Bose SoundLink Micro Not Turning On? (Working Solutions)

bose soundlink micro not turning on

If your Bose SoundLink Micro not turning on, you’re not alone, so read to find the solution!

It can be especially bothersome whenever you’re eager to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go but the Bose SoundLink fails to start up.

To begin with, let’s mention that the issue could be a result of improper speaker charging, a defective “Power” button, or charging equipment faults.

So, let’s take a quick peek into the solution:

If the Bose SoundLink isn’t turning on, ensure the “Power” button is not stuck, test the LED indicators, and fully recharge the speaker.

If the fault persists, charge your speaker with alternative equipment and force a system reset.

There’s much more so keep reading further!

Why Does The Bose Micro SoundLink Won’t Turn On?

bose micro soundlink won’t turn on

Here’s what could prevent the Bose Micro SoundLink from turning on:

  • There’s a malfunction of the speaker’s “Power” button.
  • Your speaker battery has not been charged sufficiently.
  • There is an issue with your SoundLink charging setup.
  • The charging port of the SoundLink Micro is obstructed.
  • The speaker has developed software or hardware issues.

How to Know If SoundLink is Dead?

Knowing whether the SoundLink is experiencing a total “blackout” or simply fails to turn on after pressing the “Power” button is essential for solving the issue.

Your Bose speaker might respond after being connected with a proven-to-work charger or when trying to check the battery level.

The only way to discover if your Bose SoundLink responds to any inputs is through the battery indicator lights, between the “Power” and “Bluetooth” buttons.

Note: No lights mean no activity. If there is a light indication, the Bose SoundLink is working!

Bose SoundLink Micro Not Turning On – Quick Solutions!

Info: If your Bose SoundLink speaker does not turn on at all, the battery is probably dead.

1. Long-Press Bose SoundLink’s “Power”

long-press bose soundlink’s “power”

The first step is to press and hold the SoundLink Micro’s “Power” button for longer than usual to force a reset of the speaker’s settings.

So, locate the button on the left end of the speaker, right next to the battery indications, and hold it for about 10–15 seconds.

In addition, attempt to identify any power button issues, such as difficulty in pressing, defective contact pins, or any other visual defects.

How to Check Bose SoundLink Micro Battery Level?

You can check the current battery level of your Bose by pressing and holding the “Power” button for a slightly longer duration, compared to when turning the device on.

Holding the button for ~3 seconds will display the battery’s remaining capacity, without turning off your Bose SoundLink.

Note: The speaker’s LED indicators should flash shortly after releasing the “Power” button!

2. Fully Re-Charge the Speaker’s Battery

fully re-charge the speaker’s battery

So, the Bose SoundLink must be charged to a sufficient battery capacity to turn on and become discoverable for other Bluetooth devices.

That’s why the next step is to re-connect your speaker with proven charging equipment and wait until 4 or 5 of the device’s battery indications are lit up.

It takes approximately 30 and 45 minutes for the Bose SoundLink Micro to charge from 0% up to 100% battery capacity.

Hence, don’t unplug the charger until at least half an hour has passed.

Important: Verify Your Power Source!

Apart from defective equipment, the speaker could be failing to charge due to power source insufficiency.

To test this out, reinstall the SoundLink Micro’s USB-C cable into an alternative power source and reconnect the speaker.

Also, you must avoid using any third-party equipment in the setup of the speaker, as this could block or reduce the power received by the SoundLink.

Ensure the USB cable’s power adapter is plugged directly into an electrical outlet and wait until your Bose SoundLink is charged optimally.

3. Retry the Bose Pairing Over Bluetooth

retry the bose pairing over bluetooth

In rare cases, there will be no visual indication that the Bose SoundLink is working, but the unit will be discoverable to other devices over Bluetooth.

Hence, that’s why the next step is to check whether the Bose SoundLink appears as an available device within your wireless configuration.

Remember that if the speaker has been connected to your device once, its Bluetooth profile will be registered for quicker pairing the next time!

How to Pair to Bose SoundLink On an Existing Device?

  1. Open the “Bluetooth” settings tab on your wireless device.
  2. Next, scroll down to your “Remembered Devices” section.
  3. Tap on the Bose SoundLink’s connection from the menu.
  4. Wait until the status changes to “Connected” and Bose pairs.

How to Pair to Bose SoundLink On a New Device?

  1. Navigate to the “Bluetooth” settings on your device and wait.
  2. Check if the connection shows under “Discoverable Devices.”
  3. Tap your speaker’s profile to establish the wireless connection.
  4. Test the speaker’s output by playing any audio on the device.
Note: Keep the Bose SoundLink in an under 4-inch radius while pairing over Bluetooth!

4. Apply the Most Recent SoundLink Update

apply most recent soundlink update

So, if the SoundLink is visibly charging, but won’t turn on after pressing the “Power” button, you should apply the most recent product update available for the speaker.

For this purpose, you will require a computer connected to the Wi-Fi or internet and the Bose SoundLink’s charging cable.

Follow these instructions to update the SoundLink Micro’s version:

  1. Connect the USB-C cable to the “Service” port on the speaker.
  2. Plug the other end into a USB port on your computer or laptop.
  3. Download the Bose Updater Software from the official website.
  4. Run the “.exe” application that will be installed on your device.
  5. When prompted, click “Run” to initiate a system software check.
  6. Next, wait until your SoundLink Micro is automatically detected.
  7. Optional: Select “Apply Changes” if there’s a newer OS version.

Why is My Computer Not Detecting Bose SoundLink?

computer not detecting bose soundlink

If your computer does not detect the speaker’s wired USB connection, try the following:

  • Reconnect the USB cable of the speaker from your PC.
  • Plug the speaker into a “priority” motherboard USB port.
  • Re-add the speaker’s profile from the “Device Manager.”
Note: If you’re experiencing difficulties with the update, check the updater compatibility info!

5. Remove Charging Port Obstructions

If Bose Micro SoundLink not turning on, perhaps the device is not charging, hence the battery is dead.

This sometimes happens when the SoundLink cannot receive charge due to obstructions in the port, so the next step is to remove any debris or dust accumulation, clogging the contacts.

remove charging port obstructions

Here’s how to remove any obstructions on the SoundLink’s charging port:

  1. Apply some rubbing alcohol to a soft-bristled brush or an ear stick.
  2. Disconnect the Bose SoundLink from the charger and wait 10 seconds.
  3. Insert the cleaning tool into the charging port of your Bose SoundLink.
  4. Perform circular movements to collect all of the port’s dust and debris.
  5. Wait for ~60 seconds until your speaker’s port dries out and test Bose.
Warning: Do NOT plug your speaker into the power while the port is wet!

6. Inspect Bose’s Charging Equipment

Defective charging equipment is one of the primary causes of charging or startup issues of the Bose SoundLink Micro.

That’s why the next step is to ensure all charger connections are proper and secure, then reconnect the Bose SoundLink and wait until the battery is charged optimally.

inspect bose’s charging equipment

Inspect the following connections in the Bose SoundLink’s charging setup:

  • The USB cable’s connection to the speaker’s charging port.
  • The USB cable’s connection to the speaker’s power adapter.
  • The power adapter’s connection to the home electrical outlet.

Replacing the SoundLink’s Equipment:

So, if you’re certain all connections on the Bose SoundLink’s charger are secure, you should consider installing alternative equipment. 

First, attempt to refill your Bose speaker’s battery using a replacement USB-C cable, and if it doesn’t work, install an alternative power adapter.

By the method of exclusion, you will be able to determine which one of your charging components is responsible for the SoundLink problem.

Quick Recap

Whenever the Bose SoundLink Micro not turning on, long-press the “Power” button and then force a system reset.

If the problem persists, check the Bose speaker charging setup, clean the charging port, and apply the most recent SoundLink firmware.

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