JBL Earbuds Stuck In Mono Mode? (Proven Ways to Fix!)

jbl earbuds stuck in mono mode

If the JBL earbuds stuck in Mono mode, you shouldn’t be worried as this is a common issue!

JBL earbuds are not limited to Mono mode and can function in Stereo mode as well, which is the widely preferred audio mode.

However, the JBL earbuds have proven to often get stuck in Mono mode, which is quite frustrating but actually very easy to resolve.

Let’s take a quick look:

If your JBL earbuds are stuck in Mono mode, reinsert them from the case and manually disable the Mono audio option on your source.

If this doesn’t help, forget and reconnect the earbuds and perform a factory reset.

If you don’t know how to apply these steps, we have everything covered in a step-by-step guide!

JBL Earbuds: Mono Vs. Stereo Mode?

jbl earbuds mono vs. stereo mode

The primary difference between the Mono and Stereo modes, in any playout device, including the JBL earbuds is the number of audio channels. 

In Stereo mode, different layers of the sound are separated into two channels, and in Mono mode, everything is combined in one audio channel.

For example, when listening in Stereo mode, the drums could be on the left earbud only, the guitar on the right, and the vocals on both.

In contrast, with Mono mode, everything including the drums, guitar, and vocals is combined and can be heard on both sides of the JBL earbuds.

Well, Mono mode is helpful with people with hearing defects in order to balance the audio, but the majority of users prefer listening in Stereo Mode.

So, if your JBL earbuds are stuck in the Mono mode only, the solutions below will help you identify and resolve the problem in minutes!

How to Fix When JBL Earbuds Stuck in Mono Mode?

Tip: We recommend executing the steps consecutively!

1. Insert and Eject the JBL Earbuds

insert and eject the jbl earbuds

If your JBL earbuds are stuck in Mono mode, know that sometimes this is a bug, which can be solved quickly by reinserting them from the capsule.

What essentially happens here is that when the buds are inserted into the case and the lid is closed, they restart and refresh their services.

The steps are straightforward:

  • Insert both the JBL earbuds into the case.
  • Close the lid and wait for 30–40 seconds.
  • Eject the buds and test the current mode.

If you now hear the different audio layers on different sides of your earbuds, then Stereo mode is now activated.

If you, however, continue to hear the audio layers equally on both earbuds, the Mono mode is still activated, so continue reading…

2. Disable the Mono Mode Manually

disable the mono mode manually

The Mono mode feature typically comes from the device that you’re using as a source for the music output for your JBL earbuds.

In most cases that’s an Android or an iOS mobile, and the Mono mode can be disabled manually by reaching into the menu settings of the source device.

How to Disable Mono Mode on Android?

  1. From the home screen, go to the “Settings.”
  2. Scroll down and tap on the “Accessibility.”
  3. Then, go to the “Hearing enhancements.”
  4. Finally, switch off the “Mono audio” option.

How to Disable Mono Mode on iPhone?

disable mono mode on iphone
  1. First, go into the “Settings” app of the iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and enter the “Accessibility” tab.
  3. Under “HEARING”, tap the “Audio/Visual” tab.
  4. From there, ensure that “Mono Audio” is “OFF.”

Your JBL earbuds should immediately switch to Stereo mode, which means that the layers of the audio should play in two audio channels.

  • Make sure to test the earbuds after these steps.
Info: The option makes the left and right speakers play the same content simultaneously!

3. Forget and Connect JBL Earbuds

forget jbl earbuds bluetooth profile

If you’ve manually disabled the Mono audio on your source device, but the JBL earbuds are still stuck in Mono mode, perhaps this is a glitch.

The best way to address such software bugs is to forget and reconnect the JBL earbuds from the Bluetooth feature of your audio source device.

Here’s how to get JBL earbuds out of Mono mode in easy steps!

How to Forget JBL Earbuds Bluetooth Profile?

  1. First, reach into the Settings of your mobile.
  2. Then, enter the Bluetooth device’s section.
  3. On Android, tap the cogwheel → “FORGET.”
  4. On iOS, tap “i” info → “Forget this Device.”
  5. Your JBL earbuds will now be disconnected.

How to Connect JBL Earbuds to Android/iOS?

  1. From the home screen, go to “Bluetooth.”
  2. Then, wait for your JBL earbuds to appear.
  3. Press on the JBL earbuds Bluetooth profile.
  4. The JBL earbuds will connect to the mobile.

When you’re ready to reconnect your JBL earbuds, play some music to check whether the Mono mode is still enabled.

If yes, perhaps the issue is not related to the Bluetooth connection, instead, it’s a pairing problem between the earbuds

So, let’s keep reading and troubleshooting!

Info: When your JBL earbuds are disconnected they automatically enter “Pairing Mode.”

4. Reconnect JBL Earbuds Together

reconnect jbl earbuds together

Aside from the Bluetooth connection that JBL earbuds establish with your source device, they also pair with each other.

Hence, the reason why they are stuck in Mono mode could be due to a failed or inconsistent pairing between the left and right side, so it’s advised to reconnect them.

To force your earbuds to reconnect with each other, you’ll need to forget them first, as we have explained in the previous step.

So go ahead, forget the JBL earbuds from the Bluetooth device, and proceed with the steps below to force the re-pairing.

Here’s how to reconnect the left and right JBL earbuds:

  1. Ensure your earbuds are not paired with Bluetooth.
  2. Next, ensure the JBL earbuds are in Pairing Mode.
  3. Info: The blue LED on each earbud must be blinking.
  4. Press and release the JBL logo on both the earbuds.
  5. Quickly, press and hold both earbuds for 5 seconds.
  6. That should disconnect the left from the right earbud.
  7. To reconnect them, quickly tap both earbuds 3 times.
  8. When you’re ready, reinsert them from their capsule.

That’s it. Your JBL earbuds were disconnected from each other and then reconnected, which must have solved the Mono mode glitch.

So, go ahead, pair your JBL earbuds with the mobile, and test whether they are finally in Stereo mode.

Note: If your JBL earbuds are not blinking in blue, the Pairing Mode is not enabled!

5. Reset the JBL Earbuds to Defaults

reset the jbl earbuds to defaults

If you still cannot exit Mono mode on your JBL earbuds, one of the most helpful techniques that has helped many people with the same issue is the factory reset.

This is your ultimate solution that will revert ALL settings of your JBL earbuds to default and forget all Bluetooth connections.

Here’s how to factory reset your JBL earbuds in easy steps:

  1. Reinsert the JBL earbuds from the capsule.
  2. Then, quickly tap both JBL earbuds 2 times.
  3. On the third press, hold for 5–10 seconds.
  4. Release when the JBL earbuds turn “OFF.”
  5. Reinsert the JBL earbuds from the capsule.

That’s it. Your JBL earbuds are now factory reset, ready to be paired with your source device and the Mono mode should now be disabled.

If you, however, still experience issues, the fault might not be related to your JBL earbuds. 

Let’s find out more!

Warning: Factory resetting your earbuds will permanently erase in-app settings!

6. Test with Different Songs or Devices

test with different songs or devices

Well, sometimes, across the web and different audio apps, you may stumble upon songs and tracks that are Mono mode-only.

This means that even if your earbuds are not in Mono mode, you’ll still hear only one audio channel on both sides because the sound is exported in this way.

So we strongly recommend trying multiple different songs, from different audio apps such as YouTube, Apple Music, or Spotify.

If you still hear all songs in Mono mode on the JBL earbuds, try pairing your earset to a different device than the one you’ve been testing with so far.

If the issue is solved when you’re listening from a different device, we recommend resetting your old source or checking the audio settings.

Quick Tip: The problem could be on a hardware level with your JBL earbuds, so if you face the same issue after all these steps, check the buds warranty.

Final Thoughts

If your JBL earbuds stuck in mono mode, reinsert them from the capsule, and manually disable the Mono mode on your source.

Also, reconnect the left and right JBL earbuds, and if nothing helps, perform a factory reset.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more JBL troubleshooting!