Beats Studio Buds Buzzing Noise? – Here’s How to Fix!

beats studio buds buzzing noise

Beats Studio buds buzzing noise is getting on your nerves? Put an end to it in this guide!

The buzzing noise from one or both of your Beats Studio buds mainly appears when there is dust, earwax, or other obstructions behind the rubber tips.

It’s also possible that the buzzing comes from the Bluetooth connection or your device’s audio output, so let’s find the solution…

If your Beats Studio earbuds produce a buzzing noise, decrease the output volume of your audio, clean your earbuds, and re-pair them to your device.

If the issue persists, don’t hesitate and perform a factory reset.

Let’s unwrap how all these steps are applied correctly!

Why Do My Beats Studio Buds Make a Buzzing Noise?

beats studio buds make a buzzing noise

There are quite a few different reasons for the buzzing sound on Beats Studio earbuds.

So let’s take a quick look at some causes that are proven to frequently appear:

  • Very loud output volume on your device.
  • Earwax/particles behind the rubber tips.
  • A very large Bluetooth signal distance.
  • Temporary Bluetooth connection faults.
  • Activated noise restriction service/setting.
  • Bad or incomplete Beats buds charging.
  • Software-related issue with the earbuds.

That’s everything that we’ll try to solve in the guide below, so let’s jump right in!

How to Fix Beats Studio Buds Buzzing Noise?

Note: It’s very easy to identify and resolve the buzzing sound, just follow the steps in order!

1. Decrease the Output Volume

decrease the output volume

If you’re hearing a buzzing noise from your Beats Studio buds, perhaps your output volume is too high and you’re hearing the amplified background noises of the track.

So, first, verify that the buzzing is there on different songs and media, and decrease the output volume of the device.

There are two instances in which volume can be increased/decreased:

  • On your Beats Studio buds – tap below the “b” button to lower the volume.
  • On your playout smartphone – press the Volume (-) button on your phone.

If your Beats Studio buds are connected to a Windows computer/laptop, to decrease the volume, you must click on the audio icon from the Taskbar.

Then you’ll see the volume slider, which you can drag to the left to decrease the output volume.

Note: If the Beats Studio buds buzzing disappears with a lower volume, the issue comes from over-amplifying the audio tracks.

2. Clean the Beats Studio Buds

clean the beats studio buds

The constant buzzing sound in Beats Studio buds can be caused by earwax or other particles beneath the rubber tips.

Sometimes these obstructions (even if tiny) can cause friction due to vibration in the ear cups of the Beats Studio buds, producing a buzzing noise.

  • The solution is simple; remove the rubber tips → clean the buds → test.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to clean Beats Studio buds:

  1. Stop the music and put the buds into the case.
  2. Wait for a few seconds and take the buds out.
  3. Gently pull out the rubber tip from both earbuds.
  4. Use a soft and dry ear pick to collect the earwax.
  5. Verify that there are no obstructions or particles.
  6. Gently put the rubber tips back to your earbuds.

When you’re ready with the cleaning, play some music through your Beats Studio buds to justify if the buzzing will continue.

If yes, you would need more troubleshooting so continue reading…

3. Shorten the Bluetooth Proximity

shorten the bluetooth proximity

If you’re staying too far away from your Bluetooth device while wearing the Beats Studio buds, the range may be insufficient.

When your connection is about to drop, you may start hearing interruption, buzzing, and other weird noises, until finally, your Beats earbuds get disconnected.

So, try to stay within a 33-foot radius of your playback device, and check whether the buzzing is still there.

If the weird noises disappear when you’re closer to your output device, then the issue is due to the Bluetooth distance and the strength of your connection.

Quick Tip: If you’re pairing your earbuds to a car stereo or another device that is not a phone or tablet, try pairing to a phone to justify the problem.

4. Unpair and Pair your Earbuds

unpair and pair your earbuds

If your Beats Studio buds making weird noise, it could be due to issues with the Bluetooth connection and the saved device’s profile.

One of the quickest ways to solve issues with buzzing sounds would be to unpair and then pair your Beats Studio buds from your Bluetooth playout device.

This is a very quick and easy step to undertake, which will refresh the Bluetooth profile and hopefully cause the issue to disappear.

How to Unpair Beats Buds on Android?

  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
  2. Locate the Beats Studio buds from the list.
  3. Press on the “Cogwheel” icon on the right.
  4. Lastly, tap the “FORGET” button on the top.

How to Unpair Beats Buds on Apple?

unpair beats buds on apple
  1. Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
  2. Locate the Beats Studio buds connection.
  3. Press on the “i” icon next to the connection.
  4. Tap “Forget this Device” on the next page.

When you’re ready and the Beats Studio buds are unpaired, go ahead and pair them cleanly to your playback device.

If you still hear buzzing sounds, we strongly recommend unpairing them again and connecting to a different smartphone just for justification on whether the issue is due to your device’s settings.

Note: If you hear buzzing sounds through your Beats Studio buds on multiple devices, it’s likely that you're facing a hardware malfunction.

5. Turn OFF “Noise Cancellation”

Some devices, including Androids and iOS, have certain noise-cancellation features and options that can negatively impact your Beats Studio buds.

The buzzing noises may be coming from an enabled option, which attempts to balance the audio or adjust it according to a designed preset.

turn off “noise cancellation”

We have discovered a setting for both Android and iOS that is proven to alter the audio output, and may just be the reason for your buzzing sounds.

The best solution is to disable the feature.

iOS Apple – Headphone Safety

The headphones safety is a feature on iOS devices that actively lowers the volume when it’s considered “too loud” to prevent damage to your earbuds.

Sometimes, this feature may impact the audio from your Beats Studio buds and produce buzzing noises.

To disable the feature, go to Settings → Sound & Haptics → Headphone Safety → Reduce Loud Sounds.

Android – Media Volume Limit

android - media volume limit

The Media Volume Limit on Android works the same way as headphone safety on iOS and actively decreases the volume of your sound.

While this can be helpful to preserve your earbuds’ hardware in case of too loud sounds, sometimes it can produce buzzing noises.

To disable the feature, go to Settings → Sound and Vibration → Volume → Settings → Media Volume Limit.

When these cancellation features are disabled on your mobile, feel free to test whether the buzzing continues, and if yes, keep reading…

6. Charge Buds via a Wall Outlet

charge buds via a wall outlet

According to many users online with the same buzzing sound issue on Beats Studio buds, we found out that sometimes the problem is charging-related. 

If you’ve been using alternative ways to charge the earbuds’ case such as connecting them to a laptop or PC, the voltage could be insufficient.

Then, because of battery throttling, you hear a constant buzzing noise, and most likely your earbuds will soon die because of a low battery.

So, here are a few tips to charge the earbuds effectively:

  • Verify that your USB-C charging cable is (18W).
  • Ensure that your power adapter is working well.
  • Plug the power adapter directly into the socket.
  • Secure the USB-C connector into the buds case.
  • Avoid charging the earbuds through a PC/laptop.

When your Beats Studio buds are fully charged, check to see whether the buzzing noises are still there and if yes, continue reading ahead…

7. Factory Reset the Beats Buds

factory reset the beats buds

The final and most potent solution against all sorts of buzzing sounds and weird noises through the Beats Studio buds is to perform a factory reset.

This method will reset the earbuds to default and solve any software-related issues that may be causing the constant buzzing noises/sounds.

Here’s how to factory reset Beats Studio buds in easy steps:

  1. Put both earbuds in the charging case.
  2. Also, verify to leave the case’s lid open.
  3. Hold the “System” button on your case.
  4. Release after the LED flashes red/white.

The alternating flashing in red and white color is an indication that the earbuds are undergoing a factory reset, which should last longer than 30 seconds.

So, remain patient, and when the reset is over, pair your earbuds to the device, play some music, and test if the buzzing noise remains.

Quick Recap

To fix the Beats Studio buds buzzing noise, decrease your output volume, clean the earwax/dirt behind the rubber tips, and refresh your Bluetooth profile.

Additionally, you should consider factory resetting your earbuds.

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