JBL Earbuds Not Charging In Case? – (Working Solutions!)

jbl earbuds not charging in case

If your JBL earbuds not charging in case, don’t worry as this guide covers you completely!

Well, charging problems can happen even with the best True Wireless earbuds, and typically, the issue is always caused by low capsule battery charge or dirt on the contact terminals.

So, this quick guide will unwrap the best possible solutions that will address all causes in one go.

If your JBL earbuds are not charging in their capsule, ensure the case is charged, clean the contact points, and replace the charging equipment.

If this doesn’t help, reset your JBL earbuds and charge them overnight.

Let’s learn the essentials about the JBL earbuds charging before troubleshooting!

How to Know if JBL Earbuds/Case is Charging?

how to know jbl earbuds case charging

To charge your JBL earbuds, your capsule must have been charged beforehand.

You can see the battery level of your charging case by looking at the four dot-LEDs.

These lights show you the precise battery level and each LED equals 25% battery. 

Here’s a quick explanation to determine the case’s battery level:

  • One LED on means the JBL case has only 25% battery.
  • Two LEDs on means your case has about 50% battery.
  • Three LEDs on means the case’s battery is well over 75%
  • Four LEDs mean the case’s battery is fully charged.

When you insert the JBL earbuds inside the case, you should see a white LED ring on each of them that indicates they are charging.

When fully charged, the white LED ring will disappear, as well as the four LED lights on the capsule that show the JBL case’s battery charge percentage.

Note: On some JBL earbuds cases the LED on the capsule will blink in green while charging, and blink in orange when the battery is low.

How to Fix When JBL Earbuds Not Charging in Case?

Tip: We recommend following the troubleshooting steps in order!

1. Fully Charge the JBL Capsule

fully charge the jbl capsule

If the JBL capsule is out of battery, it’s understandable why the earbuds are not charging, even if they are placed correctly inside.

Thus, the first step is to connect the JBL case to a tested power outlet and leave the capsule charging for at least 10 minutes while reading the rest of this guide.

Here’s how to correctly connect your JBL capsule and start charging it:

  1. Place both earbuds inside your JBL case.
  2. Verify your USB-C to USB cable is intact.
  3. Connect the USB-C end to your JBL case.
  4. Connect the other end to a power adapter.
  5. Plug the power adapter into a tested outlet.
  6. Check whether your JBL case is charging.

If your JBL case is charging, that’s good, so keep the earbuds inside and allow both devices to charge adequately.

However, if your JBL case does not appear to be charging, that explains the reason why the earbuds aren’t charging as well.

So, we’ve got you covered, keep reading!

2. Switch to a Different A/C Outlet

switch to a different a/c outlet

It’s very important to ensure that the JBL charging case is charging when connected because the earbuds won’t charge in an empty case.

So the next quick step is to ensure that the case is charging and if not, connect it to a different, proven-to-work electrical outlet in your home.

As mentioned, while charging, your case will either blink green/orange, or the white LEDs on the front will start filling up one by one.

If you don’t see such an indication, your case’s battery may be entirely dead, which explains why the earbuds aren’t charging, even when positioned inside.

One More Thing – Direct Connection!

direct connection

It’s crucial to connect your JBL case’s power adapter directly to the power outlet.

If you plug the A/C adapter into a strip, smart plug, or other external device, the voltage may be compromised.

Also, verify that the switch on the outlet is “ON” or there will be no voltage available to the case.

Note: Verify that the USB-C connector securely plugs into the charging capsule all the way in!

3. Clean the Buds Contact Points

Well, in some cases, your JBL earphones won’t charge even when inserted correctly inside a fully-charged capsule, when their contact points are obstructed.

An obstruction is typically dirt, earwax, dust accumulation, hair, or other particles that prevent the terminals from contacting.

So, cleaning the case and earbuds is one of the most helpful solutions!

clean the buds contact points

Here’s how to safely clean your JBL earbuds and case to renew charging:

  1. Acquire rubbing alcohol, a cotton swab, and earsticks.
  2. Remove your JBL earbuds from the charging capsule.
  3. Dip one of the earsticks into a drop of rubbing alcohol.
  4. Reach within the capsule to clean the terminal contacts.
  5. Then, locate the charging points on your JBL earbuds.
  6. Using the cotton swab, wipe the dust and earwax away.
  7. Use a dry cotton swab to completely dry the case/buds.
  8. Leave the case’s lid open and earbuds out for 3 minutes.

When you’re confident that everything is completely dry, put the earbuds into the charging case and check whether they are now charging.

Reminder: If your JBL earbuds are now charging, you should see a white LED on both of them blinking, which indicates that they are currently being charged.

4. Test via Different USB-C Cable

If the JBL earbuds are still not charging, even if cleaned and properly positioned inside the case, perhaps your capsule’s battery is completely dead.

That’s why the next step should be to switch to a different USB-C cable, and even a secondary proven-to-work A/C adapter and try charging.

test via different usb-c cable
  • Typically, your case doesn’t need to be fully charged for you to charge your JBL earbuds.

If your case is dead, connecting the capsule to a power outlet and positioning the earbuds within, must immediately start charging the earbuds, regardless of whether your case’s battery is low or not.

  • So, first, replace the USB-C charging cable and attempt charging.
  • If this doesn’t work, also switch to a different USB power adapter.

In case that also doesn’t work, clean the charging port of your case, by gently scrubbing all the dust using a toothpick.

Also, inspect the charging cable’s connector for bents, kinks, and other defects that may prevent your JBL capsule from being charged.

Quick Tip: Test if your USB-C charging cable works by attempting to charge your smartphone!

5. Factory Reset the JBL Earbuds

factory reset the jbl earbuds

It’s not excluded that your JBL wireless earbuds not charging in case, of a software bug or glitch.

So, the next step, while your earbuds are not 100% dead, is to perform a factory reset, which will unpair the earbuds from all sources, but should restore the functionality quickly.

Here’s how to factory reset most JBL earbuds in easy steps:

  1. Double tap the button on your right JBL earbud.
  2. On the third tap, hold the button for 5 seconds.
  3. The JBL earbuds will turn off and factory reset.

If your JBL earbuds won’t reset this way, hold the button on the right earbud until they both turn off and locate the Volume (+) and Volume (-) buttons.

Then press both buttons simultaneously, and after 20 seconds, both the JBL earbuds should undergo a factory restoration automatically.

Note: When the factory reset is over, you must pair your JBL earbuds to your source device!

6. Charge the JBL Earbuds Overnight

charge the jbl earbuds overnight

If you have tried everything so far, but your JBL earbuds are not charging inside the case, you should consider getting them checked by a professional

However, one thing that you can do as a last attempt would be to charge them overnight, which has proven to help other users with the same issue. 

This could be helpful especially, if you haven’t used your JBL earbuds in a month or more, and the capsule battery is critically dead.

In those cases, having your capsule plugged in and your earbuds within overnight, should eventually restore the charging and resolve this issue quickly.

If this method doesn’t help, your earbuds or capsule likely have HW defects so, we recommend checking the warranty.

Also, feel free to get in touch with JBL Customer Service for more help.

Quick Recap

Hence, if your JBL earbuds not charging in case, verify that the capsule is fully charged, clean the contact points, and switch to a proven power outlet.

Also, you should factory reset the earbuds or replace the charging equipment.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more JBL troubleshooting!