Beats Solo 3 Blinking White Light? – (Reasons & Solutions)

beats solo 3 blinking white light

If your Beats Solo 3 blinking white light is uncontrollable, then this guide will help you out!

The indefinitely blinking white light on Beats Solo³ is quite a mystery.

According to many users with the same issue, the problem comes either from the battery or the logic board.

So, in this guide, we’ll present to you all possible methods that are known to solve the problem effectively.

When your Beats Solo³ is blinking white light continuously, restart your Solo³, recharge them, and replace pieces from your charging equipment one by one.

Also, you should try to factory reset them and as a last resort replace the battery.

Let’s start investigating…

Why Are My Beats Flashing White And Not Turning On?

beats flashing white and not turning on

The white blinking light is typically an indication of a battery depletion or battery failure, but you can’t know for certain until you perform some tests.

However, diagnosing the issue is not that hard, so the first thing to test first is whether you can turn your Beats Solo³ ON and OFF.

Here are the reasons why Beats Solo³ continuously flashes in white:

  • Battery Depletion: No battery charge is left.
  • Bad Power Supply: The Solo³ is not charging.
  • Faulty Battery: Irreversible battery degradation.
  • Software Issue: Temporary system-related bug.

If you only see white blinking light, without any other indications, this is generally bad news, but we strongly recommend trying all steps below. 

The issue may not be critical, it could be a bug or a low battery charge, so troubleshooting is never useless as long as it’s done the correct way.

How to Fix Beats Solo 3 Blinking White Light in N Steps?

Here’s exactly what to do against the Beats Solo³ blinking white light:

1. Restart your Beats Solo³

restart your beats solo³

The easiest, yet one of the most effective methods against the blinking light on your Beats Solo³ is to restart them by holding the Power button.

The button is located on the right ear cup of your Beats and has an LED that must go on when pressed as an indication of how the button works.

So, here’s exactly what to do:

  • Press and hold the Power button for ~10 seconds!

If the white blinking light goes off, this means that your Beats Solo³ is now powered “OFF.”

So, wait for a few moments, and hold the power button for ~10 seconds again to power Solos “ON.” If the white light is still there, continue reading.

2. Recharge the Beats Solo³

recharge the beats solo³

The battery is one of the main culprits for blinking white light on Beats Solo³ and the indication in most cases signifies a battery depletion.

The charging of your Beats Solo³ may be disrupted in three different key points, which are the A/C adapter, the micro USB cable, and the A/C outlet.

If one of these three points of interest compromises the charging, the white blinking light simply appears because there is not enough charge to turn it on.

So, there isn’t much you can do, but test with different equipment…

2.1 Try Different Power Adapter

The power adapter is the brick that the bigger USB end of the micro USB cable connects to, and in turn, the adapter plugs into the power outlet.

These adapters can go faulty, and whenever this happens, your Beats Solo³ will be left without a charge, even if they were plugged continuously.

Info: You can use any compatible USB power adapter to test charging your Beats Solo³!

2.2 Try Different Micro USB Cable

try different microusb cable

The microUSB cable is the actual wire, the larger side of which connects to the power adapter and the microUSB end connects to your Beats Solo³.

If the connectors are bent, defective, or dirty, they may not make contact with the A/C port on the Solos, leaving them without charge.

Info: You don’t need the original cable, you can use any compatible micro USB wire to test.

2.3 Try Different Electrical Outlet

At last, we have the power outlet. The only way to identify whether a power outlet is working is to plug in a device such as a smartphone charger or a lamp.

Then you can tell whether the A/C outlet is working by observing whether the battery charges up, or if the lamp’s light is flickering.

Info: Feel free to connect your Beats Solo³ to a different (proven-to-work) electrical outlet.

3. Avoid Outlet Connectors

avoid outlet connectors

One last thing regarding the Beats Solo³ charging is the actual connection to the electrical outlet and whether the voltage supply is rerouted. 

If you have outlet connectors such as power strips, smart plugs, or electrical dividers, we advise connecting your Beats Solo³ directly.

If you need to, disconnect your power strip, only to test by connecting your Solos straight into the socket, and waiting for about 15–20 minutes to charge.

While charging your Beats Solo³, keep reading…

4. Factory Reset Beats Solo³

If the blinking white light on Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones continues, it’s time for a factory reset, which is the solution that helps most users.

This method will unpair the headphones from any wireless devices, reset their settings to default, and hopefully, the white light will disappear.

factory reset beats solo³

Here’s how to factory reset Beats Solo³ in easy steps:

  1. Locate the Volume (-) and the Power buttons.
  2. Press and hold both buttons for ~10 seconds.
  3. When the Fuel Gauge flashes, release them.

That’s it. Your Beats Solo³ is now factory reset and ready to be paired with your device again.

If you see the white blinking light still there, you’re probably facing a different issue, so let’s keep investigating further…

Important: If your Beats Solo³ are not turning on, connect them to the power outlet and then, try to factory reset them.

5. Let your Battery Go Flat

let your battery go flat

If the blinking white light on your Beats Solo³ keeps flashing, disallowing you to turn them on/off or do anything, the only option you’ve got is to let the battery go flat. 

Well, even if your Beats Solo³ is not working, the flashing white light still consumes the battery, meaning that sooner or later the remaining charge will be 100% depleted.

When your Beats Solo³ powers off (that may take hours, even days), you will be able to charge them fully and check whether the white light is still there.

This is a grounding reset, and if this is not working, then all odds suggest that your Beats Solo³ is facing a hardware-related issue.

So, we’ve prepared something for those of you with technical experience in the next step…

6. Replace the Solo³ Battery (Advanced)

replace the solo³ battery (advanced)

If the white blinking light just won’t go away, and your Beats Solo³ warranty is over, why not use a complete tutorial to replace the battery at home? 

The replacement requires some tools such as a flathead screwdriver and soldering iron, as well as a replacement battery that you can purchase here.

Here is the complete tutorial to replace your Beats Solo³ battery:

Step #1 Disassembling the Beats Solo³ 

  1. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the ear cup.
  2. You’ll reach between the cushion and the plastic.
  3. You’ll soon notice that the cushion is inner-glued.
  4. When the ear pad is removed, undo the 4 screws.
  5. When ready, peel off the ribbon from the housing.
  6. Take a screenshot of how the wires are soldered.
  7. Gently unsolder the three ends of the white wire.
  8. Undo the screws holding the power button ribbon.
  9. Also, unplug the tiny ribbon from the power button.
  10. Undo the final screws to lift off your inner ear pad.

At this point, you’ll finally see the battery!

Step #2 Replacing the Solo³ Battery 

replacing the solo³ battery
  1. The battery is removed by applying heat to the terminal.
  2. Use your screwdriver to remove the leftover socket glue.
  3. Then, you can plug your new battery into the connector.
  4. Next, you need to position the battery into the cup holder.
  5. Then, you must carry the white wire through the cup hole.
  6. Finally, you can start assembling and soldering the wires.

When you’re ready, follow the steps in reverse to put everything back together, and use your iron soldering tool to fix the wiring correctly. 

After this, you will need to connect the middle cup to the holder and glue the cushion the same way as you’ve seen while disassembling it.

Reminder: Connect your Beats Solo³ to a charger for 1 hour and check the white blinking light!

Quick Recap

Well, to fix the Beats Solo 3 blinking white light you will need to restart and recharge your headphones.

Also, we recommend attempting to factory reset them and if this fails, you’ll need to replace the battery either at home or via servicing.

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