from turning off:

  • The charging pins of the JLab case are obstructed.
  • There’s an issue with your case’s electrical supply.
  • The charging equipment of the capsule is defective.
  • There is an existing Bluetooth earbuds connection.
  • The JLab earbuds have encountered a system error.

To uncover the solutions for the issues above, proceed further into the guide!

JLab Go Air Won’t Turn Off – Quick & Proven Solutions

Tip: Follow the instructions in consecutive chronology!

1. Embed your Earbuds Properly

embed your earbuds properly

The first step is to reinsert JLab and ensure both earbuds are properly positioned within the GO Air charging case.

In order to turn off automatically, the earbuds must start charging right after being positioned within the charging capsule.

Here’s how to reinsert the JLab earbuds and verify the proper positioning:

  1. Open the lid of the JLab earbuds’s charging capsule.
  2. Eject both earbuds from the case’s charging sockets.
  3. Wait for 15–20 seconds while the buds are removed.
  4. Place the right and then left JLab earbud in the case.
  5. Check if the case’s LED light starts indicating charging.

How to Check if JLab GO Air is Charging?

If the JLab GO Air earbuds are charging successfully, the indicator light on the case will turn flashing blue and turn off once at full charge.

Do not interact with the buds or remove them from the case before the indicator light of the case has powered off.

Info: If there’s a green flicker in between the LED light, it indicates the battery is over 25%.

2. Manually “Forget” the JLab Buds

manually “forget” the jlab buds

So, an alternative to turning off the JLab earbuds without the case is to “forget” the earbuds’s connection to your wireless device. 

The JLab GO Air and many other earbuds use automatic Bluetooth pairing that connects the earphones to the closest “remembered” wireless device.

By temporarily removing the Bluetooth profile from the device, you will prevent the earbuds from establishing an automatic connection.

Here’s how to manually remove the JLab buds’s connection:

  1. Open the “Bluetooth” settings on your wireless device.
  2. Navigate to “Remembered Devices” and scroll down.
  3. Next, locate the JLab buds’s connection from the list.
  4. Tap the “Manage” or “Settings” icon next to the profile.
  5. Scroll all the way down and tap on “Forget this Device.”

If your device doesn’t have a “Forget” option, search for a “Remove” or “Disconnect” tile within the Bluetooth settings.

You should also note that there’s a difference between disconnecting the earbuds and forgetting the Bluetooth profile, as forgetting is permanent, until reconnecting them.

Note: If you unpair or disconnect the earbuds, they will still connect automatically!

3. Re-Charge the JLab GO Air Case

re-charge the jlab go air case

A low or depleted battery of the charging case will prevent the earbuds from turning off upon insertion.

Your buds are designed to turn off by themselves after the initiation of the charging session, so the next step is to ensure that the capsule has enough battery to recharge JLab.

There are three essential contact points for charging your JLab capsule:

  • The USB-A connector from the case.
  • The USB connection to the adapter.
  • The adapter connection to the outlet.

You must verify that those three connections are intact, by reconnecting them and verifying that the cable tips are not bent or damaged.

In addition, you must inspect the ports for clogging, as well as the functionality of the selected power outlet.

Tip: If you have replacement equipment for charging the JLab capsule, feel free to test with it!

4. Check the Case for Obstructions

check the case for obstructions

A potential obstruction of the charging case’s pins will prevent one or both JLab earphones from receiving a charge while inserted.

This will ultimately prevent the earbuds from turning off, so it’s best to verify that the capsule is free of any obstructions, such as dust accumulation or debris

Before applying any cleaning materials to the charging pins, ensure both earbuds are removed from the case and the case is not connected to the power supply.

Let’s start with the charging pins on the case first!

How to Clean JLab Case Charging Pins?

First, open the lid of the charging case and locate the charging pins on the left and right earbud sockets.

Next, apply some rubbing alcohol to the surface of an ear stick and clean the surface of the charging pins using the ear stick’s cotton.

How to Clean JLab Buds Charging Pins?

Locate the charging connector on the bottom of each earbud and use some cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean the periphery of both earbuds.

Wait until the JLab GO Air fully dries up and place them back into the charging case.

Warning: Do NOT connect your capsule to power until everything is 100% dry!

5. Verify JLab Case’s Functionality

verify jlab case’s functionality

There’s a possibility that the JLab charging case has encountered issues with the charging and that’s why it is unable to power off the earbuds.

As mentioned, if not charging, the JLab earbuds will not turn off, especially while paired to a different device.

Hence, the next step is to conduct some standard case troubleshooting to eliminate underlying charging faults.

We’ve prepared a few steps that will help you identify and resolve case issues:

Check the Case’s Wiring

First, ensure the USB cable is properly seated with the power adapter and inspect the electrical outlet connection.

Don’t forget to tighten the USB-A connection from the case to the USB cable.

Alter the Electrical Source

alter the electrical source

So, to determine if there’s a power source insufficiency, relocate the charging equipment of the case to an alternative outlet to test.

We recommend plugging the adapter directly into the outlet.

Replace the Power Adapter

If the fault persists, replace the power adapter used with the integrated USB cable of your case and attempt to recharge the case.

Well, you can use any standard USB power brick to test with.

Notice: You cannot repair a fault with the integrated USB-A case cable (dongle).

6. Force a System Reset on JLab

force a system reset on jlab

You can address existing startup, charging, or functionality issues of the earbuds by performing a System Reset.

This is a quick and effective method that permanently erases the pairing profiles of the earbuds and restores the audio settings to default.

The reset can be activated as long as both earbuds are placed within the case and the case is connected to a charger.

Follow these steps to reset the system of your JLab GO Air earbuds:

  1. Connect the JLab’s integrated USB cable into a 5-volt adapter.
  2. Next, connect your adapter to a tested power outlet and wait.
  3. Place both earbuds within the JLab GO case and keep it open.
  4. Tap the back of the left earbud for 7 times while it is inserted.
  5. Tap the back of the right earbud for 7 times while it is inserted.
  6. Take both JLab buds out of the charging case after 30 seconds.
  7. Pair both buds and attempt to manually turn them off in the case.
Reminder: After these steps, you will need to manually pair your JLab GO Air earbuds!

7. Drain the JLab Earbuds’s Battery

drain the jlab earbuds’s battery

If you’re still unable to turn off the JLab earbuds manually, you should wait until JLab’s battery is depleted completely.

You can achieve this by taking both your earbuds out and waiting, which can take from several hours, up to a full day for the battery to hit 0%.

How to “Drain” the JLab Earbuds Battery?

To ensure the battery of the earbuds is being drained, remove both earbuds from your case and connect them to a stationary, A/C-powered computer device.

If the connection is disbanded at any point or the wireless device loses power, the JLab Go Air earbuds will stop charging.

Note: The earbuds don’t necessarily have to broadcast audio throughout the entire time, but it is recommended if you wish to deplete the battery faster.

Quick Recap

If the JLab GO Air won’t turn off, check if the case is charged to a sufficient amount and check for charging pin obstructions.

Also, perform a System Reset on the JLab earbuds, manually “forget” the Bluetooth connection, and drain the battery.

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