Onn Wireless Earbuds Not Turning On? (Instant Solutions!)

onn wireless earbuds not turning on

onn wireless earbuds not turning on, and you’re worried? Well, don’t because we have a fix!

The onn wireless earbuds are designed to automatically turn on and off once taken in or out of the wireless charging case.

The onn case may fail to activate the earbuds due to a charging issue, a potential Bluetooth congestion, or an underlying charging equipment malfunction.

So, let’s analyze the solution:

If the onn wireless earbuds aren’t turning on, re-cradle the buds back into the case and refill its battery capacity to the maximum.

If the issue persists, pair the earbuds manually, replace the charging equipment and factory reset onn.

Let’s keep reading further!

Why Are My Onn Earbuds Not Turning On?

why onn earbuds not turning on

Like any other earbuds, onn also uses standard charging case technology, to maintain the battery levels of both earbuds and keep them connected. 

The primary reason why the onn earbuds fail to start is due to an issue with the charging case, but there could be more influencing factors.

Let’s have a look at a complete list containing all causes for onn’s issue:

  • There’s an issue with onn’s charging case.
  • A problem with onn’s charging equipment.
  • Problems with the buds’s Bluetooth pairing.
  • A failure of the onn case’s built-in buttons.
  • A malfunction of one or both onn earbuds.

This is what can potentially impact the startup functionality of the onn earbuds.

Keep reading further into the guide to uncover the most effective solutions and fix the earbuds issue quickly.

Onn Wireless Earbuds Not Turning On – Quick & Easy Fix

Tip: Follow the guide’s solutions in chronological order!

1. Re-cradle the Onn Earbuds

re-cradle the onn earbuds

You can resolve temporal or non-lasting issues with onn by re-cradling both earbuds back into the charging case.

Then you must wait until the earphones are unpaired from your Bluetooth.

All wireless earbud models, including onn, are designed to automatically turn off once in contact with the charging case.

Thus, this is extremely helpful against non-lasting earbud malfunctions.

Here’s how to properly re-cradle the onn earbuds in easy steps:

  1. Open the lid of the onn earbuds charging case.
  2. Position both earbuds into the charging sockets.
  3. After that, close the lid of the onn charging case.
  4. Next, connect the case to a USB charging cable.
  5. Wait for 40 seconds while the case is plugged in.
  6. Take both earbuds out and try to pair your device.

The onn earbuds will only be discoverable by nearby wireless devices while taken out of the case.

Hence, even while charging, the earbuds will be incapable of maintaining a connection.

Tip: Determine if the onn buds are automatically set to connect with other devices in range!

2. Fully Re-charge Onn’s Equipment

fully re-charge onn’s equipment

The next step is to ensure that the earbuds and the onn case are charged to sufficient battery capacity.

Since, not allowing the earbuds or the case to charge properly can result in a variety of functionality issues with the equipment, including earbuds startup problems or pairing failures.

Let’s start with re-charging the onn case first!

How to Recharge Onn Wireless Capsule?

The first is to verify that the onn wireless case is charging properly and that its internal battery is charged to a sufficient level.

As established, the onn charging case uses a standard micro-USB cable, so plug the cable into an A/C adapter, connect the case, and plug the brick into an outlet.

Note: The indicator lamp of the case should illuminate in blue or red color, based on the model.

How to Recharge Onn Wireless Earbuds?

how to recharge onn wireless earbuds

After verifying that onn’s case is charged to maximum capacity, place both earbuds within the charging case and wait for a total of 30–45 minutes.

This is the standard time required to refill the battery of each onn earbud from zero to maximum capacity.

Info: Approximately 15 minutes of charge time equals 2 hours of playback on your onn buds!

3. Pair with the Onn Buds Manually

An undetected sensor issue may confuse you into thinking that the earbuds aren’t starting up, while they can be discovered by all of your devices within range. 

That’s why the next step is to attempt pairing the onn earbuds manually, through the Bluetooth settings of your wireless device.

Note: Ensure both earbuds are taken out from the charging case before attempting to pair!

pair with the onn buds manually

Follow these instructions to manually pair with the onn earbuds:

  1. Access the settings of your device and go to “Bluetooth.”
  2. Next, scroll down to the “Discoverable Devices” section.
  3. Tap on the “onn” or “onn earbuds” connection on the list.
Notice: If the earbuds pair successfully, the earbuds’s status will adjust to “Connected.”

4. Inspect Onn’s Charging Equipment

Well, the charging equipment of your onn earbuds consists of three total connections.

  • The first one is the micro-USB cable, the second is the 9V-24V adapter and the third is the A/C outlet.

The onn case may be refusing to charge due to loose or unsecured equipment connections, so the next step is to inspect the charger in its entirety!

Let’s conduct a thorough inspection of onn charging connections!

The Charging Cable’s Earbuds Connection

the charging cable’s earbuds connection

First, you must ensure the micro-USB cable is securely connected to the charging port of the onn wireless case.

In addition, verify there are no charging port obstructions and clean any dust or debris from the internal charging points/contacts of the case.

The Charging Cable’s Adapter Connection

The next important connection is how well the charging cable is plugged in with the A/C adapter.

The micro-USB uses a standard 2.0/3.0 USB plug on the other end that connects to the power adapter.

So, reconnect the USB charging cable and verify it is connected securely to your brick.

The Charging Adapter’s Outlet Connection

The final connection of onn’s charging equipment is how well the power adapter is secured with the electrical outlet.

An unsecured connection between the adapter and the electrical socket will periodically interrupt the charging of the case unless the connection is secured.

Warning: If there are any physical defects with the equipment, replace the faulty component.

5. Hard Reset the Onn Case (Power Button)

hard reset the onn case (power button)

If the onn earbuds are still failing to turn on, you can perform a hard reset of the charging case, to resume the charging of the earbuds.

But, remember that not all onn earbuds charging cases come with an in-built “Power” button, but most capsules do have a “Bluetooth” button, operating the wireless connections.

Warning: You can only hard reset onn earbuds with an in-built “Bluetooth” or “Power” button!

Here’s how to hard reset the onn case:

  1. Take both earbuds out from the charging case.
  2. Plug the charging case with a charging cable.
  3. Press and hold the “Power” button on the case.
  4. Release the case’s button after 10–15 seconds.
  5. Place the buds back in and disconnect the case.
Alert: If the case does not receive power from the electrical source, the hard reset will not work!

6. Replace Onn’s Charging Equipment

replace onn’s charging equipment

If the onn earbuds are still unable to turn on, there could be a defect with one of the charging equipment’s components.

  • As clarified, Onn uses a standard micro-USB charging cable along with a 9-24V adapter, that must be connected with a proven electrical outlet to work correctly.

Charging equipment for your onn wireless earbuds is even easy to come across, as any old charger uses micro-USB with a detachable power adapter.

Here’s how to test onn’s charging equipment in easy steps:

  • To test onn’s charging cable, install a replacement micro-USB wire to the adapter.
  • To test onn’s A/C adapter, install a replacement adapter with the micro-USB cable.

For testing purposes, use the replacement charging cable with the current A/C adapter and the replacement adapter with the current cable. 

Tip: Verify you’ve already tested the replacement equipment by connecting any low-voltage appliance or charger to power.

7. Factory Reset the Onn Wireless Earbuds

factory reset the onn wireless earbuds

Restoring onn to factory defaults will address existing issues with the wireless earbuds, erase all existing Bluetooth connections, and reconfigure the system. 

This is a proven and effective solution against issues with charging, startup problems, general onn earbuds/case connection failures, or other blunders.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on the onn wireless earbuds easily:

  1. Place both earbuds in the case and close the lid.
  2. Hold the “Bluetooth” or “Power” button on the rear.
  3. Release the button for 15 seconds to start the reset.
  4. Do not interact with onn while the LEDs are blinking.
Alert: The factory reset will not have any effect if the earbuds are not inserted in the case!

Quick Recap

If the onn wireless earbuds not turning on, cradle the buds back into the case, attempt to pair onn manually, and inspect the charging connections.

If the issue persists, perform a factory reset on the onn earbuds.

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