Beats Studio Buds Won’t Connect? – (Don’t Panic, Easy Fix!)

beats studio buds won't connect

If you’re wondering why the Beats Studio Buds won’t connect, then keep reading further!

Identifying the exact reason for the failed connection attempts between the Beats Studio Buds and your device requires a deep analysis of the device’s behavior. 

The problems including Bluetooth coverage, interference, or improper charging can lead to pairing issues of the Beats Buds.

So, let’s take a quick look at what the best solutions involve:

If the Beats Studio Buds aren’t pairing, restart the “Bluetooth” feature on your device, check the coverage, and re-charge the case.

You may also need to force a factory reset on the Beats Studio Buds.

Let’s dive deeper!

Why Won’t My Beats Studio Buds Connect?

why won’t my beats studio buds connect

If the connection of the Beats Studio Buds is repeatedly revoked by your computer or mobile device, you should consider improving the environment of the Bluetooth signal.

There are many reasons for the connection problem, so it’s best to check the potential causes upfront.

Why Beats Studio Buds Aren’t Connecting to Android?

  • The Bluetooth capacity of the Android is exhausted.
  • Existing interference with other Bluetooth receivers.
  • Problems with the “Bluetooth” feature of the device.

Why Beats Studio Buds Won’t Connect to iPhone iOS?

  • Insufficient distance between the buds and the phone.
  • The iOS version of your phone has not been updated.
  • There’s an issue in your iOS device’s system settings.

Generally, Android and iOS devices run on the same Bluetooth protocol so general wireless interference or device congestion can lead to connection issues. 

So, consider relocating other wireless devices from the surroundings of the earbuds before attempting to connect again.

If you’re unable to connect, then move on to troubleshooting…

Beats Studio Buds Won’t Connect – Proven Solutions

Tip: Follow the instructions in consecutive order!

1. Shorten the Pairing Range

shorten the pairing range

If this is the first time connecting the Beats Studio earbuds to the mobile device, you must bring the earbuds within a pairing range.

The Studio Buds possess the auto-pair feature that only works while within a Bluetooth range of your mobile device if no Bluetooth profile exists already.

Note: If the earbuds have been paired once, they will automatically connect once taken out.

How to Complete Beats Studio Set Up On Android?

  1. Place both earbuds within the charging case.
  2. After that, leave the lid on the buds case open.
  3. Access the “Bluetooth” tab within the settings.
  4. Next, scroll down to “Discoverable Devices.”
  5. Press on the connection of the Studio Buds.

How to Complete Beats Studio Set Up On iOS?

complete beats studio set up on ios
  • All Apple devices with iOS 14.6 or later can pair with the buds automatically!

All you must do to pair the Beats Studio earbuds to the iOS device is open the lid of the charging case while within Bluetooth range of your mobile. 

You should receive a “Pairing Successful” or “Device Connected” prompt once the buds have established a connection.

Note: The Bluetooth range of some devices might be limited to up to 12–13 feet!

2. Re-activate your Bluetooth

In case the Beats Studio Buds are still failing to pair, you should disable and then re-activate the “Bluetooth” feature of your device. 

Whether you’re on Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, you can easily address potential Bluetooth features by disabling and re-activating the feature.

How to Re-Activate Bluetooth On Android?

re-activate bluetooth on android
  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Android.
  2. Next, access the phone’s “Bluetooth” tab.
  3. Tap the activation slider within the page.

How to Re-Activate Bluetooth On iOS?

  1. Scroll downwards to open your Quick Menu.
  2. Tap the Bluetooth icon and open the settings.
  3. Tap “Bluetooth” and press on the slider once.

How to Re-Activate Bluetooth On Windows & iOS?

re-activate bluetooth on windows & ios
  1. Type “Settings” in the Mac or Windows search.
  2. Access the “Bluetooth” section within the menu.
  3. Click on “Bluetooth” and wait for ~10 seconds.

Disabling your device’s Bluetooth will instantly disconnect all devices that are currently paired.

If there are devices that pair automatically upon activating your Bluetooth, they will instantly pair.

Note: Keep the Bluetooth deactivated for at least 10 seconds for the reset to work properly!

3. Re-charge the Beats Setup

One of the reasons why the buds keep failing to pair with your device can be because of a low battery of the charging case or one of the earbuds.

With many modern wireless earbuds, the sync between the devices can be easily disrupted if one of the earbuds loses electrical charge.

How to Charge Studio Buds Charging Case?

charge studio buds charging case
  1. Place both earbuds within the charging case.
  2. Connect the USB-C cable to your adapter.
  3. Connect the adapter to your electrical outlet.
  4. Also, connect the USB-C to the charging port.
  5. Then, wait for 30-40 min for optimal charging.

How to Charge Beats Studio Buds?

To verify that both of the earbuds are receiving sufficient power, the LED lamp of the case must blink once upon inserting an earbud.

If the indicator does not flash upon inserting your earbud, there could be an obstruction within the charging port of the case or the metal plate of the bud.

Tip: You can track the battery status of the case by the indications of the frontal lamp!

4. Unpair From Other Devices

unpair from other devices

Since the Beats Studio Buds’s profile still does not exist on your device, you should verify the earbuds are not currently paired with other receivers.

You should lose other existing wireless connections of the earbuds to avoid potential signal congestion during the setup procedure.

How to “Forget” Beats Studio Buds From Bluetooth?

  1. Open the settings app or page on your Bluetooth device.
  2. Scroll down and locate the connection of the Beats buds.
  3. Tap on the “Manage” or “Info” icon to open the settings.
  4. Scroll down and tap/click on the “Remove Device” option.
  5. Wait until the connection of the earbuds no longer shows.

Bonus Tip: Reduce the Bluetooth Usage!

reduce the bluetooth usage

Your device’s capacity might be exhausted if there are too many wireless devices that are already connected, besides the earbuds.

To solve the issue, make sure that the only device you’re attempting to currently pair with your computer or mobile is the Beats Studio Buds.

Important: Unpair your device’s Bluetooth from all other connections!

5. Update the Device’s Firmware!

One of the potential causes for the failed connection between the earbuds and your device is the significantly outdated OS version.

Your Beats Studio Buds require the latest firmware to securely detect and send the Bluetooth protocols which may not be possible with outdated OS.

In addition, maintaining the latest firmware on your device provides access to the latest features and hotfixes of existing functionalities, allowing for a highly customized experience.

How to Update Firmware On Android?

update firmware on android
  1. Enter in the “Settings” application on your Android.
  2. Navigate to “System Update” or the “Firmware” tab.
  3. Tap “Check for Updates” to scan for newer updates.
  4. Optional: Tap on the “Start Update” button to begin.

How to Update Firmware On Apple’s iOS?

  1. Open the “Settings” app and access the “General” tab.
  2. After that, tap “Software Update” at the top of the page.
  3. Wait until the device automatically checks for updates.
  4. Optional: Tap on “Update Now” to start the procedure.

How to Update Firmware On Windows & Mac?

update firmware on windows & mac
  • On Windows, go to “Settings” → “Windows Update” → “Check for updates.”
  • On Mac, go to Apple menu → “System Settings” → “General” → “Software Update.”
Note: The download and installation of the latest firmware requires reliable internet access!

6. Factory Reset the Beats Studio Buds

If you are still encountering issues with securely connecting the earbuds to your device, you should conduct a factory reset on the earbuds. 

Congestion of the wireless signals can lead to an audio quality decrease, persistent connection losses, or prevent the buds from pairing at all.

factory reset the beats studio buds

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on the Beats Studio Buds:

  1. Put both earbuds within the charging case with an open lid.
  2. Hold the “System” button in the middle for 10–15 seconds.
  3. Release the button once the LED lamp flashes red and white.
  4. Wait for 30–40 seconds until the earbuds have reset properly.
Reminder: Don’t forget that the factory reset will unpair the Beats Studio earbuds from your Bluetooth device, so you’ll need to connect them manually afterward.

Quick Recap

To fix whenever Beats Studio buds won’t connect, re-activate your device’s Bluetooth feature, check for interference, and re-charge Beats’s case.

If the issue persists, update the OS of your device and factory reset the Studio Buds.

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