Is Your JLab Go Air Pop Not Charging? (7 Proven Solutions)

jlab go air pop not charging

JLab GO Air Pop not charging and you’re wondering why? Stop running in circles and read!

There are only a few reasons why JLab GO Air Pop earbuds won’t charge, even when properly inserted into the case.

These reasons involve the charging equipment, power source, charging contacts and terminals, and of course the hardware functionality of your JLab capsule and buds.

If your JLab earbuds are not charging, switch from a USB port to a power adapter, and change the power source.

Also, clean the charging points and terminals, acclimatize the earset, and finally, perform a factory reset.

Let’s keep unwrapping!

How to Know if JLab Earbuds are Charging?

know if jlab earbuds are charging

The primary indication that your JLab GO Air Pop earbuds are charging is a blinking blue light on both earbuds while inside the case.

Sometimes you might only observe one of the earbuds blinking which straightforwardly means that only one of the earbuds is currently being charged.

In other cases, both earbuds won’t blink, which primarily indicates that the capsule is dead and thus has no battery charge.

So, let’s proceed with the solution guide to unveil and fix the issue.

JLab GO Air Pop Not Charging – Quick & Easy Solutions

It’s quite easy to resolve charging problems with JLab earbuds, so let’s jump right in!

1. Switch from USB to Wall Adapter

switch from usb to wall adapter

Since the JLab GO Air Pop capsule can be charged from any USB port on a machine such as a PC or laptop, the culprit can be voltage insufficiency from the port.

The first and most important step is to switch from a USB source to a power adapter, so you’ll need a tested electrical outlet. 

If you’ve been charging your JLab GO Air Pop earbuds into a USB port, instead of plugging the cable into an outlet, test it with a power adapter.

So, the adapter then plugs into an outlet, and should sufficiently charge your JLab capsule, hence your earbuds should start blinking in blue.

Important: Plug your Earbuds Case Directly!

When connecting your JLab GO Air Pop earbuds to an outlet, the connection must be direct, which means no third-party devices.

So if there is a power extender, electrical divider, or smart plug, disconnect the device from the outlet and plug the adapter of your JLab capsule directly.

Note: Verify that the USB-A connector is securely plugged into the female USB port of the wire, and the male USB port is tightly connected to the power adapter.

2. Clean the Earbuds Charging Points

clean the earbuds charging points

If only one, for example, left or JLab GO Air Pop right earbud not charging, perhaps something with the earbud itself is causing the problem.

The JLab GO Air Pop earbuds charging points are the tips on the buds that connect with the terminals within the case, transferring the electricity.

If your JLab earbud’s contact points are dirty, clogged, or obstructed by anything, one or both of your JLab earbuds won’t charge.

Well, cleaning might be the best solution, so here’s how:

  1. Eject both your JLab GO Air Pop earbuds out of the case.
  2. Then, acquire a clean and soft cloth as well as a toothpick.
  3. Using the cloth, wipe clean the contact points of your buds.
  4. With the toothpick, gently reach within the capsule’s holes.
  5. Try to scrub debris accumulation on the case’s terminals.
  6. Flip your case upside down and give it a few pushes down.
  7. Use any flashlight to check the charging terminals for clogs.
  8. Continue dry cleaning, until the terminals/contacts are clean.

That’s it. If you’ve removed a lot of dust/debris from within the case or from the charging tips on your earbuds, there is a high chance that now both will charge.

If not, continue reading further…

3. Replace your USB-A to USB Cable

replace your usb-a to usb cable

Unlike many other earbuds, JLab GO Air Pop uses a kind of “dongle” USB-A connector, which plugs into a cable with female and male USB connectors.

So, if this cable is faulty, even when properly connected the JLab earbuds capsule won’t charge, therefore the earbuds won’t either.

So, if you have a replacement cable, now would be the perfect time to test with it, as you’re still early into troubleshooting.

This approach will exclude a lot of possibilities at once, so it’s worth it.

Tip: If you don’t have a secondary cable, find another device to test the cable’s functionality!

4. Switch to a Different Power Source

So if you’re using a USB or adapter to connect your JLab capsule to the power, but the earbuds are not charging, note that the power socket plays a vital role.

The culprit for the charging issue might be related to the source of your capsule, so switching to a different one should help you.

switch to a different power source

Hence, there are two things that you can try right now:

  • If using a USB port, switch to a different one (try multiple USB ports).
  • If using a power adapter, switch to any proven-to-work power socket.

If your JLab GO Air Pop is still not charging even on different and multiple charging sources, the issue might be related to something else. 

Quick Tip: If you’re using a PC/laptop to charge your JLab capsule, verify the machine is not sleeping and perform a power cycle.

5. Acclimatize your Capsule/Earbuds

This might sound weird, but sometimes, especially after unboxing your JLab, the earbuds may not be able to start charging immediately.

This primarily happens in very cold weather, when the delivery box has been exposed to freezing temperatures, and your device is not acclimatized.

acclimatize your capsule/earbuds
  • So, if your JLab capsule is very cold, leave it at room temperature for at least 20 minutes! 

This is also dangerous since if the capsule’s hardware is freezing cold, plugging the case into an outlet might cause further problems.

So, if it’s winter and your JLab earbuds are cold, wait until their hardware acclimatizes with the room temperature and then retry charging them again.

Note: Similarly charging problems can occur when the JLab earbuds/case is overheating!

6. Reset your JLab Earbuds to Default

If your right or JLab GO Air Pop left earbud not charging, it’s time to perform a factory reset that will restore the earset to default.

This will unpair your earbuds from any Bluetooth sources and should restore charging problems related to the system and software of your JLab GO Air buds.

reset your jlab earbuds to default

Here’s how to factory reset your JLab GO Air Pop earbuds:

  1. Put both your JLab earbuds into the charging capsule.
  2. Important: If paired, forget your buds from the source.
  3. With the capsule’s lid open, tap the left earbud 7 times.
  4. Quickly after that, tap the right earbud 7 times as well.

That should reset your JLab GO Air Pop earbuds in no time!

When the restoration is completed, observe the earbuds while inside the capsule to see whether the blinking blue light will appear.

If yes, then the JLab earbuds are finally charging successfully.

7. Charge your JLab Earbuds Overnight

Well, if nothing helped, there is one last thing you can try when your JLab GO Air Pop earbuds not charging.

You should leave your JLab earbuds within the case while plugged into the power outlet overnight, and check whether they are blinking in blue and are charged in the morning.

charge your jlab earbuds overnight
  • This may be helpful in case you haven’t used earbuds in months.

Well, in some rare cases, this might have clogged their hardware, so they need some time plugged in to resume the operation.

Note: If the JLab earbuds are not charging even after the steps in this guide, check the warranty and contact the local supplier for reclamation/replacement.

Quick Recap

Hence, if your JLab GO Air Pop not charging, switch from USB to power adapter, clean the charging contacts, and test in a different power outlet.

Additionally, you may need to perform a factory reset on your earbuds.

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