JLab Earbuds Flashing White Light? – (Reasons & Solutions)

jlab earbuds flashing white light

JLab earbuds flashing white light and won’t pair? Well, look no further as we’ve found the fix!

The flashing white light on JLab earbuds is an indication that buds are attempting to pair to each other and when ready the light indication should start alternating white and blue.

If you don’t see a blue color and only white (indefinitely flashing), perhaps the buds cannot pair with each other.

Whenever JLab earbuds are flashing white to no avail, reinsert them from their capsule, restart the auto-connection, and verify that they are charging.

If the white blinking light won’t stop, perform a factory reset process.

Let’s jump straight into the in-depth review of the solutions!

JLab Earbuds Flashing White Light – Quick Solutions

Tip: We strongly recommend following the guide below chronologically!

1. Refresh the Auto-Pairing

refresh the auto-pairing

The JLab earbuds must first pair to each other before they can pair to a Bluetooth device, which makes the auto-pairing a necessary process.

The white flashing light that you’re observing is an indication that the JLab earbuds are attempting to pair with each other.

When the pairing is successful, the right earbud will start flashing in white/blue in an alternating pattern, which indicates everything went well.

So, if the white light does not go away, this means that the earbuds can’t pair with each other, for one reason or another.

  • To refresh the auto-pairing, hold the button on both earbuds for 3 seconds!

This must manually trigger the automatic pairing between your JLab earbuds, so remain patient and observe the right earbud.

If you see white and blue blinking, viola, your problem is resolved. If you, however, continue to only observe the white light, keep reading…

2. Reinsert the JLab Earbuds

reinsert the jlab earbuds

The next and easiest step to attempt would be to insert the JLab earbuds back into the charging case and take them out.

Inserting the earbuds into the case will turn them OFF, which should be enough to reset the connection and hopefully, when taken out, the auto-connection will succeed.

If the JLab earbuds won’t start pairing automatically, as we’ve discussed in the previous method, hold the buttons on each bud simultaneously for 3 seconds.

3. Shorten the Buds Proximity

shorten the buds proximity

Are you keeping your JLab earbuds too far apart?

If yes, then now would be the best time to put them down and make sure they stay right next to each other during the flashing white light.

Keep them both in the palm of your hand and remain patient for at least 3–4 minutes, to justify that the distance between the buds is not the problem.

If your JLab earbuds pair while being next to each other, that’s good, problem solved.

However, if your earbuds are not pairing, even without any distance separating them, perhaps their battery charge is so low that they can’t even pair with themselves. 

Note: If the JLab earbuds do not have any battery charge left, they will not pair with each other!

4. Verify the Buds are Charging

verify the buds are charging

There is a separate light indicator for the Left and Right JLab earbuds, so when you put them in the charging case, you will know that they are charging. 

You should see a solid blue light on the earbuds as an indication that they are being properly charged, while in their capsule.

The same light will go off when your earbuds are charged fully.

Here’s how to verify that you’re charging your earbuds correctly:

  1. Open the capsule’s lid and insert both JLab earbuds.
  2. Plug the smaller end of the USB cable into their case.
  3. Connect the other end to a compatible power adapter.
  4. Take a look at whether the buds’ indicator light is blue.
  5. Note: If not, scroll down to troubleshoot the charging.
  6. If the earbuds are charging, wait for about 10 minutes.

When you take out the earbuds from the case, hold their buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to initiate the pairing.

Then, observe whether the white blinking light will start alternating with a blue color, which is the indication that the JLab earbuds were finally able to pair with each other.

5. Factory Reset JLab Earbuds

factory reset jlab earbuds

If you’re still observing the white flashing light on your JLab earbuds, by now, it’s clear that they are not pairing with each other anytime soon.

Hence, one of the most potent solutions that you can apply is to factory reset them, which will reset their software and eliminate all your issues.

Here’s how to factory reset JLab earbuds in easy steps:

  1. Put your earbuds in their charging case.
  2. Keep the lid of the charging case open.
  3. Quickly press the Left earbud 7 x times.
  4. Wait for your bud to blink blue 4 x times.
  5. Quickly press the Right earbud 7 x times.
  6. Wait for the bud to also blink blue 4 times.

Done. Your JLab earbuds are now factory resetting, and when you take them out of the case, one should blink white and the other white and blue.

This means your JLab earbuds are ready for pairing with your Bluetooth device.

Reminder: If the JLab earbuds don’t initiate the auto-connection, hold both earbuds buttons for 3 seconds and wait for the right earbud to start blinking white and blue.

JLab Earbuds Case Flashing White Light – Easy Solutions

jlab earbuds case flashing white light

The charging case of your JLab earbuds will blink white light when it’s connected to power and is actively charging.

When your JLab capsule is sufficiently charged, the white light should turn solid, which indicates that no further charge is required.

So, if you’re seeing a white flashing light on your JLab capsule even after charging for at least 1 hour, perhaps the voltage from the outlet is insufficient.

We’ve prepared a couple of quick and easy solutions against such issues:

1. Switch your Electrical Source

switch your electrical source

If your JLab charging case continuously flashes in white, without turning to solid white, perhaps the case is not receiving sufficient voltage

The quick way of identifying this behavior would be to connect the capsule to an alternative and proven-to-work electrical outlet in your home.

You can test whether your power outlet works by using your smartphone’s charger or any lamp and observing the outcome.

Also, don’t forget to connect your adapter directly to the socket, without third-party devices such as power strips, dividers, surge protectors, or any smart plugs.

Reminder: Wait for at least 15 minutes, before concluding whether your case is charging or not.

2. Clean the Case Charging Port

clean the case charging port

Even though the white blinking light on your JLab charging case indicates a charging, this doesn’t mean that the withdrawn voltage is sufficient. 

One of the possible causes is obstructions in the charging port, which prevent the cable’s connector from reaching all the way, causing insufficiency.

Quick Tip: Use a toothpick to unclog the charging port of your case and NEVER use liquids!

3. Check/Replace the Equipment

check/replace the equipment

The charging equipment of the JLab case consists of a USB charging wire and a power adapter.

When one of them is not working properly, your JLab capsule may be charging, but so slow, to a point where you’ll need to wait days until the white light finally turns solid.

Here’s exactly what to do and diagnose the issue:

  • Change the USB cable and charge the capsule for 30 minutes.
  • Change the power adapter and charge the case for 30 minutes.
  • Disband the power adapter and connect the case to a computer.

This method will help you localize the exact culprit, which is most often the A/C adapter, which may not be powerful enough to charge the case.

We recommend getting an original adapter if you’ve identified that the current adapter is not charging your JLab capsule adequately enough.

Quick Tip: For more information and assistance, contact JLab Customer Service!

Quick Recap

Hence, when JLab earbuds flashing white light, they are trying to pair with each other, so if the pairing fails, you’ll need to restart it.

Additionally, you must keep the earbuds close to each other and verify that they’ve been fully charged.

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