Onn Earbuds Keep Pausing? (8 Proven Ways to Fix!)

onn earbuds keep pausing

If your onn earbuds keep pausing your music playout, then this article should come in handy!

The random pauses are typically a sign of a weak and disconnecting Bluetooth link between the onn earbuds and your source device.

Here, we’ll explore all possibilities as to why onn earbuds are pausing the playout from your source device and assist you in solving the issue immediately.

If the onn earbuds are pausing your music, start by strengthening the Bluetooth signal, fully charging the earbuds, and checking the multifunction button.

Additionally, you may need to factory reset the earbuds to default settings.

Let’s keep exploring!

Why Do My Onn Earbuds Keep Pausing My Music?

onn earbuds keep pausing my music

There are a variety of possibilities for random pauses from your onn earbuds, both related to the earset and your source device.

So, before getting into troubleshooting, we have prepared a short bulleted list that will answer most of your questions regarding your random music pauses.

Here’s everything that can make your onn earbuds pause your music:

  • The Bluetooth signal is weak and disconnected.
  • The onn earbuds are low on battery and cutting.
  • You unknowingly press the multifunction button.
  • A software-related problem with the onn earbuds.
  • Disconnecting internet connection on the source.
  • The streamed media/song is pausing on its own.

Not much, but enough to require a full-length guide! Let’s jump into the solutions, shall we?

How to Fix When Onn Earbuds Keep Pausing Music?

Tip: We recommend following the guide consecutively!

1. Optimize the Bluetooth Signal

optimize the bluetooth signal

The first and most common reason onn earbuds keep pausing your music is bad Bluetooth connectivity with the source device.

When your earbuds get disconnected from your source device, the playback instantly pauses. 

So, if you hit the “Play” button the music will blast out loud through the speakers of your mobile, considering the onn earbuds are no longer paired.

Well, how do you deal with this problem?

The answer is quick–resolve interference! Here are a few quick tips:

  • Keep the onn earbuds within 33 feet of your source.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth feature on any nearby devices.
  • Remove the metallic case from your Bluetooth phone.
  • Lock the phone’s screen to prevent unintentional taps.

If your Bluetooth signal is strong and the onn earbuds remain connected, but the music pauses, perhaps you’re facing a different kind of problem.

So, let’s continue with unwrapping solutions…

2. Forget and Reconnect Earbuds

forget and reconnect earbuds

A proven way to resolve pausing issues with onn earbuds is to “Forget” their Bluetooth profile on your source device and establish a fresh connection.

Well, that’s quick and easy, and to be confident we’ve prepared instructions to forget Bluetooth profile on any Android or iOS device.

How to Forget Onn Earbuds on Android?

  1. Access the Bluetooth menu on your Android.
  2. Find the Bluetooth profile of the onn earbuds.
  3. Next to the profile, tap on the cogwheel button.
  4. Lastly, press on “FORGET” to disconnect them.

How to Forget Onn Earbuds on Apple iOS?

forget onn earbuds on apple ios
  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings Bluetooth.
  2. Locate the Bluetooth profile of your onn buds.
  3. Press (info) “i” icon next to the onn profile.
  4. Lastly, tap “Forget this Device” to disconnect.

That’s it. Your onn earbuds are now disconnected. 

To pair your onn earbuds back to your source device, reinsert them from the case, which should automatically enable the “Pairing Mode.” 

Quick Tip: Alternatively hold the Power button for 3–4 seconds, until the LED starts blinking, and then select the onn earbuds Bluetooth profile to connect.

3. Fully Charge your Onn Earbuds

fully charge your onn earbuds

Another well-known reason for random playback pausing on onn earbuds is low battery, which is a very common problem.

If your left or right onn earbud was not sufficiently charged, you’re likely facing a battery-throttling, which ultimately makes your onn earbuds pause your music.

The onn earbuds take approximately 2 hours to fully charge!

So, insert your earbuds into the capsule, close the lid, and connect the case to a proven power socket for at least 20 minutes.

While charging, some onn earbud models will flash in white, so verify that the earset is charging.

When ready, test if your onn earbuds are still pausing and if yes, continue reading…

4. Check the Multifunction Button

Are you still asking why onn wireless earbuds keep pausing my music? 

Well, this may be due to the unintentional press of the multifunction button!

The onn earbuds typically have a multifunction button on each side, which is used for Play, Pause, and Skip commands while playing music.

check the multifunction button

Therefore if this button is singularly tapped while listening to music, your playback will pause.

So, verify that you’re wearing the onn earbuds correctly to avoid the multifunction button from contacting your skin.

Additionally, we recommend cleaning the multifunction button on both buds to ensure that external particles such as earwax and dust accumulation are not the culprit.

Tip: While your earbuds are not paused, test the functionality of the multifunction button!

5. Turn OFF your Voice Assistant

This one is a weird solution, but makes perfect sense!

If your onn earbuds are auto-pausing your music, this may be happening because of the voice assistant on your smartphone.

On Androids, you have the “Hey Google” and on Apple, there is “Siri”, which when activated, your music automatically pauses, so the assistant can hear you.

turn off your voice assistant

Hence, disabling the assistant can instantly solve your issue.

Here’s how:

  • On Androids, go to Settings → Assistant → Assistant Devices → Phone → turn OFF Google Assistant.
  • On Apple iPhones, go to Settings → Siri & Search → turn OFF “Listen for Hey Siri.”

When the assistant is disabled, test whether your onn earbuds will keep pausing your music!

6. Factory Reset the Onn Earbuds

If your onn earbuds keep pausing your music randomly, it’s time to perform a factory reset, which is one of the most helpful methods.

Well, based on the model of your onn earbuds, the steps may be different, so we’re going to share some different ways to perform a factory reset.

In all cases, you’ll need to insert the onn earbuds into the capsule first!

factory reset the onn earbuds

Then, try the steps below, until your earbuds reset:

  • Hold the Power button of your onn capsule for 10–15 seconds.


  • Hold the button on both earbuds simultaneously for 10 seconds.

You can recognize that the reset has started when the LED light on your onn earbuds starts to flash in an unusual pattern.

The reset doesn’t last long, so wait for about 60 seconds, reinsert the earbuds from the capsule, and pair them with your source device to test the random pauses.

Quick Tip: Some onn earbud models give you an audible indication (beep) for the factory reset!

7. Uplift your Internet Connection

Well, it’s not excluded that your onn earbuds are randomly pausing your music due to an issue with the source device such as internet disconnecting. 

If you’re not listening to local music from your device’s storage, and using an online app such as YouTube or Spotify, when the source device gets disconnected the music will pause.

Hence, the best thing that you can do is verify that the source device is not disconnecting from the internet.

uplift your internet connection

Here are a few steps you can try right away!

  • Switch from Wi-Fi to 4G Mobile Data.
  • Switch to a different Wi-Fi connection.
  • Turn OFF and ON your Wi-Fi feature.
  • Toggle on and off the Airplane Mode.

If your device is disconnecting from the internet, the music playout will be buffering, and in the meantime, the output of your onn earbuds will pause.

Hence, if you’re suspecting the internet connection, it’s best to test playing some local music from your phone, stored in your device.

Quick Tip: If you don’t have local (downloaded) music on your device, go to the ring tones and play them to test whether your onn earbuds will pause.

8. Test Different Devices or Media

If your onn earbuds are still pausing the music, perhaps the issue comes from the software of your source device.

So, the conclusion step you should undertake is to test your onn buds on different devices, which can be any smartphone, Bluetooth computer, or other wireless device.

test different devices or media

In addition, we recommend trying different music sources, considering that the problem might be coming from a faulty piece of media. 

If the onn earbuds are still pausing your music, regardless of what you’ve tried, it’s not excluded that the earset is defective and requires servicing.

Hence, the final thing you can do is check the device’s warranty and hope for a free replacement/repair from the local merchant. Best of luck!

Final Thoughts

onn earbuds keep pausing?

If your onn earbuds are randomly pausing your music, optimize the Bluetooth signal between the devices and recharge your earbuds.

Additionally, you need to check for any internet dropouts on your source and reset your onn earbuds.

That’s it. Quick and easy! Follow us for more related guides!