Beats Solo 3 Dying Fast? – (Don’t Panic, Easy Fix!)

beats solo 3 dying fast

If your Beats Solo 3 dying fast, you don’t need to worry as we have the complete solutions!

The Beats Solo³ are one of the headphones with the longest battery life on the market, which is about 40 hours straight with a full battery charge.

So, if your Beats Solo³ are underperforming concerning the battery, there are many reasons and respectively many solutions for this problem.

To prevent your Beats Solo³ from dying fast, charge the headphones properly, test via a different micro USB cable, and switch to power adapter charging.

Additionally, reset your Beats Solo³ to resolve software-related issues.

Let’s jump straight into the solutions…

How to Fix When Beats Solo 3 Dying Fast? Quick Steps

Typically, Beats Solo³ battery should last up to 40 hours of playtime, which guarantees at least one full day of usage with one maximum charge.

The fast-charging technology allows up to 3 hours of playout with only 5 minutes of charging, which makes the Solo³ the best on the market.

If your Beats Solo³ battery is draining alarmingly fast, we’ve prepared a few working solutions!

1. Charge your Beats Solo³ Properly

charge your beats solo³ properly

The battery of your Beats Solo³ can die faster than usual, because you may not be charging the device correctly.

So, the first step is to ensure that you’re charging your Beats Solo³ correctly, by going over a few tips and recommendations

Use the Original Micro USB Cable

The first step is to verify that you’re using the original (supplied) micro USB cable since if you use a low-quality cable, charging your Beats Solo³ might be insufficient.

So, even if everything is connected properly, if your charging cable is not performing well, the Solo³ battery will die fast.

Secure ALL Connectors and Ports

secure all connectors and ports

It’s very important to secure all three connections in your Beats Solo³ charging setup.

Well, that involves the micro USB port connecting to the headset, the USB that plugs into the adapter, and the power adapter that connects to the outlet.

Therefore, tighten and secure all the connections.

Charge to a Full Battery Capacity

If you connect your Beats Solo³ to the power for only a few minutes, no wonder why the battery goes down quickly.

The optimal charging time from 0% to 100% on Beats Solo³ is about 2 hours, in which your equipment (cable, source, and power adapter) must be performing well.

Do NOT use USB Cable Extenders

We strongly recommend removing third-party extenders from your micro USB cable and using a direct connection.

These USB extender cables may decrease the performance of your charging session, leaving the Beats Solo³ with less charge than expected, even after full-length charging.

Quick Tip: Have you tried charging your Beats Solo³ overnight?

2. Test via Different micro USB Cable

test via different microusb cable

The micro USB cable is an essential piece of the charging equipment for your Beats Solo³, and if the cable is faulty, it’s time to test a proven one.

So, the original (supplied) micro USB cable is a standard one, but high-quality, so it’s unlikely to have comparable quality cable just lying around.

However, for the sake of testing, we recommend trying to charge your Beats Solo³ with another micro USB cable, even if the quality is not justified.

Test with whatever you’ve got at home, only to determine whether the wire is preventing the Solo³ from charging, making the battery die fast.

Note: Verify that the microUSB cable is not damaged, by inspecting both ends (connectors).

3. Switch from USB to Power Adapter

switch from usb to power adapter

Well, if you’re using a USB port from a computer or laptop to charge your Beats Solo³, we would like to inform you that this is not the optimal approach.

When you use USB from a PC/laptop to charge your Beats Solo³, the charging may be insufficient when compared to an adapter/outlet.

For example, if your computer goes to sleep, the USB ports might get suspended (based on the computer settings), leaving your Beats Solo³ uncharged. 

So, switching from a USB port to an adapter + outlet could be a savior solution!

Important: Verify the functionality of your power adapter, by testing it with a different device.

4. Switch to a Different Power Outlet

switch to a different power outlet

If you’re charging your Beats Solo³ from a power adapter in combination with an electrical outlet, but the battery is dying fast, go ahead and try a different socket.

Your Beats Solo³ might have been left without much battery due to power source problems, especially when used with power extenders, strips, and plugs.

You should connect your Beats Solo³ directly to the power socket, without any other devices in between that are rerouting the voltage.

When ready, charge your Beats Solo³ for at least 10–20 minutes to test the battery.

Tip: If possible, try charging your Beats Solo³ in an outlet from a different room (different fuse).

5. Avoid any Extreme Temperatures 

avoid any extreme temperatures

Your Beats Solo³ may not be able to charge sufficiently due to extreme temperatures, especially when it’s too cold.

If you’re just opening the delivery box, and you’ve noticed that the battery of your Beats Solo³ is dying too quickly, the reason may be related to hardware acclimatization.

If your Beats Solo³ has been exposed to extreme cold, the battery could be kinda “clogged”, and won’t receive much charge until the HW temperature returns to normal.

So, if that’s the case, we recommend leaving your Beats Solo³ at room temperature for a few hours and try recharging it.

Note: If you’re charging your Beats Solo³ in a very cold environment, the charging process may take a lot longer and end up being insufficient.

6. Reset your Beats Solo³ to Defaults

Sometimes, whenever the beats solo 3 battery draining fast, the only solution could be a factory reset, which will revert all settings to default.

This will be the most helpful solution, especially if your Beats Solo³ battery is going down fast due to software-related issues or system problems.

reset your beats solo³ to defaults

Here’s how to factory reset your Beats Solo³ in easy steps:

  1. Verify that your Beats Solo³ are currently working.
  2. Then, find the Volume Down and Power buttons.
  3. Hold the buttons for 10–15 seconds continuously.
  4. When the Fuel Gauge blinks, release the buttons.

When your Beats Solo³ are factory reset, plug them into a power adapter and outlet to check whether they will be charged and if the battery will still die fast.

If yes, there are a few ways to significantly increase and prolong your Beats Solo³ battery life!

4 Working Ways to Increase Beats Solo³ Battery Life!

If your Beats Solo³ battery is dying alarmingly quickly, we’ve prepared a few proven ways to uplift and optimize the battery lasting.

We recommend attempting all of the methods below:

Turn OFF Solo³ When Not in Use

turn off solo³ when not in use

A great way to preserve your Beats Solo³ battery is to turn the headset “OFF” when you’re not using it.

To do so, you must simply hold the Power button above the Fuel Gauge for 3 seconds, which will power off your headset and prevent the lights and services from draining the battery.

Adjust Beats Solo³ Volume Level

So, if you’re constantly listening to music at extreme and unsafe volume levels, we recommend lowering the volume.

The higher the volume, the louder the speakers will output sounds and the more battery your Beats Solo³ headset will consume.

Hence, we recommend a volume of 75%.

Avoid Overcharging Your Beats

Overcharging your Beats Solo³ can degrade the battery life of your headset tremendously over time, which makes the battery die fast.

So, it’s recommended to unplug the headset from the power source, as quickly as possible after the fifth and final light from the Fuel Gauge lights up.

Update the Beats Solo³ Firmware

update the beats solo³ firmware

Well, firmware updates can sometimes increase the battery life of your Beats Solo³, and they are being installed automatically.

So pair your Beats Solo³ to your smartphone to carry out the automatic updates, and if this won’t work, use the Beats Updater, to manually upgrade them.

Reminder: If your Beats Solo³ battery is performing well, you should be able to listen to music for 40 hours straight with a 100% battery charge.

Quick Recap

Hence, if your Beats Solo 3 dying fast, switch from USB to power adapter charging, test with a different micro USB wire, and use only a tested power socket.

Also, avoid charging your Beats Solo³ in extreme temperatures and perform a factory reset.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more Beats Solo³ troubleshooting!