Beats Solo 3 Won’t Turn Off? – (Easy Fix In Minutes)

beats solo 3 won't turn off

If your Beats Solo 3 won’t turn off, know that we’ve finally discovered a working solution!

The Beats Solo 3 has a built-in power button along with a “Fuel Gauge” that displays the remaining battery of the headset.

If you’ve pressed the power button multiple times but the headset isn’t turning off, the issue is typically caused by an underlying power malfunction.

If the Beats Solo 3 headphones aren’t turning off, inspect the condition of the power button, power cycle the headset, and forget the Bluetooth profile.

If you’re still facing issues, fully discharge the battery of the headset.

Let’s learn more!

Why Won’t My Beats Solo 3 Turn Off?

beats solo 3 turn off problem

One of the most likely reasons why the Beats Solo 3 won’t turn off is due to obstructions or debris in the power button’s compartment.

In some cases, alternative factors can prevent you from regulating Beats Solo 3’s power state.

So let’s review all possible causes for the problem:

Before we proceed any further, try to press the power button 3 consecutive times and hold it for short intervals of 1–2 seconds. 

Over-holding the button may prevent the headset from powering off or send false commands to the system of the Beats Solo 3.

Understanding the Beats Solo 3 “Fuel Gauge”

understanding the beats solo 3 “fuel gauge”

The Fuel Gauge on the outer panel of your Beats Solo 3 shows the remaining battery capacity only while the headset is turned on.

Thus, while the headset is connected to a power supply, the gauge will turn solid white and all lamps will be slowly pulsing until the full capacity is reached.

It’s strongly recommended to always keep the Beats Solo 3 plugged in until the battery is filled to preserve its longevity.

Beats Solo 3 Won’t Turn Off – Proven Ways to Fix

Here’s how easy it is to solve the issue:

1. Inspect the Power Button

One of the reasons why the Beats Solo 3 isn’t turning off can be due to a stuck or obstructed power button, which doesn’t recognize the presses.

That’s why the initial step must be to ensure the power button can be pressed and establish contact with the terminals below it.

inspect the power button

In addition, ensure you’re holding the power button for less than 3 seconds to turn off the headphones.

Well, holding it for any longer than several seconds may affect the headphones alternatively, set them into “Pairing” mode or activate another function instead of “Power Off.”

How to Tell if the Power Button is Stuck?

You can quickly determine when the power button is stuck if you have to apply more force than usual or if there’s a clicking or scraping sound.

To clean the power button’s compartment, you can use a can of compressed air to blow against the openings and eliminate all debris.

If the debris is hardened and cannot be easily removed, consider inserting a thin instrument, such as a toothpick or paperclip in the joints.

Warning: Work very carefully with the peripheral and outer panels of the Beats Solo 3!

2. Power Circulate the Beats Solo 3

power circulate the beats solo 3

A common and effective method to turn off the Beats Solo 3 is to connect the headset with a charging cable and circulate the hardware’s power supply.

All you need for power cycling the Beats Solo 3 is the charging cable and adapter, as well as a functional electrical outlet.

Here’s how to power circulate the Beats Solo 3 easily:

  1. Connect the Beats Solo 3 to a charging adapter.
  2. After that, hold the “Power” button for 30 seconds.
  3. Unplug the power cable while holding the button.
  4. Release the button if the Fuel Gauge has flashed.

The power circulation is only effective if you hold the power button for longer than 20 seconds while the headset is plugged in.

In case the Beats Solo 3 is currently turned on, the headphones should turn off immediately after disconnecting the charging cable or releasing the power button.

3. “Forget” the Beats Solo 3’s Bluetooth

“forget” the beats solo 3’s bluetooth

The reason why the Beats Solo 3 lights won’t turn off can be due to an underlying malfunction with the existing Bluetooth connection. 

That’s why the next step is to forget the connection of the Beats Solo 3, attempt to deactivate the headset, and then re-add the Bluetooth profile.

How to Forget Beats Solo 3 On Mobile?

  • To forget the Beats on Android, open the “Settings” → “Bluetooth”, activate the feature, then tap the “Cogwheel” → “Remove Device” or “FORGET”
  • To forget the Beats on iOS, activate the Bluetooth, access the “Bluetooth” tab, tap the “info” icon next to the Beats, and select “Forget this Device.”

How to Forget Beats Solo 3 On a Computer?

forget beats solo 3 on a computer
  • To forget the Beats On Windows, open the start menu, navigate to “Bluetooth”, tap the three dots icon next to the Beats Solo 3, and click on “Remove.”
  • To forget the Beats On macOS, open “System Preferences”, navigate to “Bluetooth”, select the Beats Solo 3 from the list, and press on the “X” button.
Note: Re-adding the headphones after forgetting them from your devices requires initial setup!

4. Factory Reset the Beats Solo 3

If you’re still facing issues with turning off the Beats Solo 3, you should perform a factory reset to restore all system settings to defaults.

This is a standard and very helpful solution in case the Beats Solo 3 headset won’t power off or if none of the indicators on Beats’s Fuel Gauge are lit.

factory reset the beats solo 3

Follow these steps to perform a factory reset on the Beats Solo 3:

  1. Locate the Beats’s “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons.
  2. Next, hold both of the buttons for about 10–15 seconds.
  3. Release both buttons once the Fuel Gauge has flashed.
  4. Wait for ~1 minute until the Beats have finished resetting.
  5. Hold the “Power” button for ~3 seconds to turn off Beats.

Remember that interacting with the headset while the system restoration is ongoing may cause the headset to run into an unexpected failure. 

Once the Fuel Gauge has started flashing, you must cease all interactions with the headset until the indicator lamps go off, stop blinking, or turn solid.

If your Beats Solo 3 won’t turn off or reset, continue reading….

5. Plug the Headphones to a PC

plug the headphones to a pc

Sometimes the Beats Solo 3 headphones may encounter a system bug with the power indicator that can be fixed after establishing a wired computer connection. 

For this purpose, you’re going to need a computer or a laptop and an appropriate micro USB cable to connect one side to your Beats and the other to the port.

Let’s learn how to pair the headphones to the available computer systems!

How to Connect Beats Solo 3 to Windows?

  1. Connect the micro USB cable’s 2.0 end on your PC.
  2. Plug the other end into the port of your headphones.
  3. After that, wait for the connection prompt to appear.
  4. Tap “Allow Data Transfer” on the Windows prompt.
  5. Hold your Beast 3 power button for 10–15 seconds.

How to Connect Beats Solo 3 to macOS?

connect beats solo 3 to macos
  1. Install the Beats cable into the 3.5mm jack on your device.
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into your headphones’s port.
  3. Next, wait for the macOS’s prompt to detect a new device.
  4. Go to “Finder” → “Activity Monitor” on your macOS device.
  5. Finally, check if the Beats Solo 3 is visible on the side menu.
Note: Not allowing “Alternative Uses” for your Beats Solo 3 will only charge the headphones while they remain connected!

6. Drain the Beats Solo 3’s Battery

If you’re still unable to power off the Beats Solo 3, the best solution is to wait until the battery is completely depleted.

The average battery life of the Beats Solo 3 once charged to 100% is about 6–7 hours, based on how much mAh your model has and the condition of the battery.

drain the beats solo 3’s battery

To deplete the battery more quickly, pair the headphones to a wireless device and keep it within range to maintain a persistent Bluetooth connection. 

Once the Fuel Gauge goes off, reconnect the headset with a charging cable and wait for at least 15–20 minutes until the Beats Solo 3 starts up.

Warning: If the Beats remain paired, a high amount of battery will also be consumed from your wireless device!

Quick Recap

When the Beats Solo 3 won’t turn off, check the power button of the headset, perform a factory reset and power circulate the hardware.

Also, fully drain and recharge the battery and try connecting to a PC.

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