Beats Studio Buds Not Turning On? (Don’t Panic Easy Fix!)

beats studio buds not turning on

Your Beats Studio Buds not turning on? Well, stop worrying, as we have found the solution!

If taking the Beats Studio Buds out of the case does nothing and the earphones no longer show up on your device’s Bluetooth page, there’s a startup malfunction.

Well, the boot of your buds may degrade as a result of bad case charging, equipment failure, or underlying system issues. 

Let’s have a look at the solution:

Whenever the Beats Studio Buds aren’t turning on, perform a “Soft” reset on the buds, check the remaining battery level and power circulate the case.

If your issues persist, force a “System” reset on the earbuds.

Keep reading, as we’re only getting started!

Why is the Beats Studio Buds Light Not Turning On?

beats studio buds light not turning on

No earbuds startup, no visual indications on the case, and missing Bluetooth connection often signify a charging case or charging equipment issue.  

If the issue is not related to a failure of the charging case, then you should track and analyze the behavior of the Beats buds to determine what’s wrong. 

Let’s review all the causes for the issue of your Beats Studio Buds:

  • A failure of your built-in Beats Bluetooth transmitter.
  • Issues with the USB-C cable or the charging adapter.
  • Electrical outlet failure of power source insufficiency.
  • Underlying issues with the system of the Beats buds.
  • A hardware malfunction of the case’s internal battery.

This is what can potentially impact or degrade the startup functionality of the Beats Studio Buds.

So, let’s progress further into the solution guide to review proven methods to resolve the issue!

Beats Studio Buds Not Turning On – Quick Fix

Tip: Follow the solutions chronologically for a timely solution!

1. Soft Reset the Beats Studio Buds

soft reset the beats studio buds

A quick and standard solution to the startup problem of your Beats Studio Buds is to place the earphones back into the charging case and wait for a while.

So, this will “jump-start” the Beats Studio earbuds and provide enough power supply for a single startup, to test their functionality.

Here’s how to perform a “Soft” reset on the Beats Studio Buds in detail:

  1. Open the lid of the Beats Studio charging case.
  2. Next, put both earbuds into the case individually.
  3. Close the charging case’s lid and wait 5 seconds.
  4. Open the lid and eject both Beats Studio earbuds.
  5. Check if the charging case is indicating the startup.
Important: Do NOT place the buds immediately back into the case as this will deactivate the buds’s Bluetooth function instantly. Wait for at least 30 seconds to determine whether the buds will pair automatically or the connection will appear in the Bluetooth tab of your source device.

2. Check Beats Studios Battery Level (Android & iOS)

check beats studios battery level

You can check the remaining battery capacity of the Beats Studio Buds remotely on an Android or iOS mobile, as long as the earbuds have been paired.

As clarified, the primary cause for the failed startup of the earbuds is the insufficient power supply, so let’s check and justify the issue.

How to Check Beats Studio Buds Battery On iOS?

You can check the leftover battery of the Beats Studio Buds by enabling the Battery Widget option in the menu of your iPhone/iPad and pairing the earbuds.

On the widget, you will see a circle indicating how much battery of your Beats Studio Buds is left.

How to Check Beats Studio Buds Battery On Android?

While Beats Studio headphones have custom integration on iOS systems, you must manually download the Beats app on your Android to check the buds’s battery level.

So, install the app from the Google Play Store, ensure the earbuds are paired, and go to “Devices” within the app.

Note: Ensure the Beats app has the latest version if you’re on Android!

3. Pair the Beats Studio Buds Manually

pair the beats studio buds manually

There’s a possibility that the Beats earbuds can already be discovered, but due to a failure of the charging case’s indications, you’re unable to tell.

That’s why the next step is to access the Bluetooth configuration of your connection device and check if the Beats buds will appear.

Here’s how to manually connect your device with the Beats Studio Buds:

  1. First, open the lid of the Beats Studio Buds charging case.
  2. Take both earbuds out from the case to enable Bluetooth.
  3. Access the “Bluetooth” page within your device’s settings.
  4. Optional: Find your buds within “Remembered Devices.”
  5. Scroll down to “Discovered Devices” to find your earbuds.

If the Beats Studio Buds have been paired to your device in the past, then you should be able to locate the Bluetooth profile under the “Remembered Devices” section.

Well, if you’ve recently initialized your device or forgot the Beat’s connection, scroll down to “Discoverable Devices.”

Alert: The earbuds must remain within a 15–25 feet range of your device to stream properly!

4. Refill the Charging Case’s Battery

refill the charging case’s battery

If the Beats Studio Buds still cannot start, there’s a strong possibility that the charging case has been left without a battery.

So, the next step is to install the Beats Studio Buds case with the original Beats USB-C wire and wait until the internal battery has reached an optimal power level.

So, connect the Beats Studio Buds’s USB-C cord to the charging port on the case and wait for at least 15–20 minutes until the Buds receive an optimal amount of charge. 

How to Check if Beats Studio Case is Charging?

You can quickly tell if the case of your Beats Studio Buds is charging solely by the indicator light.

If the LED lamp on the front of the case turns solid green, it means that the battery of the case has been charged to maximum capacity, and you can unplug the USB-C and turn on your buds.

If the LED remains solid red or flashes, it either means that the case is not charging at all or that the battery is still at low capacity.

Alert: Ensure the charging equipment of the Beats Studio Buds is properly connected!

5. Force an Earbuds System Reset

force an earbuds system reset

You can address underlying system, startup, or charging issues with the Beats Studio Buds by forcing a system reset.

This is the big-gun method that will unpair the earbuds from ALL of your devices, erase in-app settings, and revert the earbuds to the factory default state/settings.

Here’s how to undergo a full system reset on your Beats Studio Buds easily:

  1. Place both Beats Studio Buds into the charging case.
  2. Push the “System” button right in between the earbuds.
  3. Release the button after 15 seconds to start the reset.
  4. Wait until the Beats Studio Buds finalize the restoration.

If the Beats Studio Buds are charged to a sufficient battery capacity, the LED light on the front of the case should start flashing red and white color as an indication. 

Alert: Do not interact with the buds while the frontal LED light is still blinking!

6. Replace Beats’s Charging Setup

replace beats’s charging setup

There’s a possibility that the case is failing to receive a charge due to a malfunction with either of your charging components.

So, the charging setup of the earbuds consists of a USB type-C charging cable and a standard 9V-24V power adapter.

  • To replace the charging cable, install an alternative USB-C cable with the adapter.
  • To replace the charging adapter, install an alternative adapter with the USB-C cable.

Bonus Tip: Alter the Charging Source:

The earbuds may also develop a charging issue as a result of power source insufficiency.

Thus, relocating the Beats case’s charging equipment to another outlet is an excellent solution that will further determine whether the earbuds have developed a charging issue due to your outlet.

Tip: Avoid using third-party equipment to recharge the Beats Studio Buds case!

7. Inspect Beats Buds’s Hardware (Advanced)

Well, before seeking specialized assistance, we can help you access the hardware of the Beats Studio Buds case and attempt to discover the fault.

However, opening your Beats case should only be done with an expired warranty, otherwise, it will void it, and you won’t be able to use it.

inspect beats buds’s hardware (advanced)

Follow these steps to access the hardware of the Beats Studio Buds:

  1. Open the charging capsule and eject your Beats earbuds.
  2. Heat a thin spudger to use for the Beats charging case.
  3. Insert the spudger in between the lower and upper case.
  4. Pry along the edges of the case to loosen the upper part.
  5. Use a gentle force to carefully lift the case’s compartment.

After disassembling the case, inspect the following:

  • The elastic metalpogo” pins underneath the bud sockets.
  • The plastic brackets should be fixed with metal pogo pins.
  • The quality of the magnets holding together the metal pins.
Alert: If any of the metal areas are burnt or the components are loose, the buds are faulty!

Quick Recap

If the Beats Studio Buds not turning on, soft reset your earbuds and ensure the case is charged to full capacity.

If the issue persists, reset the system of the Beats Studio Buds and replace the earbuds’s charging equipment.

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