Why Are My Beats Solo 3 Not Connecting? – 6 Instant Solutions!

beats solo 3 not connecting

If you’re wondering why the Beats Solo 3 not connecting, stay with us throughout this guide!

The connection of the Beats Solo 3 can be heavily throttled due to existing wireless interference or issues with Bluetooth reception.

To maintain a persistent connection, the Beats Solo 3 must remain within range of the wireless device and transmit the wireless signal effectively.

In short…

Whenever the Beats Solo 3 isn’t pairing, shorten the wireless range, check the charging capacity, and re-activate the Bluetooth.

Also, update the device system and factory reset the Beats Solo 3.

Why Are My Beats Solo 3 Not Connecting?

beats solo 3 connection problem

There could be multiple reasons preventing the Beats Solo 3 from establishing a connection.

So to name a few let’s take a look at a quick list:

  • Already existing Bluetooth connection of the Beats.
  • Improper charging of the Beats Solo 3’s battery unit.
  • Defective charging equipment or hardware problems.
  • Insufficient distance between the Beats and the device.
  • Outdated firmware version of the wireless device’s OS.

This is what can impact the ability of the Beats Solo 3 to connect with your device.

Let’s keep reading as we go through possible resolutions to the connection issue of the Beats Solo 3!

Beats Solo 3 Not Connecting – Proven Ways to Fix

The Beats Solo 3 uses standard Bluetooth connection technology and the coverage is defined by the wireless transmitter built into the Bluetooth device.

Although we will exclude hardware failure as a possibility, keep in mind that devices lose their connectivity strength with the years. 

1. Shorten the Wireless Range

shorten the wireless range

One of the most potential reasons why the Beats Solo 3 is repeatedly refusing to connect to your device is insufficient Bluetooth distance

It is generally accepted to maintain a distance between 10 and 15 feet between your wirelessly connected Bluetooth devices for proper connection.

So, ensure the Beats Solo 3 and your wireless devices are as close to each other as possible before attempting to complete the pairing again.

In addition, remove other wireless devices that might be congested with the wireless signal produced by your device or the headphones.

Warning: Interfering wireless devices can also reduce the signal quality of the headphones.

2. Restart your Device’s Bluetooth

restart your device’s bluetooth

A general issue when Beats Solo 3 wireless not connecting to Mac, Windows, or mobile is to re-activate the Bluetooth feature of your device. 

Each wireless device compatible with the Beats Solo 3 has an in-built Bluetooth feature that can be activated or deactivated via the settings.

How to Restart Bluetooth On Mobile?

To re-activate the Bluetooth on Android:

  • First, open your “Settings” application.
  • Then, locate and enter the “Bluetooth.” 
  • Tap the “On/Off” button at the very top.

To re-activate the Bluetooth on Apple iOS:

  • First, go to the “Settings” application.
  • Next, tap on the “Bluetooth” section. 
  • Turn “Off,” and wait for ∼20 seconds.
  • Tap the toggle to turn Bluetooth “On.”

How to Restart Bluetooth On a Computer?

restart bluetooth on a computer

To re-activate the Bluetooth on Windows:

  • Start by entering the “Settings” tab.
  • Navigate to “Bluetooth & devices.”
  • Tap the activation slider at the top.

To re-activate the Bluetooth on macOS:

  • First, tap the Bluetooth icon at the top.
  • Then find and click the “On/Off” button.
  • After a few seconds reactive, Bluetooth.
Tip: Wait for at least 25-30 seconds after deactivating your device’s Bluetooth feature!

3. Update your Device’s OS

update your device’s os

If you’re still encountering issues while attempting to pair the Beats Solo 3, you should update the system version of the computer/mobile.

A correctly functioning Bluetooth protocol requires the latest version of your device’s operating system, which can be updated through the settings.

Note: Updating the OS of your device requires a stable internet connection!

How to Update OS Version On Mobile?

  • To update Apple’s iOS, open the “Settings” app, tap on “General,” go to “Software Update” and tap “Update Now” (if available).
  • To update Android’s OS, launch the “Settings” app, navigate to “Firmware Version” and tap on the “Update” button or “Check for Updates”. 

How to Update OS Version On Desktop?

update os version on desktop
  • To update Windows’s OS, launch the “Settings” application, go to “Windows Update” at the bottom, and then click on “Check for updates.”
  • To update Apple’s macOS, navigate to Apple’s menu, click “System Settings,” enter the “General” tab, and click on “Software Update.”
Note: When updated, test connecting your Beats Studio 3 headphones!

4. Check Beats Solo 3’s Battery Level

You can identify how much of your Beats Solo battery has been used up simply by checking the battery indicator on the outer compartment. 

Low or degraded battery levels have a significant impact on the functionality of the Beats Solo 3 and the wireless pairing.

check beats solo 3’s battery level

To re-charge the Beats Solo 3, connect the headphones with a micro-USB charger and wait for at least 45–50 minutes until the battery is re-filled.

This is how long it takes for the Beats Solo 3 to fully recharge if there are one or two lamps lit from the Fuel Gauge.

How Does Beats Solo 3’s Fuel Gauge Work?

The Fuel Gauge found on the outer side panel of the Beats measures the current capacity of the Solo 3 headphones’ battery.

The Gauge is split into 4 boxes, and each box is equivalent to about ~25% of the Solo 3 headphones’ battery.

It is strongly advised to avoid using the Beats Solo 3 if only one of the boxes is lit or the LED indications of the gauge are faint and cannot be seen properly.

Tip: You should use the Beats Solo 3 while the gauge displays at least 3 out of 4 fields!

5. Unpair Beats From Other Devices

unpair beats from other devices

Another solution if Beats Solo 3 not connecting to iPhone or Android mobile is to check if the headphones are already paired to another device. 

The Beats Solo 3 can be paired to only one device, so you must verify that no other wireless links (Bluetooth profiles) already exist, especially on nearby units.

Here’s how to “forget” the connection of Beats Solo 3 on a device:

  1. Open the “Settings” page or app on your wireless device.
  2. Navigate to the “Bluetooth” tab within the settings menu.
  3. After that, scroll down and find Beats Solo 3’s connection.
  4. Tap the “Manage” or “Info” button next to the headphones.
  5. Scroll down and select “Remove/Forget Device.”

Once paired with a device, the profile of the Beats Solo 3 headphones will be automatically assigned within the Bluetooth settings menu. 

Upon turning on the headphones, the Beats Solo 3 will automatically pair with the closest wireless device that has the profile remembered.

Warning: Disconnecting the headphones while a profile exists is only a temporary solution!

6. Factory Reset the Solo Headphones

factory reset the solo headphones

If you’re still unable to pair the Beats Solo 3 to the wireless device, you must consider restoring the headphones to factory defaults. 

Although restoring the headphones to factory settings holds great chances of fixing the issue, all existing settings of the Beats will be erased.

Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset on the Beats Solo 3:

  1. Plug the Beats Solo 3 with a micro-USB charger.
  2. Locate the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons.
  3. Hold both buttons simultaneously to start the reset.
  4. Release the buttons once the Fuel Gauge flashes.
  5. Wait for 30–40 seconds until the reset is complete.

Once the factory reset starts, cease all interactions with the Beats Solo 3 headphones and wait for at least a minute to pass.

Once the restoration is complete, the Fuel Gauge of the Beast 3 should stop flashing and you’ll be able to pair the headphones and enjoy a smooth connection.

Warning: Not releasing the buttons on time or holding them for longer can prevent the reset.

Quick Recap

To fix whenever the Beats Solo 3 not connecting, shorten the wireless range between the devices, charge the headphones, and update your equipment.

Additionally, you may need to force a factory reset on the Beats Solo 3.

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