Beats Studio Buds Battery Draining Fast? (Instant Fixes!)

beats studio buds battery draining fast

Your Beats Studio buds battery draining fast, and you’re wondering why? Wonder no more!

Beats Studio buds have up to 8 hours of playback with a 100% charged battery, and if yours are not even close, there might be a problem.

That’s why in this guide we’ll unwrap all methods you can try right now to stop the battery draining and improve the lasting of your Beats earbuds.

If your Beats Studio earbuds battery is draining fast, update the firmware, change the power source, and replace the USB-C cable/adapter.

You should also turn off the ANC, reset your earbuds to default, and recharge them overnight.

Let’s jump into the steps and find a working fix!

Beats Studio Buds Battery Draining Fast – [Quick Solutions]

Tip: Try ALL steps!

1. Update the Beats Firmware

update the beats firmware

The first and one of the most important steps is to update your Beats Studio Buds firmware, as this is one of the primary reasons for a fast-draining battery.

This is not something new, also many other people are experiencing the same problem, and apparently, Apple increased the battery life with one of the latest versions.

So, it’s quite important to first verify that your Beats Studio earbuds are up-to-date!

  • There is no way to update your Beats buds manually since they receive upgrades automatically, but they need to be paired to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

This means that you need to establish a Bluetooth connection and keep your earbuds within wireless range for at least 20–25 minutes.

This will guarantee that your earbuds are updated!

2. Switch to a Different Source

switch to a different source

If your Beats Studio buds are up-to-date, but the battery is draining alarmingly fast, the problem might be because of your power source.

There are a few general requirements that you always need to obey, so you can guarantee your capsule is charging and delivering power to your buds.

So, to begin with, find a power source that is proven to work!

That would be an outlet in which you have another electrical appliance plugged in and working, proving that the socket is working normally.

Then, you must ensure that your Studio capsule is connected directly to this outlet, without third-party devices such as strips, extenders, or plugs.

Important: Verify that the USB-C cable is securely connected to the capsule and A/C adapter!

3. Replace Charging Equipment

replace charging equipment

Well, if your Beats Studio buds battery draining fast when charging, this generally suggests that your charging equipment is not working.

The charging equipment of your Beats Studio earbuds consists of a USB-C cable and power adapter.

Replacing the USB-C Cable:

The USB-C cable used for charging the Beats Studio buds is cord with two ends Type-C, which can be longer or shorter.

However, the charging heavily depends on the quality of the cable, so the more expensive cable you get, the higher the chances of successfully charging your buds.

If you have a double-ended USB-C cable in your home, feel free to implement the wire to test if your earbuds will charge without the battery draining.

Replacing the Power Adapter:

replacing the power adapter

The power adapter used for charging the Beats Studio buds must be with 240 volts of input and 9 volts of output.

The power adapter must have a USB-C port, otherwise, your USB-C cable will not be compatible.

  • Lastly, the power adapter should be rated at 2 amps, a maximum of 3 amps.

If you have such an adapter lying around in your home, make sure to try whether replacing the piece will solve your Beats buds battery draining issue.

Quick Tip: You can explore and purchase charging pieces for your Beats Studio Buds online!

4. Reset the Earbuds to Default

Well, Beats Studio buds battery might be draining that quickly due to a software-related issue, that you can’t really troubleshoot by charging them.

However, performing a factory reset is one of the most efficient methods against any kind of faults with the buds, including short battery life.

reset the earbuds to default

Here’s how to factory reset your Beats Studio Buds quickly:

  1. Verify that your Beats capsule has a charge.
  2. Position both your earbuds inside the case.
  3. Hold the “System” button for 15 seconds.
  4. Wait until the LED flashes in red and white.
  5. Release the system button from your case.

When you see the light indication, your Beats Studio buds are undergoing a factory reset, so be patient and don’t interact for about 60 seconds.

Then, pair your earbuds to the Bluetooth device and check whether the battery will continue to drain fast.

If yes, continue reading…

Warning: These steps will permanently erase all settings and disconnect your earbuds!

5. Turn OFF Noise Cancellation

Well, the fast-draining battery of your earbuds, could be a result of battery degradation over time and is normally as long as it appears after years of usage. 

The Beats Studio buds have some neat features such as Noise Cancellation, and Transparency Mode, which contribute to draining your battery faster.

turn off noise cancellation

So, you can easily disable these modes, which will surely slow the rate at which the Beats Studio earbuds battery drains during playback.

  • You can switch between Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode by tapping the Beats logo on your earbuds.

Here’s how to disable the earbuds Noise Cancellation via Apple device:

  1. On your iOS iPhone or iPad, go to Settings Bluetooth.
  2. Press on the (Info) button next to your Beats connection.
  3. Under the Noise Control, select “Off” to disable the mode.

When the ANC is disabled, go ahead and test whether your Beats Studio earbuds battery is still going down faster than expected.

If yes, fully charge your Beats buds and perform another test.

Note: You can also adjust these modes from the control center of any iOS device!

6. Charge the Earbuds Overnight

charge the earbuds overnight

So, if you haven’t used your Beats Studio buds in a while, it’s possible that the capsule’s battery or earbuds battery needs more time to charge sufficiently.

So, one thing you can do is leave the buds within the case, while charging, overnight and test if the battery drains fast in the morning.

If that doesn’t solve the problem either, we have a few tips to increase your Beats’ battery life!

Tips to Increase Beats Studio Buds Battery Life!

Well, like any other battery-operated device in the world, the battery life decreases as time goes by, and there isn’t much you can do.

So, if replacement is not an option for you, there are a few quick tips that you can start implementing right away, and prolong your earbuds’ battery lasting.

Lower the Earbuds Output Volume

So, if you’re blasting your Beats Studio earbuds at 100% all the time, no wonder why the battery goes down really quickly.

Many users with similar battery draining issues, suggest lowering your volume down to 50% or at least 75%, which should significantly increase your buds’ output time.

Turn off Earbuds When Not in Use

turn off earbuds when not in use

Well, another thing that you can do is turn off your Beats Studio earbuds when you’re not using them.

This means putting your Beats earbuds within the capsule and closing the lid to prevent the battery charge from flying off when you’re not using them.

Unpair Bluetooth When Not in Use

Manually disconnecting your Beats Studio earbuds from the Bluetooth device is another way to preserve the battery charge.

You don’t need to “Forget” the connection, you can only turn OFF the Bluetooth feature of your device, which will disconnect the earbuds and preserve the battery.

Note: If your Beats Studio earbuds battery goes down alarmingly fast, and makes your earbuds useless, the battery may be faulty.

Final Thoughts

So, Beats Studio buds battery draining fast is a problem that can be solved by updating the firmware, replacing the equipment, and changing the power source.

Also, you should consider turning off the ANC or resetting the earbuds.

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