Why Do My Beats Solo 3 Keep Disconnecting? – (Quick Fix Guide)

why do my beats solo 3 keep disconnecting

If you’re wondering why do my Beats Solo 3 keep disconnecting, this guide will help you out!

Bluetooth connection issues with the Beats Solo³ typically come from inconsistent connection, electromagnetic interference, or inadequate charging.

This guide will help you diagnose any failures in the functionality of the Beats headphones and show you quick and working solutions.

Your Beats Solo³ keeps disconnecting because of poor charging, interference from other devices, or outdated firmware.

The solution is to address the power supply, reduce your interference, and update or reset your Beats Solo³.

Keep reading to uncover more details about the malfunction!

Beats Solo 3 Keeps Disconnecting – Explained

beats solo 3 keeps disconnecting explained

Diagnosing issues with the Beats Solo³ requires advanced comprehension of the problem and what can potentially go wrong with the headset.

All headphones can typically lose connection upon moving them out of the Bluetooth range or not charging the battery fully and optimally.

Here are all possible causes why your Beats Solo³ keeps losing connection:

  • Low Beats battery charge.
  • Bluetooth signal interference.
  • Insufficient Bluetooth range.
  • Bluetooth device problems.
  • Outdated device’s firmware.

Let’s proceed with the expert’s solutions guide and solve Beats 3’s connection issues!

Why Do My Beats Solo 3 Keep Disconnecting – Quick Fix

Tip: Follow the steps and instructions in a consecutive order.

1. Shorten the Bluetooth Distance

shorten the bluetooth distance

The primary reason the Beats Solo³ has lost or keeps losing connection to your device is insufficient Bluetooth signal distance.

You must keep the headphones within a particular distance of the receiver to preserve the sound quality and prevent any connection drops.

The estimated Bluetooth coverage of the Beats Solo³ is about 20–30 feet, but this also depends on the Bluetooth device.

While some mobile devices and laptops have a more extensive range than 20 feet, others may start losing connection after taking 3–4 steps away from your receiver.

Note: Remain within 10 feet of the headphones while testing the audio quality.

2. Re-charge the Beats Optimally

re-charge the beats optimally

So, poor or inadequate charging can primarily lead to pairing issues or persistent connection losses of the Beats headset.

That’s why one of the most straightforward steps is to charge the Beats to an optimal battery level and pair them to a Bluetooth device to test.

Here’s how to charge the Beats Solo³ headphones correctly:

  1. Plug the micro USB cable of the headset into an adapter.
  2. Connect the adapter to a proven electrical outlet to charge.
  3. Next, plug the micro USB cable into Beats’ charging port.
Tip: Ensure you’ve also charged the Bluetooth device pairing with the headset.

How to Check Beats Solo³ Battery Level?

You can track the battery status of the Beats Solo³ either through the Beats mobile app or the Battery Garage on the peripheral compartment of the headset.

The “Fuel Gauge” consists of 5 LED lamps that indicate the remaining battery of the headset. 

Note: At 5 full LED lamps, the Beats headphones are charged to 100% battery!

3. Re-Enable the Bluetooth Feature

re-enable the bluetooth feature

The Bluetooth connection loss can result from an improperly distributed Bluetooth signal from your mobile or desktop device.

So, the next step is to deactivate the Bluetooth feature on your mobile device and turn it on again to refresh the connection of your Solo Beats headphones.

How to Re-Enable Bluetooth On Android?

  1. Launch the “Settings” app on your Android mobile.
  2. Navigate to the “Bluetooth” menu and tap the slider.
  3. Wait 25–30 seconds and tap the slider once again.

How to Re-Enable Bluetooth On iOS?

re-enable bluetooth on ios
  1. Access the iOS quick menu and tap the Bluetooth icon.
  2. Open the “Settings” app and go to the “Bluetooth” menu.
  3. Next, press on the activation slider to disable the feature.

How to Re-Enable Bluetooth On Windows & Mac?

  • On Windows, go to “Bluetooth and other device settings” to turn off the feature.
  • On Mac, access the top bar menu and click the Bluetooth icon once to disable it.
Tip: You must wait 15–20 seconds before re-activating the Bluetooth feature!

4. Unpair From Other Devices

unpair from other devices

The Beats headphones must remain connected to a single device to properly function and accept the Bluetooth signal.

If the headset’s profile exists in the Bluetooth settings of more than one device, this can be a potential cause for wireless interference with other receivers.

Here’s how to check if the Beats are paired to another device:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on the Bluetooth device.
  2. Navigate to the “Bluetooth” tab and scroll down.
  3. Next, find the “Beats Solo³” connection in the list.
  4. Next, check if the Beats status says “Connected.”
  5. Press on the “Info” or “Manage” icon on the Beats.
  6. Scroll down and press the “Disconnect” button.

Once connected, the Bluetooth profile of the Beats Solo³ is automatically stored within the settings of the Bluetooth device.

If the headset is within range of a remembered device upon pressing the power button, it will automatically establish a connection with the selected device.

Notice: If the Beats pair automatically, you must remove the profile of the device’s settings!

5. Forget & Re-Add the Beats Headphones

forget & re-add the beats headphones

You can address potential connection issues by forgetting and then re-adding the Beats Solo³’s Bluetooth connection to your device. 

As long as the Bluetooth profile exists in your units’ settings, the headset will pair automatically if it remains within the 20–30 feet range.

Here’s how to forget and re-add the Beats headphones:

  1. Access the “Settings” on your Bluetooth device.
  2. Scroll down and access the “Bluetooth” section.
  3. Locate the Beats Solo³ connection on the page.
  4. Next, press on the Beats “Manage/Info” button.
  5. After that, press the “Forget This Device” option.
  6. Complete the pairing process of the Beats again.

If Beats’s profile exists in the settings of an alternative device, the headset will pair automatically upon forgetting the connection from your current device.

Ensure that no compatible Bluetooth devices remain within the range of the headphones upon “forgetting” the Bluetooth connection.

6. Update Beats Solo³’s Firmware

update beats solo³’s firmware

Another reason why the Beats keep losing connection is because of outdated versions or pending firmware updates.

You can update the headphones both on Android and iOS devices!

How to Update Beats Firmware On Android?

  1. Download the Beats app on your Android device.
  2. Wait until the system detects your Solo headset.
  3. Go to “Settings” → “Firmware Update” in the app.
  4. Press on “Start Update” to update the Beats Solo.
Note: The Beats Updater app is only available for Android devices as of now.

How to Update Beats Firmware On Mac?

Note: You can check manually for updates on your Beats headphones via the settings.

  1. Hold the “Option” key on your MacBook or iMac device.
  2. Choose the “Apple Menu” icon → “System Information.”
  3. Click “Bluetooth” and tap the “Info” icon next to the Solo³.
  4. Next, determine if the label says the latest firmware version.
Reminder: Forget and re-add the headset on your iOS device if the firmware is outdated!

7. Factory Reset the Beats Solo³

factory reset the beats solo³

If the Beats headset still loses connection periodically, you should consider restoring the unit to factory default settings. 

This is an excellent solution against Bluetooth inconsistency, misconfigured settings, and even decreased audio quality while the Beats are connected.

Alert: Factory restoring the headset will remove its Bluetooth profile from all associated devices!

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on the Beats Solo³ easily:

  1. Hold the “Volume Down” + “Power” button on the Solo³.
  2. Release the button once the Fuel Gauge starts flashing.
  3. Wait until the Beats Solo³ has finalized your factory reset.

If your headset has no battery currently, the fuel gauge will not notify you of the initiated factory reset.

It is strongly advised to connect the headset to a charger before starting the factory reset.

Note: The factory reset of the Beats may last for up to 15–20 seconds!

8. Test on an Alternative Device

test on an alternative device

To determine if the issue is Bluetooth-related, you should test the Beats Solo³ on an alternative Bluetooth device after removing all existing profiles. 

The headset may be unpairing or losing audio quality especially if using an outdated Bluetooth protocol on an older device.

How to Pair Beats Solo³ to a New Device?

  1. Bring the testing device within a 5-foot radius.
  2. Hold the “Power” button on the Beats headset.
  3. Release the button after the fuel gauge flashes.
  4. Open the “Bluetooth” tab in the device settings.
  5. Next, locate the “Discoverable Devices” section.
  6. Tap on “Beats Solo³” to establish a connection.
Note: Once you’ve clicked on the connection of the headphones within the “Discoverable Devices” section, the device will start pairing to the headset automatically. 

Quick Recap

The reason why do my Beats Solo 3 keep disconnecting is because of a poor Bluetooth signal, Bluetooth profile issues, or charging problems.

To solve the issue, factory reset the headset and re-add its Bluetooth profile.

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