Beats Studio Buds One Side Not Working? – Easy Fix Guide

beats studio buds one side not working

Beats Studio buds one side not working? Well, this is a usual issue, but easy to resolve!

Although Beats Studio makes the best earbuds with amazing features, there are cases where many users have reported problems with either the left or right buds.

Luckily, in this short guide, we’ll unwrap the best methods to help you address this problem and fix the non-working side.

To fix the non-working unit from your Beats Studio buds, refresh the Bluetooth link, clean the case, and fully charge both earbuds.

If your issues persist, check your device’s audio settings and factory reset the Beats Studio earbuds.

Let’s move further and discuss these steps in detail!

How to Fix When Beats Studio Buds One Side Not Working?

Below is the complete guide with all proven-to-work methods that’ll help you restore your faulty earbud functionality.

Tip: We strongly recommend implementing the below steps in order.

1. Wear Your Buds Correctly

wear your buds correctly

Correctly positioning your Beats Studio Buds earbuds can greatly improve their sound quality and overall performance.

So, before troubleshooting, we suggest removing and correctly snugging your earbuds in your ears at the correct angle.

Here are some tips for wearing your Beats Studio buds correctly.

Identify the Left and Right: 

Each earbud has a dedicated side (L for left, R for right), so ensure you’re wearing the correct bud in the corresponding ear.

Locate the Optimal Angle: 

The Beats Studio buds have a unique wingtip design, so slowly rotate the bud until the wingtip comfortably seals the inner curve of your ear.

Create & Optimize a Seal: 

Ensure the silicone ear tip forms a snug but comfortable seal around your ear canal. The ear-tip should feel comfortable, but avoid excessive force.

Adjust for Best Comfort: 

Everyone’s ears are different. If you feel discomfort, try slightly adjusting the angle or depth of the buds to find a comfortable fit.

After ensuring these few things, if the issue persists with one earbud, continue reading further…

2. Refresh the Bluetooth Function

refresh the bluetooth function

Although Bluetooth is an outstanding technology, it has some pitfalls.

Sometimes, Bluetooth will fail to connect and other times, it’ll not transmit signals due to interference between the devices. 

In such a case, it’s recommended to refresh the Bluetooth connection for a quick signal reset.

To reset your device’s Bluetooth connection

  1. Turn off Bluetooth on all devices within 30 feet of your earbuds.
  2. Place both of your Beats Studio earbuds into the charging case.
  3. Then, on the connecting device, access the Bluetooth settings.
  4. Toggle OFF the Bluetooth function and wait for 10–15 seconds.
  5. Finally, toggle “ON” the Bluetooth function on the earbuds again.

After you are done, take both earbuds out of the case and connect them to your device.

Your Beats buds will now properly function like they normally would so test if your issue is present.

Note: Make sure that both earbuds are placed near your device while you try to connect!

3. Charge your Studio Buds Fully

charge your studio buds fully

If your Beats Studio Buds right earbud not working, it could have a low or dead battery charge.

Typically, this could happen when you use only one earbud at a time, so you must fully charge both earbuds to ensure both earbuds have enough charge.

It’s also possible that during the charging session, the right or left earbuds did not make contact with the terminals within the case, leaving it with a dead battery.

Here’s a short guide on how to fully charge your earbuds:

  1. Place both earbuds securely within your charging case.
  2. The metal contacts must face the case’s charging pins.
  3. Connect the charging case to an A/C via a USB-C cable.
  4. The charging will start when the case’s LED illuminates.
  5. When the LED lights turn off, the earbuds are fully charged.
Note: If you notice that the faulty bud is still not working even after charging, it’s possible that there was no contact with the case’s terminal.

4. Clean the Buds and Charging Case

clean the buds and charging case

Your Beats Studio buds and charging case are not sweatproof or waterproof and over time, your earbuds come in contact with dirt, ear wax, or liquids such as seat and perfume. 

So, cleaning the charging contacts on both your case and earbuds is crucial to maintaining their performance, especially if one of them is not working.

Here are the steps to clean your earbuds and case:

  1. On the Studio earbuds, locate the charging contacts.
  2. Clean them with a warm water-soaked cotton swab. 
  3. Then, locate the charging pins on the charging case.
  4. Clean the pins with a warm water-soaked clean cloth. 
clean cotton swab charging case

Also, clean the ear tips:

  1. Carefully remove the ear tips from both earbuds.
  2. Damp a cloth using warm water and mild soap.
  3. Grab a damp cloth and clear the dirt and earwax. 
  4. After cleaning, completely rinse the soap away.
  5. Leave the ear tips to air dry and put them back.

Always clean/dry your earbuds after workouts or heavy sweating. 

Important: Remember to not use any liquid cleaning solution to clean the earbuds and case, as it may cause internal damage. 

5. Check the Buds Audio/Visual Settings

check the buds audio/visual settings

There is an Audio/Visual settings function on iPhones that allows you to configure the audio settings according to your preference. 

If you have recently performed changes and your Beats Studio buds left earbud not working, then check those settings and make the necessary changes.

Here’s how you can check your Audio/Video settings:

  1. On your iPhone, head to “Settings.”
  2. Locate and choose “Accessibility.”
  3. Go down and choose “Audio/Visual.”
  4. Tap “Headphone Accommodations.”
  5. If it’s “ON” toggle “OFF” or vice versa.
  6. Verify to turn the Mono Audio “OFF.”
  7. Ensure the Balance is set to a “0.00.”

After you are done, play any content and test your earbuds again.

If the issue persists, you can also try toggling the functions in Audio/Visual on and off to check if your earbuds will work fine.

Note: This step is applicable for iPhones/iPads (iOS only).

6. Forget and Re-Pair the Beats Buds

forget and re-pair the beats buds

Another effective approach you should try against any problem with your Beats Studio earbuds is to forget the earbuds from your device and then pair them again. 

Well, doing this will delete the memory of any previously connected devices and improve overall performance.

That would allow you to establish a fresh Bluetooth link without bugs and glitches.

How to Remove & Add Earbuds on Apple iOS?

  1. From your device Settings, choose “Bluetooth.”
  2. Then, find your ”Beats Studio” earbud’s profile.
  3. Hit the “i” icon and tap on “Forget This Device.”
  4. Then, turn OFF and ON your Bluetooth feature.
  5. Locate your earbud’s name on the connections.
  6. Tap on the earbuds and choose the “Pair” button.
Note: On Apple devices, you can also put the buds in the case and hold the case (with the lid open) near the unlocked phone to start guided pairing.

How to Remove & Add Earbuds on Android?

remove & add earbuds on android
  1. First, enter the “Settings” on your Android device.
  2. Tap “Connected devices” or “Device Connection.”
  3. Tap “Previously Connected Devices” or “Bluetooth.”
  4. Locate and tap on the Beats Studio Bluetooth profile.
  5. Finally, select “FORGET” to remove the Beats buds.
  6. Then, restart Bluetooth, and select the connection.

Once your earbuds connect to your device, play any content and check!

7. Connect to a Different Audio Device

connect to a different audio device

There is a chance that the problem is not with the Beats Studio earbuds but with the connecting device.

You can’t be sure and rule out this unless you test with a different Bluetooth device.

Make sure to first disconnect your Beats Studio Buds from your smartphone and then connect it to a different device to eliminate the chances of pairing issues.

Then, play some different types of content on different platforms and see if both your Beats earbuds work without any distortion.

Conclusion: If both Beats Studio Buds work fine on a different device, then something is wrong with the platform or your smartphone. 

8. Factory Reset the Beats Studio Buds

If nothing worked so far, we recommend factory resetting your Beats Studio Buds.

This is an ideal solution when one of your Beats Studio buds is not working, so let’s learn how it’s done!

factory reset the beats studio buds

Here’s how to reset the Beats Studio buds in easy steps

  1. Place both your Studio Buds in the charging case.
  2. With the case lid open, locate the System button.
  3. Push and hold the System button for 15 seconds.
  4. Whenever the red and white light flashes, release it.

When you see a flashing white light, attempt to pair your earbuds again with your device, and, hopefully, they both will work fine.

If one side of the earbuds still is not working even after resetting, it must be due to a hardware problem that cannot be repaired yourself.

Simply contact Beats Support for professional help!

Warning: Resetting the earbuds will erase all personalized settings and Bluetooth profiles!

Quick Recap

To fix when Beats Studio Buds one side not working, refresh the Bluetooth connection, clean the case, and fully charge both earbuds.

If the issue persists, check the device’s audio settings and factory reset the earbuds.

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