Why Are My Beats Solo 3 So Quiet? – (7 Proven Solutions)

why are my beats solo 3 so quiet

Asking why are my Beats Solo 3 so quiet? Wonder no further and keep reading the guide!

Beats Solo3 is an amazing audio output device that allows both wired and wireless connection to almost any device.

When the audio is muffled or very quiet, there are quite a few things to check before rushing to conclusions, so we’ve prepared a quick solution guide to help you out.

Your Beats Solo3 is quiet because your device, app, or headphone volume is too low or there is an enabled audio restriction.

It’s also possible that the Bluetooth connection is unstable so it’s best to re-pair or reset your Beats.

Let’s jump straight into the solutions…

Why Are My Beats Solo 3 So Quiet? – Here’s How to Fix

Tip: We recommend following the steps in order!

1. Increase Your Output Volume

increase your output volume

The output volume is one of the most important factors when the audio from your Beats Solo3 is muffled or very quiet.

There are three different points of interest when speaking of the output volume and they include the volume of your Beats, the volume of your device, and the in-app volume of your music player.

So, we’re going to show you how to make Beats Solo 3 louder:

  • Device Volume – Press the Volume (+) on your playback device several times to boost the audio output to at least 75%.
  • Beats Volume – Press the Volume (+) button located above the Beats logo on the right side of your Solo3 headphones.
  • Media Volume – Open the app that you’re listening to music from and locate the volume slider, so you can increase it accordingly.

When you increase the volume on all these places, you should start hearing audible sounds through your Beats Solo3.

Also, be careful when increasing the volume, since the audio may start blasting in your ears when you resume the playout of the song/track you’re testing with.

Note: If using Windows, click the Audio icon from the Taskbar and drag the slider to the right!

2. Unpair & Pair the Beats Solo3

unpair & pair the beats solo 3

Sometimes the low volume on your Beats Solo3 comes from the Bluetooth connection to your device, which is fundamental for the audio.

We have interference, distance, and signal strength, which can affect the audio of your Beats Solo3 and make it muffled, very quiet, or entirely gone.

So, the simplest solution that will address all the possibilities in one go is to “Forget” the Beats Solo3 Bluetooth profile and pair your headphones again.

Note: Skip this step if your Beats Solo3 audio is muffled when connected via AUX.

How to Unpair → Pair Beats Solo3 on Android?

  1. Go to “Settings” and enter “Device Connection.”
  2. Info: On some Androids, “Connected Devices.”
  3. Go to “Bluetooth/Previous connected devices.”
  4. Select the Bluetooth profile of your Beats Solo3.
  5. Select the “FORGET” option to disconnect them.
  6. To pair, hold the “Power” button for 5 seconds.
  7. When the Fuel Gauge flashes, you can connect.

How to Unpair → Pair Beats Solo3 on Apple iOS?

unpair pair beats solo3 on apple ios
  1. From the main screen, go to the iOS “Settings.”
  2. Select the “Bluetooth” section from the menu.
  3. Locate your Beats Solo3 headphones profile.
  4. Tap the “i” (info) button next to their connection.
  5. Press “Forget this Device” to disconnect them.
  6. Hold the Beats Solo3 next to an unlocked iPhone.
  7. When asked to pair, follow all the instructions.
Note: If using Windows, right-click the Beats Bluetooth connection from the Quick Menu, and select “Forget” to unpair them.

3. Disable the Volume Restrictions

Smartphones such as Androids and iPhones, have some in-built volume restriction features that can mess with the audio output of your Beats Solo3.

So if you’re hearing muffled or very quiet sounds, we advise following the steps below to stop the Volume Limits or Headphone Safety.

How to Disable Volume Limits (Android)?

disable volume limits (android)

Note: Not all Android devices have volume limiter settings!

  1. From the main screen go to “Settings.”
  2. Then, enter “Sound and Vibrations.”
  3. Select the “Volume” section in the tab.
  4. Turn OFF the “Media Volume Limit.”

How to Disable Headphone Safety (iOS)?

  1. From the home screen, go to “Settings.”
  2. Then, advance to the “Sound & Haptics.” 
  3. Tap on the “Headphone Safety” section.
  4. Toggle OFF the “Reduce Loud Sounds.”

When you’re ready and the restriction settings on your playback device are disabled, perform a soft reset on your mobile and test the Beats Solo3 output volume. 

Note: On iPhones, there is one additional option called “Sound Check” that is known to lower the audio output, so you can disable it through Settings → Music → Sound Check.

4. Inspect the 3.5 mm AUX Cable

inspect the 3.5 mm aux cable

Note: Skip this step if the sound is quiet when connected wirelessly!

If you’re still wondering why are Beats Solo 3 so quiet, then you should check the AUX cable! 

So, if you’re using a 3.5 mm AUX cable to connect your Beats Solo3 to a PC or smartphone, you should know that the jack or cable may be causing your issues. 

We first advise trying to rotate the 3.5 mm jack within the port by applying downward pressure to check whether the audio will increase.

If this doesn’t help, unplug and reconnect the jack into the port tingly, by carefully inspecting the port and connector for dust, obstructions, or defects.

One More Thing – Cable’s Volume!

Some AUX cables have an in-built volume controller on the cable itself, which also decreases the general strength of the audio.

You should check for such a volume controller on your cable and make sure to increase the volume of your Beats Solo3 from there.

Note: If you have a replacement AUX cable, now is the best time to implement it and test the volume of your Beats Solo3 headphones.

5. Clean your Beats Headphones

clean your beats headphones

It’s not excluded that your Beats Solo3 sound is muffled because of dust accumulation, dirt, and grime beneath the ear cushions of your headphones.

This is why you should check whether the cushions are detachable and if yes, remove them and thoroughly clean the ear cup of the Beats.

If you’re unsure of how to perform this safely, follow the steps below:

  1. Gently detach the cushions from the headphones.
  2. Acquire a cloth, or ear pick to wipe away the grime.
  3. Verify that no debris is getting deeper into your ear cup.
  4. Use the ear pick to clean the hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Gently attach the ear cushions to the headphones.

When ready with the cleaning, your Beats Solo3 audio must be crystal clear and the volume should be normal.

If you’re still facing issues with the audio output of your Beats, keep reading…

6. Justify Audio Source’s Volume

justify audio source’s volume

Even if rarely, the volume on your Beats Solo3 headphones can be quiet or muffled because of the application or exact track that you’re listening to. 

For instance, when listening to music from YouTube, the audio volume can vary based on the way the video was exported.

Also, some applications such as Spotify, tend to have quieter audio output than other apps such as Apple Music.

So we strongly recommend trying to listen to music from a different app, or at least checking the audio volume of your Beats on different songs.

This may quickly identify the exact issue culprit.

Tip: You can always listen to different songs from popular and free platforms such as YouTube!

7. Factory Reset the Headphones

factory reset the headphones

If the audio from your Beats Solo 3 quiet, the final and most potent solution is to factory reset the headphones.

Sometimes the culprit has a software nature, which means that a reset is an excellent approach that will troubleshoot and resolve the muffled sound on your Beats Solo3.

Here’s how to factory reset Beats Solo3 in easy steps:

  1. First, locate the “Volume” (-) and “Mode” buttons.
  2. Hold the buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  3. Release them when the LED flashes in red light.

This will ultimately factory reset your Beats Solo3, but the steps will also forget the Bluetooth profile on your playback device.

So, go ahead and pair the Beats headphones to your device and test whether the audio output is still muffled or very quiet.

Tip: If you’re still facing the same problem, test by pairing your Beats Solo3 to a different playback device or using an AUX cable.

Quick Recap

Why are my Beats Solo 3 so quiet? So, when Beats Solo3 audio is very quiet, begin by increasing the volume of the device, headphones, and app.

Also, disable the volume restrictions on your playback device, and if nothing helps, reset the headphones.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more!