Beats Solo 3 Won’t Turn On No Lights? – (8 Proven Solutions)

beats solo 3 won't turn on no lights

Wondering why the Beats Solo 3 won’t turn on no lights? This guide will solve your problem!

Producing reliable solutions for the issue with your Beats Solo³ earphones requires an authentic understanding of the issue and what can potentially defect with the headphones.

The Beats may fail to turn on due to issues with the power button, charging, or a hardware unit malfunction.

When the Beats Solo³ won’t turn on and there is no status lamp, inspect the power button of the headphones and replace the charging equipment.

If the issue persists, long-press the power button and factory reset the headset.

Let’s investigate the issue further!

Why Won’t My Beats Solo 3 Turn On?

beats solo 3 turn on problem

The reason why the Fuel Gauge on your Beats Solo³ isn’t coming on is typically related to an underlying power or charging fault.

Before attempting to resolve the issue, it is necessary to deeply analyze the behavior of the headphones and detect any issues with their functionality.

Here’s why the Beats Solo³ isn’t turning on with no LED Indications:

  • Stuck or defective Beats Solo power button.
  • Defective charging cable of the headphones.
  • Insufficient power source of the headphones.
  • Obstruction in the Beats Solo³ charging port.
  • Hardware malfunction with your Beats Solo³.

What Does the “Fuel Gauge” On Beats Solo³ Mean?

The only LED lamp on the outer surface of the Beats Solo³ is the fuel gauge bar, displaying the current capacity of the headset’s internal battery.

The gauge consists of 4 fields and at least 2 of them must be lit for optimal device performance and proper sound quality.

Important: If none of the four lamps are lit, it means that the battery of your Beats Solo³ is completely depleted and must be charged sufficiently.

Beats Solo 3 Won’t Turn On No Lights – Easy Solution Step

Tip: Follow the solutions in consecutive order!

1. Long-Press the Power Button

long-press the power button

If the headphones fail to turn on after pressing the power button once, you should long-press the button to determine if this will power on the Beats Solo³. 

A potentially obstructed power button or defective pressure plate can prevent the headset from turning on and working.

So, apply mild pressure on the power button to unstick/make contact.

Bonus Tip: Check if the Button is Stuck!

You might be unable to turn on the headset if the power button is stuck, does not contact, or the top cover is damaged.

If you’ve held the power button for long enough but the Beats Solo³ isn’t turning on, check if the power button is stuck.

2. Check the Leftover Battery

check the leftover battery

If the fuel gauge isn’t lit, you can track the battery status of the Beats Solo³ solely through the Beats mobile app, available within Google Play and the App Store.

If the headphones have been paired to your device once, the Bluetooth profile should be visible through the Beats app.

Here’s how to check the remaining battery of the Beats Solo³ via the app:

  1. Download and install the Beats app for Android or iOS.
  2. Launch the platform and tap on “My Beats” at the bottom.
  3. Next, select your Beats Solo³ headphones from the list.
  4. Check the remaining battery level of your Beats Solo³.

If the Beats Solo³ headphones do not appear within the “My Beats” tab, it means they have not yet been paired to your device.

So, before the Beats app creates a profile for your headphones, they must be paired at least once via Bluetooth or plugged via AUX to your device.

Note: The “My Beats” will display all connected headphones, earphones, or Pill+ speakers.

3. Re-Charge the Beats Headphones

re-charge the beats headphones

Another reason why the Beats Solo 3 not turning on could be improperly charged headphones and insufficient battery capacity.

You can address any functionality issues with the Beats Solo³ headphones by fully re-charging the internal battery of the headset and testing the device again.

Here’s how to re-charge the Beats headphones properly:

  1. Connect the Beats micro-USB cable to your power adapter.
  2. Connect the cable to the charging port on your headphones.
  3. Plug the other end of the cable into a compatible A/C adapter.
  4. Next, connect the charging cable to a power socket and wait.
Note: The Beats Solo³ receive up to 2 hours of functionality for every 5 minutes they stand plugged in!

4. Pair the Beats Solo³ Headphones

pair the beats solo³ headphones

There is no way of knowing that the Beats Solo³ has turned on unless it successfully connects to your device or the fuel gauge lights up.

In case you keep failing to activate the headphones, you should test both connection methods to verify that your Beats are actually not working.

How to Pair Beats Solo³ Via AUX Cable?

Unlike strictly wired or wireless headphones, the Beats Solo³ can provide the user with both types of connection for peak compatibility.

The most reliable method to pair the Beats Solo³ headphones to your device is plugging them directly using a 3.5mm audio cable jack (AUX).

How to Pair Beats Solo³ Via Bluetooth?

  1. Open the “Settings” application on your device.
  2. Enter the “Bluetooth” page within the options.
  3. Scroll down to the discoverable devices page.
  4. Hold the headphone’s in-built power button.
  5. Tap the headphones once appear in the menu.
Warning: To maintain a wireless connection, the devices must remain within 15 feet of range!

5. Alter the Headphones’s Source 

alter the headphones’s source

If you’re still wondering what to do if your Beats Solo 3 won’t turn on, well, you should alter the charging source of the headphones.

The charging failure can be a result of a bad power source, so you should attempt to refill the headset’s battery in an alternative and proven-to-work outlet.

So, relocate all of the Beats Solo³’s charging equipment next to an alternative outlet, install the power adapter, and plug it into the headphones’s charging port.

Important: Avoid Third-Party Equipment

Using third-party equipment to recharge the headphones can result in a malfunction or fault with the internal battery of the headset.

You must avoid installing third-party adapters or connectors and preferably use the original charging cable and adapter provided in the box of your Beats.

6. Check for Charging Port Obstructions

check for charging port obstructions

You should identify potential obstructions of the Beats Solo³’s charging port that might be preventing the connection of the micro USB cable. 

Analyze the charging port closely and if you’re noticing any dust accumulation or hardened debris, use an ear stick to collect all of it.

In addition, ensure you’re storing the headphones in dust-free, well-ventilated spaces that will prevent dust from gathering on the outer surface or the ports.

Feel free to remove the ear cups to locate particles of dust, hair, and earwax that may cause other issues with your Beats Solo³.

Quick Tip: You should clear the headphones once every 1-2 months for optimal functionality!

7. Use Alternative Charging Equipment

use alternative charging equipment

There’s a strong possibility that a component of your Beats Solo³’s charging equipment has developed an irreversible malfunction. 

The equipment used for filling your Beats Solo³’s battery consists of a micro USB cable and a standard 9-12V power adapter, plugged into the outlet.

Tip: You can also charge the headphones via a USB port on a computer without an adapter!

Let’s test the Beats Solo³ with alternative charging equipment:

  • Charging Cable – Install an alternative micro-USB cable with the power adapter, connect the headphones, and plug the cable into an electrical outlet.
  • Power Adapter – Install an alternative power adapter with the micro-USB cable of the Beats Solo³, plug the headphones, and check if the fuel gauge will be filling up.
Note: The Beats Solo³ is designed to charge the fastest using original charging equipment.

8. Factory Restore the Solo³

factory restore the solo³

If the Beats Solo 3 won’t turn on or reset, you might be completing the reset improperly.

That’s why the next step is to re-do the factory reset on the Beats Solo³ appropriately, without interfering with the procedure once it started. 

If you have been using the headphones just recently, keep in mind that the factory reset will erase all existing connections of the Beats.

Here’s how to perform a factory restoration on the Beats Solo³ easily:

  1. Connect the Beats Solo³ with an electrical outlet.
  2. Locate the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons.
  3. Hold both buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  4. Release the button once the Fuel Gauge flashes.
  5. Wait for 30–35 seconds until the reset is complete.
Note: Do not interact with the headphones for 60 seconds once the reset begins!

Quick Recap

If the Beats Solo 3 won’t turn on no lights, check the battery of the headset, replace the charging equipment, and clean the charging port.

Additionally, test with alternative A/C equipment and factory reset the headphones.

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