Beats Solo 3 Power Button Not Working? – Here’s How to Fix!

beats solo 3 power button not working

If the Beats Solo 3 power button not working, this guide will provide you with all the solutions!

The power button of the Beats Solo³ can be found on the left earphone and is used for turning the headset “On” or “Off” based on its current power state.

If the headset does not respond to pressing the button, the problem is typically related to improper charging or hardware defects.

To solve a malfunctioning Beats Solo³ power button, fully charge the headset and inspect the button for obstructions.

If the fault persists, restore the Beats Solo³ to factory default, replace the equipment and manually repair the button.

There is much more so let’s get started!

How Do Beats Solo³ Power Button Work?

how beats solo³ power button work

Unlike on other headsets where there is no power button, or it is only used for turning off, you must hold the Beats Solo³’s power button for 5 seconds to turn on the headset.

Releasing the button any earlier than that and not waiting for the Fuel Gauge to flash will decline the startup.

Beats Solo³ Fuel Gauge?

The Fuel Gauge on your headphones is what displays the current battery capacity of the Beats Solo³ and helps you track the charging.

The gauge consists of 5 separate indicators and each one is equivalent to about 25% of the headset’s battery.

If the battery of the Beats Solo³ is half-charged, only two of the indicators will be lit and if your headset is fully charged, all indicators will light up.

The Fuel Gauge is the only indicator on the Beats Solo³ headset and responds in red every time the power button is pressed continuously.

Beats Solo 3 Power Button Not Working – Fixed Quickly

Here’s how easy it is to fix the power button on your Beats Solo³:

1. Long-Press the Beats Power Button

long-press the beats power button

There’s a possibility that you’re releasing the power button early, and you aren’t holding it long enough for the headset to start.

The most effective solution is to press the power button and hold it for an extended period until the Fuel Gauge flashes and the headset turns on.

  • So, press and hold the power button for at least 15–20 seconds!

Make sure that you implement a firm press, with mild force to verify that the button is actually pressed correctly.

In case of any obstruction, the button may not contact the terminals correctly.

Note: Try not to release the button until there’s a visual or sound indication!

2. Fully Re-Charge the Solo³ Headset

fully re-charge the solo³ headset

One of the possible reasons why there is no output after pressing the power button on your Beats Solo³ is the depleted headset battery

Your next step is to fully charge the headset and ensure all indicators from the Fuel Gauge are lit, before attempting to turn on the Beats Solo³.

Here’s how to fully re-charge the Beats Solo³:

  1. Plug the headset’s micro USB cable into an adapter.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the Beats Solo³.
  3. Next, plug the adapter with a proven electrical outlet.
  4. Observe the Fuel Gauge of the headset and battery.

Also, Check for Loose Charging Connections:

check for loose charging connections

There’s a possibility that the Beats Solo³ is repeatedly failing to charge because of loose or unsecured cable connections in the charging equipment. 

Inspect the following connections in the charging equipment of the headset:

  • The charging cable’s connection on the headset.
  • The charging cable’s connection to the adapter.
  • The adapter’s connection to the electrical outlet.
Warning: Always plug the Beats Solo³’s power equipment directly into an A/C outlet!

3. Remove Power Button Obstructions

A potential obstruction in the power button will prevent the plastic button cover from establishing contact with the terminals.

Pressing the button too hard, storing the headset in a dusty place, or spilling something over the hardware can obstruct the power button, making it entirely unusable.

remove power button obstructions

How to Check if Beats Power Button is Obstructed?

The easiest method for testing the power button of the headset is pressing it with slight force and gradually building up pressure while measuring the Fuel Gauge.

If the Fuel Gauge does not light up while holding the button with slight force, as it should be, the button may be obstructed.

How to Remove Power Button Obstructions?

how to remove power button obstructions

Here’s what you will need to clean the Beats Solo³’s power button:

  • 2-3 earsticks and some rubbing alcohol.
  • A micro-fiber cloth and a soft dry napkin.
  • Recommended: A can of compressed air.

Follow these steps to clean the Beats Solo³’s power button:

  1. Remove some of the cotton from one of your earsticks.
  2. Apply some rubbing alcohol to the ear stick’s surface.
  3. Collect any debris in the joints of the power buttonhole.
  4. Optional: Use the compressed air to blow the debris out.
Alert: Wait until the surface of the headphones has fully dried up before testing!

4. “Debug” the Beats Headphones

“debug” the beats headphones

If you’re still wondering how to fix Beats Solo 3 power button, you can debug the headset by forgetting all existing connections and holding the “VOL +” and “VOL -” buttons.

This is a great effective step against issues with the volume controller of the headphones or the power button.

Here’s how to debug the Beats Solo³ in easy steps:

  1. Access the “Bluetooth” tab in the device’s settings.
  2. Tap on the Beats Solo³’s connection from the list.
  3. Next, go down and select the “Disconnect” option.
  4. Optional: Press on the “Forget this Device” button.
  5. Hold the “Power” button on the Beats for 5 seconds.
  6. Press and hold “VOL +” and “VOL -” simultaneously.
  7. Release both buttons after 10–15 seconds and test.
Warning: The volume buttons must be held separately from the power button!

5. Restore the Beats to Factory Defaults

restore the beats to factory defaults

A standard method for resolving underlying issues with the Beats Solo³ headphones is to perform a factory reset.

By restoring the headphones to factory defaults, you will address existing issues with the system integrity of the Beats Solo³ and resolve misconfigurations.

Here’s how to restore the Beats Solo³ to factory defaults:

  1. Locate the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons.
  2. Hold both buttons on the Beats simultaneously.
  3. Release the buttons after 10 seconds to restore.

The factory restoration will start automatically as soon as either of the buttons is released and it should last for an average of 30–40 seconds

However, keep in mind that releasing the buttons early or not holding them for long enough will prevent the factory restoration from starting. 

Aftermath: All existing Bluetooth connections of the headphones will be erased!

6. Replace the Charging Equipment

replace the charging equipment

If there is no visual indication that the headset is functional and pressing the power button does not do anything, there could be a charging fault

That’s why the next step is to use alternative charging equipment with your Beats Solo³ and determine if the Fuel Gauge will start flashing.

  • To replace Beats Solo³’s charging cable, install a different micro-USB with the adapter.
  • To replace Beats Solo³’s adapter, install a different 9V/12V adapter with the micro-USB.

If testing with alternative equipment has activated the Fuel Gauge, you must determine whether the issue is caused by a malfunctioning adapter or charging cable.

So, by replacing the pieces one by one, you can narrow down the culprit.

Quick Tip: First, test with an alternative charging cable and then power adapter!

7. Repair the Power Button Internally (Advanced)

repair the power button internally (advanced)

You can always access the hardware of the Beats Solo³ and have a closer inspection of the power button by uninstalling the headphone’s casing. 

For this purpose, all you’re going to need is a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver as well as a plastic or a metal prying tool.

Here’s how to take the Beats Solo³ apart in easy steps:

  1. Eject the center cap from the right Beats ear cup.
  2. Unscrew the four Phillips screws from the inside.
  3. Lift off and remove Beats’s rectangular sections.
  4. Open the hinge and remove it by pulling it down.
  5. Next, remove the casings of both Beats ear cups.
  6. Locate the power button plate in the right ear cup.
  7. Closely inspect the green, orange, and red wires.
  8. Push the internal metal plate of the button to test.

If pushing down on the metal plate does not move the mechanism, it means that the plastic or metal plate is defective.

The power button’s internal metal plate connects directly with the casing of the right earcup and can be pressed to shine one of the Beats Fuel Gauge’s indicator lights.

Warning: Taking apart the Beats Solo³ will avoid all active customer warranties!

Quick Recap

A proper fix when the Beats Solo 3 power button not working is to clean the button’s compartment, fully charge the headset, and initiate a factory reset.

If the fault persists, replace the headset’s charging equipment and repair the button.

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