Why Won’t My JBL Earbuds Connect? (Best Ways to Fix!)

why won't my jbl earbuds connect

If you’re asking why won’t my JBL earbuds connect, then this guide will surely help you out!

As one of the leaders on the market, JBL earbuds shouldn’t cause problems with the pairing as long as there is no underlying issue.

If you’ve repeatedly failed to connect your JBL earbuds to a Bluetooth source, this guide will unwrap all causes and help you with complete troubleshooting.

If JBL earbuds are not pairing to a Bluetooth source, enable the pairing mode manually, refresh the Bluetooth feature of your source, and recharge the earbuds fully.

Also, you may need to perform a factory reset on your JBL earbuds.

To unwrap more, continue reading!

Why Won’t My JBL Earbuds Connect to My Phone?

won’t my jbl earbuds connect to phone

There are numerous reasons why JBL earbuds won’t pair to a Bluetooth receiver, so to provide you with some insights, we’ve gathered all the suspects. 

Here’s everything that can prevent JBL earbuds from connecting to your Phone:

  • JBL earbuds are not in pairing mode.
  • The Bluetooth device is too far away.
  • The JBL earbuds aren’t fully charged.
  • Your Bluetooth unit is already paired.
  • Software-related JBL earbuds issue.

That’s it. It’s not much when summarized, but there are a ton of surrounding factors.

So, let’s jump straight to the troubleshooting steps and get your JBL earbuds paired to your phone…

Why Won’t My JBL Earbuds Connect? [Quick Solutions]

Tip: It’s very easy to resolve pairing problems, so follow the guide chronologically!

1. Enable JBL Earbuds Pairing Mode

enable jbl earbuds pairing mode

The first and crucial step when your JBL earbuds do not appear on your source device’s list of available Bluetooth connections is to enable the pairing mode. 

Typically, most JBL earbuds are designed to automatically enable pairing mode when taken out of the charging capsule.

However, if you have used the earbuds before with a Bluetooth device, the pairing mode might not be enabled, so we recommend trying to turn the mode on manually.

  • Universally, to enable the pairing mode, hold the Power button for 5 seconds!

However, some types of JBL earbuds might require you to also hold the left or right JBL earbud button for 5 seconds as well.

So, first, hold the Power button for 5 seconds, and then hold the left or right earbud for 5 seconds as well.

Regardless of the model, this must enable the mode.

Info: The indication of an enabled pairing mode for some JBL earbuds is a flashing LED light.

2. Connect JBL Earbuds via Bluetooth

connect jbl earbuds via bluetooth

Another important factor is to know how to properly connect your JBL earbuds to a Bluetooth device once they are in pairing mode.

To do so, you must open the Bluetooth menu of your phone, locate the Bluetooth profile containing “JBL [model]” in its name, and select the profile.

  • On iPhones, go to Settings → Bluetooth.
  • On Android, go to Quick Menu → Bluetooth.

If you see an error when selecting the Bluetooth profile of your JBL earbuds, or they do not show up in the list, continue reading…

3. Toggle OFF and ON your Bluetooth

If your JBL earbuds won’t connect to your Bluetooth device, a quick and easy step is to simply toggle off and on your Bluetooth feature.

toggle off and on your bluetooth

In many cases, this simple step is enough to resolve a variety of connection issues, since rebooting the Bluetooth feature, resets all pairing services.

  • So, go to Settings → Bluetooth and tap on the toggle to turn it OFF and ON.

One More Thing – Airplane Mode!

Well, enabling the Airplane Mode on your phone is an excellent way to restart all connectivity features on your mobile.

So, the Airplane Mode can be accessed through the Quick Menu on Android or the Navigation Center on iPhones.

Simply toggle the feature on and off and test it.

Reminder: Don’t forget to disable Airplane Mode as the Bluetooth on your device won’t work!

4. Shorten Bluetooth Signal Distance

shorten bluetooth signal distance

The Bluetooth signal distance is one of the most common factors for pairing problems, not only with JBL earbuds but with any wireless connections.

So if you’re keeping your Bluetooth phone too far away from your JBL earbuds, the device won’t appear in the list of discovered devices.

  • The recommended Bluetooth distance for JBL earbuds is approximately 30 feet.

However, we recommend taking this step further and keeping your smartphone and JBL buds right next to one another.

This will optimize the Bluetooth connection and must solve the issue.

Important: Smartphone Cases!

If you’re using a smartphone case, this may disrupt the Bluetooth signal and cause a variety of problems with the JBL earbuds pairing.

We’re not exaggerating here, as the smartphone cases sometimes come with metallic parts, which causes extreme interference and pairing problems.

In short: Try pairing your JBL earbuds after removing your smartphone’s case!

5. Recharge your JBL Earbuds Fully

recharge your jbl earbuds fully

Are you sure your JBL earbuds are fully charged?

Well, when the battery is low, your JBL earbuds may not be able to enter pairing mode and turn off immediately after being ejected from the capsule.

This is why it’s important to verify that your JBL earbuds are sufficiently charged, by connecting the case to an outlet and inserting the buds.

Your JBL earbuds take approximately 20 minutes to charge sufficiently and be able to enter the pairing mode, so take this time to read through the rest of the guide.

When the charging is done, go up to the first solution from this guide to manually enter the pairing mode and finally connect.

Quick Tip: If your JBL capsule is not charging, switch to a different power source!

6. Unpair Earbuds from Other Devices

If you’re trying to pair your JBL earbuds to a new device, but their Bluetooth profile doesn’t show up in the Bluetooth menu, the earbuds are probably already paired.

Yes, when remembered, the buds will immediately pair with the previous unit, which prevents them from being discoverable.

unpair earbuds from other devices

So, on your previous device, go to Settings, enter the Bluetooth menu, and…

  • On iOS, tap the “i” icon (Info) and select “Forget this Device.”
  • On Android, tap the cogwheel button and select “FORGET.”

When your earbuds are not connected to a different device, go ahead and manually enable the pairing mode.

When this is done, open the Bluetooth settings of your new phone, and connect.

Note: You can also unpair your JBL earbuds by disabling the Bluetooth feature!

7. Reset your JBL Earbuds to Defaults

At last, if your JBL earbuds are not connecting it’s time to perform a factory restoration process, which will ultimately unpair your earbuds from ALL devices.

This method will also erase all the in-app settings, but surely address and hopefully resolve all problems related to the JBL pairing.

reset your jbl earbuds to defaults

Here’s how to factory reset JBL earbuds in quick and easy steps!

How to Reset JBL Earbuds Without App?

  1. Put your JBL earbuds into the charging capsule.
  2. Then, locate the button on the right JBL earbud.
  3. Quickly press the right earbud button two times.
  4. On the third tap, hold the button for five seconds.
  5. This should reset both your JBL earbuds instantly.
Note: Verify that your JBL earbuds case and earbuds are charged!

How to Reset JBL Earbuds With the App?

Note: To reset from the app, the JBL earbuds must be connected!

  1. Open the JBL Headphones app on your phone.
  2. Select your JBL earbuds from connected devices.
  3. Then, scroll down and tap on the Support section.
  4. From there, tap on the “Reset to Factory Setting.”
  5. A small prompt will appear, so press on “RESET.”

When your JBL earbuds are reset to default, scroll to the first step of this guide to manually turn on the pairing mode and connect to your Bluetooth device. 

JBL Earbuds Still Not Pairing to Phone?

jbl earbuds still not pairing to phone

If your JBL earbuds are still not pairing to your Bluetooth device, it’s not excluded that the phone is causing the problem.

So, we strongly recommend trying to connect your JBL earbuds with a different phone.

If this works, perhaps you need to reset the network settings on your device.

Note: As a last resort, you may want to check your warranty or contact the local merchant for a reclamation and hopefully free replacement.

Quick Recap

Why won’t my JBL earbuds connect?

Hence, if your JBL earbuds are not connecting, enable the pairing mode, recharge your earbuds, and refresh the Bluetooth feature on your mobile.

Also, unpair your phone from different devices and factory reset your earbuds.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more!