Can Beats Solo 3 Be Tracked? – (All You Need to Know!)

can beats solo 3 be tracked

A commonly asked question is “Can Beats Solo 3 be tracked?” Well, the answer is a mixture of yes and no, so it’s worth taking the time to read this guide. 

Things are a bit more complicated than one would imagine, so here we’ll unwrap everything in an accessible manner for everyone to understand quickly.

Let’s start with the short answer!

Yes, Beats Solo³ can be tracked both via Androids and iOS devices by using the Beats app or the “Find My” network respectively.

However, without your Beats Solo³ being in the range of your device, you can only see their last known location.

To unwrap what this means, keep reading…

Are Beats Solo 3 Trackable?

are beats solo 3 trackable

To answer this question, we should mention that the Beats Solo³ does not have a built-in GPS or other tracking device.

So, you cannot directly track their location, especially if the Beats Solo³ are off or inside their case.

Instead, the so-called “tracking” that you’ve probably heard of refers to the feature available in the Beats app on Android or the “Find My” app on Apple devices.

This works a bit differently when compared to military tracking, by showing you the last known location of the Beats Solo³.

What is the Last Known Location?

The last known location is the exact place your Beats Solo³ was recorded by your iOS device or Android’s Beats app.

The last known location will be only available if your Beats were paired to your device, and to be even more precise, the location where your Beats were last connected.

what is the last known location

This generally means that if your Beats Solo³ were stolen, misplaced, or lost (and currently off), you will not see their current location.

What you will see by using the Beats app or “Find My” is the last known spot where the Beats Solo³ was connected to the device and then disconnected.

Note: If your Beats Solo³ are lost in your home, they might be paired to your device, which will show you their exact live location.

Can Beats Solo 3 be Tracked & How? (Proven Ways)

The short answer is Yes, you can track your Beats Solo³ based on how you interpret the word “tracking.”

If you believe that you can track your Beats when you are miles away, you’re wrong, and you’ll be disappointed since the tracking functionalities are very limited due to the absence of GPS.

To learn exactly how the Beats Solo³ tracking works, find the guide as per your mobile device operating system (Apple or Android) and read.

How to Track Beats Solo³ on Apple iOS?

track beats solo³ on apple ios

If your Beats Solo³ were actively paired and used with an iOS-operated device, you can “track” the headphones by using the “Find My” application. 

If your Beats Solo³ is within connection range and currently working, the app will show you their exact location, so you can find them immediately.

The maximum range that the live location in the “Find My” app works is 30 feet, but when beyond, you’d rather see the last known location.

There are two methods to track Beats Solo³ from the “Find My” app on iOS or macOS!

Track Beats Solo³ via iOS Device:

  1. First, open the Find My app on your iOS device.
  2. Tap “Devices” and select the Beats headphones.
  3. A map will show up with the location of the Beats.

If close to your device and paired, you’ll see their exact (live) location.

If your Beats Solo³ were left out in the gym, away from your device, or “off,” you’ll see the last location from which they’ve sent a signal to the “Find My” Apple network.

This will tremendously help you in localizing the location where you must look, hence if lost in the gym, for example, you can ask around if somebody found them.

Track Beats Solo³ via your iCloud: 

track beats solo³ via your icloud
  1. First, on any computer, go to
  2. Sign in with the corresponding Beats Apple ID.
  3. Click “All Devices” and locate the headphones.

The online version of the “Find My” is pretty much the same as the mobile version, with the only exception that the web portal does not require an Apple device.

Only the correct Beats Apple ID.

If you have an Android device, everything about tracking Beats Solo³ can be found below…

Note: If more than 7 days have passed since the last time your Beats Solo³ sent their location in the Find My network, you’ll see “No location found” or “Offline.”

How to Track Beats Solo³ on Android?

how to track beats solo³ on android

If you’ve been using your lost, stolen, or misplaced Beats Solo³ with an Android device, then you can’t directly benefit from the “Find My” Apple network.

Instead, you can discover the same feature (regarding functionality) in the Beats app, which is available in the Google Play Store.

However, with the Beats app on Android, there are extra steps that you must undertake such as providing permission for the app to track location. 

So, we’ve prepared detailed instructions on how to provide access and how you can track the location of your Beats Solo³ in easy steps:

Allow Beats App to Share Location:

allow beats app to share location
  1. First, open the Beats application on your Android.
  2. Follow the instructions to set “Allow all the Time.”
  3. Also, toggle on the “Use Precise Location” switch.

If you select a different permission such as “Deny” or “Only while using the app” will not show you the current nor the last known location.

Note: The permission options, names, and steps may vary based on the Android device model!

Track Beats Solo³ via the My Beats:

  1. Open the Beats app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu to reveal options.
  3. Then, select “Locate My Beats” from the tab.

When you select the option, you’ll see a map with either the current (live) location of your Beats Solo³ or the last known location.

According to the information you see, you can track down the location where you’ve lost or misplaced your Beats Solo³. 

What if Beats Solo³ Was Permanently Lost or Stolen?

beats solo³ was permanently lost or stolen

If all the tracking features from the “Find My” for iOS and Beats app for Android do not help, and you suspect that your Beats Solo³ there is something that you can do.

Well, considering that the Beats can carry information about yourself, it’s good to erase their set profile, solely for safety.

However, before doing so, it’s essential to try tracking them, since erasing the Beats Solo³ can’t be undone.

This method will erase everything, including saved debit cards in your Apple Wallet.

Erase Beats Solo³ in Find My:

  1. First, tap “Find My” under “Devices.”
  2. Then, find and select the Beats Solo³.
  3. Go down and tap “Erase This Device.”
  4. Finally, select “Erase This Beats Solo³.”

Erase Beats Solo³ on iCloud:

erase beats solo³ on icloud
  1. First, go to and sign in
  2. Then, locate and select your Beats Solo³.
  3. Finally, choose “Erase This Beats Solo³.”

This will completely remove your Beats Solo³ from all tracking services, which is a must-do if you’ve lost them, or you’re always selling the Beats.

Can you Track Beats Solo 3 after Factory Reset?

No, after a factory reset, the Beats Solo³ will no longer share their live location, regardless of whether they are in range or not.

However, their last known location will still be visible, unless they are erased from the “Find My” network, which is only possible with the Apple ID access.

Note: Once erased, your Beats Solo³ can no longer be tracked from the Find My or Beats app!

One More Thing – Track Beats Solo³ via AirTag!

track beats solo³ via airtag!

Well, a neat way of keeping track of your Beats Solo³ and preventing ever losing them is by using Apple’s AirTag.

This is an incredibly secure and easy-to-use method of tracking almost anything but people, so let’s go briefly over how it works and how to track your Beats Solo³.

The AirTag (when attached to your Beats) sends a secure Bluetooth signal that is detected by nearby devices in the “Find My” network.

Then these devices will send the Beats Solo³ location to iCloud, which allows you to view their live or last known location on a map and track them.

So, you can purchase an AirTag, attach it to your Beats, and always know their location but don’t think that this will allow you to track people.

Friendly Reminder: If you drop an AirTag in someone’s bag, they will receive a notification on their phone that they are being tracked because of an AirTag.

Quick Recap

Can Beats Solo 3 be tracked?

Hence, Beats Solo³ can be tracked from the Beats app on Android or the Find My network on iOS devices.

If factory reset, your Beats Solo³ will no longer share their live location to the Find My network or My Beats app.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more!