Beats Studio Buds Not Charging? – (Easy Fix In Minutes)

beats studio buds not charging

If your Beats Studio Buds not charging, we’ve found a working solution to share with you!

It doesn’t take long for your Beats Studio Buds to become coated with ear wax and dust, which can significantly interfere with the charging process.

If connecting your buds to a power supply does not have any effect on the case, the problem is typically caused by defective equipment.

Whenever the Beats Studio Buds aren’t charging, take both earbuds out and place them back into the case.

If the issue persists, alter the buds’ charging source, force a factory reset, and replace the charging equipment.

There is much more to analyze so let’s get started!

Why the Beats Studio Buds Wont Charge?

why the beats studio buds wont charge

Understanding what’s impactful to the charging of the earbuds requires a deep analysis of what can potentially cause the malfunction.

Charging issues typically consist of improper equipment, insufficient power sources, and even obstructions in the case of the earbuds’ charging terminals.

Here’s why the Beats Studio Buds won’t charge properly:

  • Improperly positioned Beats Studio buds.
  • Insufficiently charged Beats Studio case.
  • An existing earbud Bluetooth connection.
  • A defective charging cable or A/C adapter.
  • A hardware malfunction with the earbuds.

Let’s proceed with the guide and review proven and effective solutions for the issue!

Beats Studio Buds Not Charging – Proven Solutions

If you can’t charge your Beats Studio earbuds, follow the steps below!

1. Take the Studio Buds In & Out

take the studio buds in & out

The first solution is to verify that the connection between the earbuds and the charging case is proper by re-seating both earphones.

There are a total of three states of the light indicators and a blank status, generally means that the battery capacity of the earbuds case is insufficient.

What Are the Beats Studio Case’s Indicators?

There are a total of three light indications on the Beats Studio case:

  • White flashing light – The earbuds are in “Pairing” mode.
  • Red flashing light – The Beats earbuds case is charging.
  • Green solid/flashing light – The case is properly charged.
Note: The indicator lamp’s light may alter multiple times during the charging!

2. Fully Charge the Beats Buds’s Case

fully charge the beats buds’s case

In case of a charging interruption of the earbuds, one of the most straightforward steps is to verify that the capacity of the case is also sufficiently charged.

You will be able to track the charging status of the Beats Studio Buds by identifying the status lamp on the Beats case.

Here’s how to fully charge the Beats Studio Buds and inspect all connections:

  1. Install Beats’s USB-C cable into a charging adapter.
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into the charging case.
  3. Plug the power adapter into a reliable power source.
  4. Wait until the case’s status lamp shifts to solid green.
  5. Take both earbuds out and test the Bluetooth pairing.
Warning: Do not disconnect the supplying cable until the case’s indicator turns solid green!

3. Manually Unpair the Earbuds

manually unpair the earbuds

The Beats Studio buds will unpair automatically once put in the case and have begun charging.

To verify that the Beats earbuds are charging, you must check the connection status of the buds and verify that they have successfully unpaired from your device’s Bluetooth.

How to Disconnect Beats Studio Buds?

  1. Find the Beats Studio Buds in the device’s settings.
  2. Tap the “Manage” or “Info” icon next to the profile.
  3. Press on the “Disconnect” button from the menu.

How to Forget Beats Studio Buds Profile?

forget beats studio buds profile
  1. Access the Bluetooth settings of your device.
  2. Find the connection of the Beats Studio Buds.
  3. Open the settings and tap “Forget this Device.”
  4. Alternatively, there will be a “cogwheel” button.
  5. So, in the settings, select the “FORGET” button.
Warning: Forgetting the Beats Studio Buds’s connection will erase all existing device settings.

4. Check for Charging Case Obstructions

One of the possible reasons why the Beats Studio Buds right earbud not charging can be because of obstructions in the charging case. 

Cleaning the case from obstructions and dust is specifically useful if only one or both earbuds are not establishing proper charging contact.

check for charging case obstructions

Here’s how to clear the charging case of the Beats Studio Buds:

  1. Take both earbuds out from the Beats charging case.
  2. Clean the exterior of the case using a microfiber cloth.
  3. Apply some rubbing alcohol to one or two earsticks.
  4. Open the lid of the case and insert an ear stick inside.
  5. Next, perform circular movements to collect all debris.
  6. Check the metal plates on each of the Beats earbuds.
  7. Optional: Use a hair dryer or compressed air for drying.
Reminder: The charging case of the earbuds must be cleaned once every 2–3 weeks!

5. Alter the Case’s Charging Source

alter the case’s charging source

There’s a possibility that the charging case is not receiving sufficient power due to an unstable or defective electrical outlet.

That’s why the next step is to relocate the charging equipment of the case consisting of a USB-C charging cable and an adapter to an alternative power socket.

After installing the case’s equipment in a different outlet, connect the charging cable to the port on the case and check the indications of the status lamp. 

Wait until the Beats Studio Buds indicator on the front of the charging case turns solid green or starts flashing red, which is the indication of charging.

Important: Remove External Connectors:

You should always recharge the Beats Studio Buds directly through a power outlet and avoid installing third-party equipment, such as power strips or outlet connectors.

So, potentially defective external equipment can interrupt the power supply reaching the earbuds’ capsule. 

Alert: Do not re-install any third-party connectors until the charging issue with the Beats is fixed.

6. Test with Alternative Equipment

test with alternative equipment

If the Beats Studio earbuds are still facing charging issues, you should replace the charging equipment of the case.

The charging equipment of the Beats Studio Buds case consists of a USB type-C charging cable, a 9V or 12V power adapter, and a proven electrical outlet.

Let’s test the charging of the Beats Studio Buds using alternative equipment!

How to Replace Beats Studio Buds Charging Cable?

To test with an alternative charging cable, you must unplug the current USB-C cable from the charging adapter and install a replacement cable.

Next, install the new cable with the charging port on the bottom of the Beats Studio Buds case and check the indicator lamp on the front.

How to Replace Beats Studio Buds Charging Adapter?

replace beats studio buds charging adapter

If the fault wasn’t with the charging cable, install the same USB-C adapter with an alternative compatible power adapter.

For peak charging efficiency, the power adapter is recommended to support 12V charging, but the case should also work with 9V and even 6V adapters.

Tip: Test the charging equipment separately!

7. Restore the Beats’ Settings

A reliable solution if the Beats Studio Buds one side not charging or both is to restore the case and both earbuds to factory default settings.

Forcing a factory restoration will erase all existing settings and connection preferences of the earbuds, allowing you to fully re-configure the unit.

restore the beats’ settings

Here’s how to restore the Beats Studio Buds to default:

  1. Place both earbuds into the Beats charging case.
  2. Plug the charging case with the Beats charger.
  3. Next, close the case’s lid and wait for 10 seconds.
  4. Open the case’s lid and hold the “System” button.
  5. Release the button after 15 seconds of holding.
  6. Wait until the LED indicator flashes red and white.

Once the indicator starts blinking white and red simultaneously, release the button and wait for up to 30 seconds until the reset is complete. 

Taking out the earbuds earlier will prevent the reset from finalizing, so ensure the status lamp has turned solid white.

Note: If the case or buds are running low on battery, the indicator will turn red after the reset.

8. Disassemble the Charging Case (Advanced)

disassemble the charging case (advanced)

If the earbuds still refuse to charge, the next step is to manually open the hardware of the Beats Studio Buds and inspect the hardware internally. 

A disrupted wire connection can potentially prevent one or both nests of the charging case from refilling the earbud’s battery, which can sometimes be fixed.

Note: All you’re going to need to open the case is a folder piece of plastic or cadastre!

Here’s how to disassemble the charging case of the Beats Studio Buds:

  1. ALERT: The steps below will void your warranty.
  2. First, open the lid of your Beats charging case.
  3. After that, take both earbuds out of the capsule.
  4. Find the small joint underneath the A/C sockets.
  5. Fold the plastic or cadastre until it’s thin enough.
  6. Insert the cadastre into the joint and pull upwards.
  7. Once the earbud socket is loose, carefully lift it.
  8. Inspect the internal wiring of the charging case.

If you notice any disconnected wires, you can use a soldering iron to put them in place and verify that the charging of your earbuds will be successful.

Warning: Some force might be required to release the earbud socket of the charging case!

Quick Recap

If the Beats Studio Buds not charging, reinsert the buds, inspect the charging equipment, and change the power outlet.

Also, factory reset the Beats Studio buds and disassemble the case for a thorough inspection.

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