Beats Fit Pro One Side Not Working? – Here’s How to Fix!

beats fit pro one side not working

Beats Fit Pro one side not working, and you’re worried? This is common and easy to solve!

All wireless earbuds maintain a consistent, local connection to pair with the device and produce a digital broadcast.

The reason only one side is not working may be due to Bluetooth issues, a charging problem, or a system failure, and the solution is covered in this guide in quick steps.

To solve a malfunctioning left or right Beats Fit Pro earbud, inspect the charging case for obstruction, configure the balancing settings, and restart the Bluetooth.

If nothing helps, factory reset the Beats Fit Pro earbuds.

Let’s review further details about the issue!

Why is Only One Side of My Beats Fit Pro Working?

only one beats fit pro side working

There could be multiple reasons for the failure of one of the Beats earbuds and identifying the exact cause is essential for solving the issue. 

The main suspects involve improper case charging, Bluetooth connection issues, or a hardware problem that can cause a malfunctioning earbud.

Here’s a list of all the causes leading to the malfunction of the Beats Fit earbud:

  • A failure of the charging case’s battery.
  • Unstable device Bluetooth connection.
  • Obstructed charging case or terminals.
  • Improper stereo or balancing settings.
  • Hardware malfunction with one earbud.

This is what can impact the functionality of the Beats Fit Pro earbuds and prevent one side from working.

Progress further into the guide to explore expert solutions to the malfunction!

Beats Fit Pro One Side Not Working – Ways to Fix

Tip: We recommend trying all the steps below!

1. Fully Charge Both Beats Earbuds

fully charge both beats earbuds

The first solution to underlying issues with the internal linking between the Beats earbuds is to ensure that both buds are fully charged.

If either earbud has lost power supply, it will not pair to your mobile device, and you will not be able to identify whether the earphone is working or not.

Here’s how to fully re-charge both of the Beats Fit Pro earbuds:

  1. Connect the charging case to a charging cable.
  2. Plug the charging cable into an electrical outlet.
  3. Next, place both earbuds within the charging case.
  4. Wait for 30 minutes for optimal earbud charging.

On average, the standard earbud reaches maximum battery capacity for less than an hour, whenever high-quality equipment is used.

You can track the charging capacity of the Beats Fit Pro solely through the frontal LED lamp and the blinking pattern.

Bonus Tip: Check the Case’s Battery!

check the case’s battery

Based on the color of the frontal lamp, you can track the remaining battery of the Beats Fit Pro case.

If the battery is under 40%, the LED indicator on the case will turn red and start blinking.

If the battery of the case is charged optimally, the lamp will remain solid green as an indication.

2. Reset your Device’s Bluetooth

An underlying issue with the Bluetooth connection of your device can lead to pairing issues with the Beats Fit or cause only one of the buds to connect.

A standard resolution to issues with the wireless signal transmitted by the Beats earbuds or the device is to re-activate the “Bluetooth.”

How to Restart Bluetooth On Mobile (Android & iOS)

  • On Android, launch the “Settings” app and navigate to “Wireless” or “Bluetooth.”
  • On iOS, open “Settings” and tap “Bluetooth” to view all the saved connections.

How to Reset Bluetooth On Windows?

how to reset bluetooth on windows
  1. Open the Windows start menu and type “Settings.”
  2. Next, press enter and select “Bluetooth & devices.”
  3. Tap the “On” activation slider to turn off the feature.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds while the feature is deactivated.
  5. Press the “On” button to re-activate the setting.

How to Reset Bluetooth On macOS?

  1. Hold the “Shift” and “Option” keys on the keyboard.
  2. Next, click on the “Bluetooth” icon in the menu bar.
  3. Scroll down and locate the hidden section option.
  4. After that, hover on “Reset the Bluetooth Module.”
  5. Choose “Debug” → “Reset the Bluetooth module.”
Tip: Use the search bar within your device’s settings to locate the Bluetooth section!

3. Adjust the “Audio Balance”

adjust the “audio balance”

The “Audio Balance” is a feature that allows you to transfer the sound from an output device more to the right or more to the left.

The setting can come in handy if one of the earbuds sounds muffled or produces a quieter sound than the other bud, so you can balance the audio output.

However, transferring the sound entirely to the left or the right earbud will mute one of the Beats Studio Pro earbuds, until balanced out again.

How to Configure Audio Balance On Android?

  1. Open the “Settings” application on your Android.
  2. After that, scroll down and tap on “Accessibility.”
  3. Go to the “Audio and On-Screen Text” section.
  4. Then, find the “Audio Balance” slider on the tab.
  5. Drag the button towards the middle of the slider.

How to Configure Audio Balance On iOS?

  1. Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone or iPad device.
  2. Press on “Accessibility” and head to “Audio & Visual.”
  3. Locate the “Balance” slider within the “Audio Settings.”
  4. After that, drag the balance slider towards the middle.
  5. Place both earbuds into your ears and test your audio.
Tip: The balance settings on Windows and macOS are device-specific configurations!

4. Forget & Re-Add the Beats Earbuds

forget & re-add the beats earbuds

Sometimes the entire problem with one of the earbuds comes from the saved Bluetooth profile!

If the connection of your Beats Fit Pro earbuds already exists within the Bluetooth settings of your device, forgetting and re-adding the profile is another excellent solution.

After being paired once, the earbuds’s profile will be registered in your device, allowing for quick pairing.

Here’s how to forget & re-add the Beats Fit Pro earbuds easily:

  1. Open the settings on your mobile or desktop device.
  2. Access the “Bluetooth” tab within the wireless settings.
  3. Locate the “Beats Fit Pro” connection within the list.
  4. Tap on the “Info” or “Manage” button on your earbuds.
  5. Select “Remove this Device” and wait until it is erased.
Warning: Once removed, all custom settings of the earbuds you had configured will be erased.

5. Alter the Case’s Charging Equipment

alter the case’s charging equipment

There’s a chance that one of the earbuds has failed to receive electricity from the charging case due to an issue with the charging equipment. 

If the left or right earbud keeps failing to work properly, you should replace the equipment used for charging the case and test the functionality.

How to Replace Beats Fit Pro Charging Cable?

The Beats Fit Pro uses a standard USB type-C charging cable that must connect with a compatible 12V power adapter.

So, unplug the charging cable from the power adapter, wait for a few seconds, and install an alternative USB-C cable with the power adapter of the earbuds.

How to Replace Beats Fit Pro Charging Adapter?

replace beats fit pro charging adapter

If the charging cable wasn’t the fault of your earbuds, you should test the same cable using an alternative 12V power adapter.

It’s generally difficult to determine whether the fault is with the power adapter or the cable, but testing with alternative equipment is a quick way to find this out.

One More Thing: Alter the Charging Source!

If you’ve tested the earbuds with alternative equipment but the issue persists, consider altering the charging source by using an alternative electrical outlet.

This is a common fix to power insufficiency issues, defective equipment, unstable charging sources, or malfunctioning outlets.

Alert: Do not use third-party equipment in the charging setup of your Beats Fit Pro.

6. Factory Reset the Earbuds

factory reset the earbuds

If you’re still facing issues with the earbuds, you should perform a factory restoration on your Beats Fit Pro and erase all system settings and existing connections. 

Well, during the reset, all settings of the earbuds will be imminently erased and you won’t be able to restore any of them.

So we recommend checking any critical settings that you want to recover later.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on the Beats Fit Pro earbuds:

  1. Place both earbuds within the Beats charging case.
  2. Next, push open the lid of the Beats charging case.
  3. Hold the “System” button on the Beats Fit Pro case.
  4. Release the button of the earbuds after ~15 seconds.
  5. Wait until the LED indicator on the case flashes twice.

The consecutive LED light flashes will be an indication of the successful completion of the factory reset procedure.

Releasing the button early or holding it for too long can prevent the earbuds from starting and finalizing the factory reset, so be mindful whenever releasing it.

Warning: The profile of the earbuds will be erased from all devices after the reset!

Quick Recap

If Beats Fit Pro one side not working, fully recharge the case and both earbuds, inspect the Bluetooth connection and change the charging source.

As a last resort, you should conduct a factory reset on the Beats Fit Pro earbuds.

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