Beats Studio Buds Not Resetting? (7 Instant Solutions!)

beats studio buds not resetting

Beats Studio Buds not resetting, and you’re wondering why? Well, the solution is very easy!

The factory reset on any set of earbuds is used to erase all existing Bluetooth connections and address existing issues with the functionality.

If the Beats Studio Buds keep failing to initiate the reset, the fault is often caused by improper charging or underlying incorrect reset methods.

Let’s have a look at the possible solutions:

If the Beats Studio Buds aren’t resetting, inspect the earbuds’s charging equipment and alter the electrical source.

If the fault persists, check if the “System” button is stuck and re-enter “Pairing” mode on each of the earbuds.

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Why are Beats Studio Buds Not Factory Resetting?

beats studio buds not factory resetting

Here’s what can potentially prevent the Beats buds from factory resetting:

  • The buds or the charging case’s battery is depleted.
  • There’s an underlying defect of the “System” button.
  • The LED indicator of the charging case isn’t working.
  • There’s an existing Bluetooth connection of the buds.
  • A malfunction with the case or Beats buds’s hardware.

How to Reset Beats Studio Buds Correctly?

  1. Place both Beats Studio Buds within the charging case.
  2. Keep the case’s lid open and locate the “System” button.
  3. Next, press and hold the case button for 10–15 seconds.
  4. Release the button after the LED indicator starts flashing.
  5. Wait for 30 seconds until the case has finalized the reset.

Avoid interacting with the Beats Studio charging case or either of the buds before the indicator light has stopped flashing.

Otherwise, you may accidentally cancel the factory reset procedure.

Beats Studio Buds Not Resetting – Fixed in Easy Steps!

Tip: Follow the instructions consecutively!

1. Reactivate the Buds’s Pairing Mode

reactivate the buds’s pairing mode

The “Pairing” mode supported by the Beats Studio buds must be activated before setting up a new Bluetooth connection or factory resetting. 

You can allow your Beats to enter “Pairing” or “Discovery” mode by pressing and holding the action button on the back panel.

To activate the Beats Studio Buds’s pairing mode, remove both buds from the charging case and hold the button on the rear panel for at least 10–15 seconds

In the meantime, check if the earbuds are discoverable in the Bluetooth settings of your device but do not establish a wireless connection.

  • Use their Bluetooth profile only as a confirmation that the earbuds are in pairing mode.
Important: If you pair your Beats Studio earbuds, the factory reset won’t work!

2. Test the LED Indicator’s Behavior

test the led indicator’s behavior

If the reset has started successfully, the only indication will be a red and white indicator light on the front LED lamp of the case.

Thus, in case of an LED light failure, you will be unable to tell whether the factory reset was successful and if it is underway.

How to Test Beats Studio Buds LED Lamp?

You can determine the current status of the Beats buds’s battery by connecting it to the charger.

The indicator’s color should automatically adjust according to the battery status of the charging case, allowing you to identify if there’s an LED issue.

Notice: The charging case will flicker once after placing each of the Beats Studio Buds!

3. Reposition the Beats Studio Buds

reposition the beats studio buds

The Beats Studio Buds will only factory reset if their positioning within the charging capsule is appropriate.

If the buds have not established contact with the case’s charging points, you will be unable to initiate any commands, such as recharging the buds or performing a factory reset.

Follow these steps to reposition the Beats Studio Buds properly:

  1. Connect the Beats case with the charging equipment.
  2. Next, remove both earbuds from the charging case.
  3. Wait ~45–60 seconds while both buds are taken out.
  4. Disconnect the charging case from the USB-C cable.
  5. After that, eject both earbuds from the case and test.

Well, before closing the lid of the charging case, ensure each of the earbuds has an established magnetic connection with the charging plate and cannot be detached easily.

If the earbuds are able to move freely within the compartment, there could be an issue such as case obstructions.

4. Fully Recharge the Beats Studio Case

fully recharge the beats studio case

The Beats Studio buds will not factory reset unless the battery of each earbud is charged to an over 15-20% battery.

Hence, power insufficiency of the charging case may prevent both or in some cases one of the buds from recharging and prevent the activation of the factory reset.

How to Fully Recharge Capsule?

To verify that the Beats are charged properly, connect the charging case with both buds inside to a functional electrical outlet using the supplied USB-C cable.

Then, wait at least 40–50 minutes until the battery is charged optimally, and try whether the factory reset would now work correctly.

Note: You can track the charging status of the earbuds by the case’s indicator LED!

5. Manually Disband Beats’s Connection

manually disband beats’s connection

There’s a possibility that the Beats Studio Buds are refusing to undergo a factory reset due to an existing Bluetooth connection.

Once taken out of the case, your buds will start automatically searching for connections and automatically pair with the closest “remembered” Bluetooth unit.

Here’s how to manually unpair the Beats Studio Buds from any device:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Bluetooth device.
  2. Tap on “Bluetooth” and check if the feature is “On.”
  3. Scroll down and find the Beats buds’ connection.
  4. Next, press the “Info/cogwheel” button on the side.
  5. Select the “FORGET” or “Forget this Device” option.
  6. Reinsert your earbuds and attempt to start the reset.

Can I Prevent Beats from Automatic Connection?

Yes, an alternative way to prevent your Beats from connecting without forgetting their Bluetooth profile would be to turn off the Bluetooth on your devices.

Notice: If there are multiple remembered devices within range, the pairing may be revoked.

6. Test Beats’s Charging Equipment

test beats’s charging equipment

As clarified, the primary reason why the Beats Studio Buds won’t undergo a factory reset is an underlying fault with the charging equipment.

That’s why the next step is to individually test each of the components present in the charging setup to determine if there’s a fault or defect.

Charging Cable:

The most often component in the charging setup of the earbuds that develops a fault is the USB type-C charging cable.

The cable must be used with a compatible 9V-24V standard adapter to charge your Beats Studio earbuds capsule. If your capsule is not charging, the buds won’t reset.

Quick Tip: To test the cable, use an alternative adapter and proven power outlet!

Power Adapter:

power adapter

You can determine if the supplying adapter of the Beats Studio Buds is functional by installing an alternative USB type-C cable.

Verify the functionality of the new cable is proven by testing it on another compatible electrical appliance that supports a USB-C connection, such as a phone.

Reminder: If your Beats Studio buds are not charging they will not factory reset!

7. Inspect the “System” Button’s Mechanism

If the case’s system button is stuck or does not contact the terminal underneath the top cover, the earbuds will not initiate the factory reset.

Inspecting the hardware condition of the “System” button requires disassembling the charging capsule and exposing the mechanism underneath.

How to Disassemble Beats Studio Buds Case?

how to disassemble beats studio buds case
  1. Access the charging case’s panel gap using a spudger.
  2. Pry along the opening to separate the lower and upper parts.
  3. Next, carefully lift the top part of the charging case upwards.
  4. Then, pull the top part out and expose the earbud sockets.
  5. Locate the metallic plate underneath the “System” button.

After accessing the compartment, check if the “System” button’s metallic plate is stable and secure.

If the soldering has worn out or the button can no longer be pressed properly, it’s advised to seek professional assistance from Beats’s customer care experts.

Warning: Taking apart the Beats charging case will void the active warranty! 

Quick Recap

If the Beats Studio Buds not resetting, ensure the case and both earbuds are charged to maximum capacity and inspect the “System” button.

If the problem persists, manually disband and “forget” the Beats Studio Buds’s connection.

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