Is Your Onn Wireless Earbuds Not Charging? (Quick Fixes!)

onn wireless earbuds not charging

onn wireless earbuds not charging and you’re worried? Don’t worry, we found a quick fix!

The onn buds’ charging failure may be caused by equipment issues, power insufficiency, or obstruction of the plates or charging ports.

Whether you’re facing battery concerns or startup issues with the onn wireless earbuds, this guide will help you diagnose the issue in one go.

Let’s peek into the solution!

If your onn wireless earbuds are not charging, soft reset the earbuds, inspect the metal charging points, and clean the charging port.

Also, check the connections of the charger and force a system reset on the onn earbuds.

That’s only the start, so keep reading further!

Why Are My Onn Earbuds Not Charging?

why are my onn earbuds not charging

Here’s what can potentially prevent the onn earbuds from charging:

  • Obstructed contact points of the onn capsule.
  • Improper charging equipment of the onn case.
  • A voltage insufficiency of the electrical source.
  • Unsecured or loose charger cable connections.
  • A problem with the onn buds’ system settings.

It typically takes 1–2 hours for the onn wireless earbuds and the case to charge from 0% up to 100% battery capacity.

This solely relies on the type of charging equipment and the efficiency of the power source, and in some cases, charging may take longer.

Onn Wireless Earbuds One Side Not Charging?

If only one of the onn earbuds is not charging, the issue is most likely caused by dirt or debris on the case’s metal charging contacts.

There’s also a possibility that physical instability with the charging case is preventing the left or right earbud from charging.

We have this problem covered in the steps below, so continue reading…

Onn Wireless Earbuds Not Charging – Quick & Easy Steps

Tip: Follow the instructions consecutively!

1. Soft Reset the Onn Wireless Earbuds

soft reset the onn wireless earbuds

A reliable solution to underlying issues with the onn wireless earbuds is to perform a soft reset, which is a harmless method.

The soft reset is a power cycle that only restarts the onn earbuds, without deleting anything, but refreshes the hardware components, addressing charging issues.

Here’s how to perform a soft reset on the onn earbuds easily:

  1. Lift open the onn case’s lid and remove both buds.
  2. Wait for about 30 seconds while the buds are ejected.
  3. Connect the empty charging case to a power supply.
  4. Put both earbuds in the case and close the case’s lid.
  5. Wait for another 30 seconds and eject both earbuds.
  6. After that, attempt to pair your onn buds to the device.

Important: Correct Buds Positioning!

To ensure the onn earbuds are receiving power from the charging case, you must verify that the positioning is appropriate.

Upon placing each bud, the LED light of the case should flicker, as an indication that it has begun charging. 

Note: If positioned properly, both earbuds must be on the same level!

2. Refill the Case’s Battery to Maximum

refill the case’s battery to maximum

If your onn capsule is not charged to a sufficient amount, it will be unable to refill the battery of your earbuds, even when positioned properly. 

That’s why the next step is to ensure that the charging case of the onn earbuds is charged to a maximum level and then reinsert the earbuds.

How to Tell if Onn Buds Case is Charging?

The indication for successful charging of the onn case is a slowly pulsing white LED on the front of the case.

If the indicator remains blank or changes color before reaching full battery, it means the charging of the case has been interrupted.

How to Tell if Onn Buds Case is Charged?

tell if onn buds case is charged

You will know that the onn wireless earbuds have reached maximum battery after the LED on the front turns solid white and stops flashing.

If the LED does not turn solid white for more than 2 hours, it means that the charging case is not charging.

Note: Any different indicators of the LED while charging could mean a battery failure!

3. Inspect the Charger’s Connections

If the onn wireless earbuds are still unable to receive charge when inside the capsule, verify that the connections of the charging equipment are properly secured. 

Well, unsecured, loose, or detached charger cables could prevent the onn wireless earbuds from receiving a power supply.

So let’s take a look at the main factors:

  • The connection of the micro-USB cable with the capsule.
  • The connection of the micro-USB cable with the adapter.
  • The connection of the adapter with your electrical socket.
inspect the charger’s connections

We recommend disconnecting and reconnecting all three connections!

While inspecting how well the charger’s components are connected, attempt to notice any visual damages inflicted on the outer periphery. 

Well, hardware damage can substantially reduce the amount of power the charger can conduct or prevent the onn earbuds from charging.

Important: You must replace defective components from the onn earbuds’s charging setup!

4. Switch to a Tested Power Source

So, a potential power source insufficiency will prevent the charger from receiving electricity and conducting it to the charging case.

switch to a tested power source

That’s why it is mandatory to verify that the power source is sufficient for refilling the wireless charging case of the onn earbuds, by performing a quick test.

Plug a charger or a lamp into the socket!

Alternatively, transfer the micro-USB cable and the power adapter of your onn charging case to a different and proven power outlet.

Then check whether the charging case’s LED is blinking.

Important: Plug the Capsule Directly!

Using any defective third-party equipment in the charging setup of the onn case may prevent the earbuds from receiving power.

That’s why you should connect the supplying adapter of the onn wireless earbuds directly to a wall outlet.

Note: You should disconnect power dividers, smart plugs, and surge protectors from the outlet!

5. Clean the Earbuds’s Contact Points

clean the earbuds’s contact points

There’s a chance that the metallic contact plates of the onn earbuds or capsule are obstructed, which prevents proper detection.

So, the next step is to ensure the contact points of the earbuds and the capsule are free of dust accumulation or obstructions, which causes charging issues.

How to Find Onn Earbuds Contact Points?

To remove any obstructions from the onn earbuds, use an ear stick with some rubbing alcohol and cleaning solution to clean the metal underside, right beneath the speaker.

Well, if required, detach the plastic cover from the earphone for proper cleaning.

How to Locate Onn Case Contact Points?

The contact plates of the onn charging case are found on the underside of the earbud socket and are similar to metal pins.

You can use an ear stick with any cleaning solution to collect any debris on the pins and improve the connection with the earbuds.

Warning: Do not re-seat the earbuds into the case before the hardware has fully dried up!

6. Install Alternative Charging Equipment

install alternative charging equipment

If you’re still facing issues with charging the onn buds or the onn equipment, you should install an alternative power adapter and a replacement micro-USB cable

A potential defect with either of these components will prevent the onn charging case’s battery from being refilled, hence preventing the onn earbuds from charging.

Let’s start with installing an alternative micro-USB cord first!

How to Charge Onn Buds with a Different USB?

To test onn’s charging, use any other universal micro-USB cable compatible with the port on the adapter and attempt to charge the case of the earbuds.

You can use a standard micro-USB cable, such as the ones that old Android phones still use.

How to Charge Onn Buds with a Different Adapter?

charge onn buds with a different adapter

Like the USB cable, it is common to come across a compatible 9V-24V power adapter that can connect to the onn case.

So, uninstall the current adapter and connect a replacement to test it.

Notice: The replacement equipment can be borrowed from any old phone charger or appliance!

7. Restore your Onn Earbuds to Defaults

If you’re still unable to recharge the onn earbuds, you should perform a factory reset on the charging case, while both earbuds are placed inside.

The restoration will delete your existing system and Bluetooth settings of the earbuds and eliminate existing startup or charging issues.

restore your onn earbuds to defaults

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on the onn wireless earbuds easily:

  1. Insert both earbuds into the onn charging capsule.
  2. Next, connect your onn case with a charging cable.
  3. Hold the “Power” button on the case for 10 seconds.
  4. Release the button when onn flashes red and blue.
  5. Remove the earbuds from the case and reconnect.

Once the reset is finished, you will be able to pair the earbuds as usual, as long as there’s a sufficient amount of battery supply left. 

Note: If your onn earbuds are still not charging, perhaps the issue is on a hardware level so check the device’s warranty!

Quick Recap

If your onn wireless earbuds not charging, power cycle the capsule and refill the battery capacity to a maximum.

If the fault persists, ensure the charger’s connections are intact, alter the case’s power source and factory reset the earbuds.

Follow us for more onn wireless earbuds troubleshooting!