Apple CarPlay Won’t Stay Connected? Here’s How to Fix

apple carplay won't stay connected

Your Apple CarPlay won’t stay connected, and you’re searching for a solution? Keep reading!

All CarPlay-enabled stereos come with fully integrated iOS compatibility for quick user access and a comfortable user interface.

So, a fault in the stereo’s connection may be caused by an issue with the connected iOS device or represent a fault with your vehicle’s stereo system’s software.

If Apple CarPlay won’t stay connected to your iPhone, re-activate your Bluetooth feature, erase the stereo’s profile, and remove it from the “CarPlay” tab.

If the fault persists, force a factory reset on the CarPlay-enabled stereo.

There is much more to go through so let’s get started!

Why Won’t CarPlay Stay Connected to Bluetooth?

why won’t carplay stay connected to bluetooth

Here’s what could prevent the Apple CarPlay from staying connected:

  • There’s an issue with the vehicle’s CarPlay profile.
  • Insufficient Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal of the iPhone.
  • An outdated iOS version of your connected iPhone.
  • A settings or system issue with the CarPlay stereo.
  • A misconfiguration of the iPhone’s network settings.

To uncover helpful solutions to the issues above, progress further into the guide!

Apple CarPlay Won’t Stay Connected – Fix in Easy Steps!

It’s very easy to solve this problem! Just, follow the steps below:

1. Re-activate your Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

re-activate your wi-fi & bluetooth

A quick solution to issues with the Apple CarPlay involves re-activating the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions through your iOS mobile’s settings.

Your iPhone uses Bluetooth to establish a wireless connection with the stereo and becomes discoverable for other units thanks to the Wi-Fi feature.

Here’s how to re-activate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth function on your iPhone:

  1. Open the “Settings” app and press on “Wi-Fi.”
  2. Tap the activation slider to disable the feature.
  3. Go back to the main menu and tap “Bluetooth.”
  4. Tap the activation slider to disable your feature.
  5. Next, wait for 15–20 seconds and enable both.
Warning: The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cannot be fully deactivated through the iPhone quick menu!

2. Remove the Car’s “CarPlay” Profile

remove the car’s “carplay” profile

Apart from the Bluetooth profile, the vehicle’s wireless settings can be also accessed through the “CarPlay” section on your iPhone.

All assigned vehicles will appear in an organized menu, allowing you to track and observe the CarPlay’s connection with the mobile and the car stereo.

Here’s how to remove the vehicle’s connection from the “CarPlay” menu:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone device.
  2. Go to “General” and enter the “CarPlay” section.
  3. Next, select your car’s connection from the list.
  4. After that, tap “Forget This Car” from the menu.
  5. Re-add the CarPlay stereo’s profile in the section.
Warning: The CarPlay stereo will be temporarily inaccessible!

3. Forget & Re-add the CarPlay Stereo

forget & re-add the carplay stereo

You can address issues with the CarPlay stereo’s connection by forgetting and re-adding the wireless Bluetooth profile in your iPhone’s settings.

Once discovered through the “CarPlay” section, the vehicle’s stereo profile will always show up on the “Bluetooth” page of the iPhone.

Here’s how to forget the CarPlay stereo’s connection:

  1. Access the “Settings” app on your iPhone and go to “Bluetooth.”
  2. Tap on the “Info” icon next to the wireless stereo’s connection.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the section and tap on “Forget this Device.”
  4. Next, repeat the initial setup for the CarPlay to re-add the profile.
Warning: All custom settings and modifications of the CarPlay profile will be erased!

4. Update the Mobile’s iOS Version

update the mobile’s ios version

The CarPlay stereo might refuse to stay connected for long due to an outdated iOS version of the iPhone’s firmware.

So, the next step is to update the iOS to the most current version, since there are known CarPlay issues when running under the outdated iOS 16.

Here’s how to check if a newer iOS version is available through the settings:

  1. Open the “Settings” application on the iOS mobile.
  2. Navigate to the “General” tab from the main menu.
  3. Tap on “Software Update” at the top of the screen.
  4. Wait until your iPhone loads the newest OS update.
  5. Optional: Tap on the “Update Now” button to start.
Note: Your iPhone may reboot after the update has been successfully applied!

5. Reset the iPhone’s Network Settings

reset the iphone’s network setting

You can address faults with the wireless connection between the CarPlay stereo and the iPhone by manually resetting the network settings.

The iOS system allows the user to erase the existing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular cache in case of an unstable signal or constant connection drops.

Here’s how to reset the network settings of your iPhone in easy steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” application on your iPhone mobile.
  2. Next, navigate to “General” and scroll down.
  3. Press on “Transfer or Reset [Device]” from the menu.
  4. Choose “Reset” and select “Reset Network Settings.”
  5. Follow the on-screen steps to network reset the device.

However, remember that resetting the network settings erases all existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections stored on the mobile.

You will also be unable to restore any of the wireless settings or preferences adjusted through the “Mobile Service” or the “Personal Hotspot”, so stay alert.

Note: The iPhone’s PIN may be required for verification purposes before the reset starts!

6. Reset the CarPlay’s Privacy Restrictions

reset the carplay’s privacy restrictions

You can use the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” menu on your iPhone to reset the CarPlay and address existing issues with the wireless or wired connection. 

Well, this iPhone menu shows which services are considered “Inappropriate” by the iPhone and limits the viewing and user’s access to that type of content.

Here’s how to reset the CarPlay’s privacy restrictions in easy steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone and go to “Screen Time.”
  2. Next, scroll down and press on “Content & Privacy Restrictions.”
  3. Ensure that “Content & Privacy Restrictions” is set to “Enabled.”
  4. After that, tap on “Allowed Apps” and locate the CarPlay button.
  5. Next, tap on the blank slider to set CarPlay as a restricted service.
  6. Next, wait for a minimum of 30 seconds and re-enable the feature.
Note: Your iPhone will be temporarily unavailable for wireless connection with the CarPlay!

7. Switch to a Wired Connection (Workaround)

switch to a wired connection (workaround)

You can determine if the fault is caused by improper distribution of the iPhone’s wireless signal by temporarily switching to a wired connection type.

To switch to a wired connection, install a USB 2.0 to lightning cable (USB-C for iPhone 15) adapter in the stereo and connect the iPhone.

Next, follow the on-screen prompts to test the audio and determine if the connection is secure.

Notice: No wireless settings apply whenever the iPhone is connected physically!

8. Factory Reset the CarPlay Stereo

factory reset the carplay stereo

Well, you can address existing issues with the CarPlay stereo by restoring the system to factory defaults through the settings.

Activating a factory reset will erase existing wireless profiles and settings pre-configured on the car stereo, allowing you to undergo an initial setup from the start.

Notice: The factory reset procedure differs on the variety of CarPlay-enabled stereos!

Here’s how to universally start a factory reset on a CarPlay-compatible stereo:

  1. First, tap on the cogwheel “Settings” icon on the screen.
  2. Then, press on “System” and scroll down to the bottom.
  3. Next, tap on “Factory Data Reset” and press “Continue.”
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the process.

It may take up to a couple of minutes for the stereo to initialize and complete the factory data reset.

You must cease all interactions with the stereo’s display and panel buttons to avoid canceling the procedure accidentally. 

Quick Tip: If you have a traditional car stereo, you can access menu settings by pressing the “SRC” button!

Quick Recap

If the Apple CarPlay won’t stay connected, remove the profile from the “CarPlay” tab, and re-activate the iPhone’s “Bluetooth” feature.

If the problem persists, reset your CarPlay’s privacy restrictions, update the iPhone’s firmware, and reset the stereo.

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