Onn Speaker Keeps Turning Off? Frustrated? Fix Now!

onn speaker keeps turning off

onn speaker keeps turning off and you’re worried? Worry no longer and continue reading!

Well, most battery-operated speakers, including onn, automatically turn off after 20 minutes of no use, and unfortunately, this is an in-built feature.

The auto-shutting off can’t be disabled, but if your speaker keeps turning off while playing, this is a device-related problem, so let’s check it.

If your onn speaker keeps turning off even when music is playing, you must fully charge the device and switch to a proven power source.

If this doesn’t help, clean the charging port from obstructions, and factory reset the speaker.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, so let’s get in-depth!

About Onn Speaker Auto Power Off?

about onn speaker auto power off

If you’re not aware, onn speakers will automatically turn off about approximately 20 minutes of inactivity.

This is an inbuilt feature to preserve the battery charge of your speaker in case it has been turned on and forgotten. 

Sadly, there is no way to disable this feature, so if you’re surprised, you should worry since the device won’t turn off when playing music.

This feature shouldn’t interfere with the device’s work.

However, if your onn speaker turns off while playing music, this is not good. There is a problem!

Let’s fix it!

How to Fix When the Onn Speaker Keeps Turning Off?

Tip: We recommend following the steps in chronological order!

1. Fully Recharge your Onn Speaker

fully recharge your onn speaker

One of the most common reasons for randomly shutting off onn speaker is the battery of the device, especially when charged insufficiently.

Thus, the first step is to verify that your onn speaker is charging by connecting the provided USB cable to an adapter or any USB port.

If you have the big onn Party speaker we recommend plugging the device directly into your electrical socket.

In contrast, the small, Rugged onn speaker can easily be charged from the USB port on any device such as a computer or laptop.

How to Know if Onn Speaker is Charging?

Your onn Party or Rugged speaker should have an LED indication.

To know whether the device is charging, look at the indicator while connected to a tested A/C outlet, to determine the state:

  • Solid Red means that the onn speaker is charging.
  • No Lights means that the onn speaker is charged.

If your onn speaker is not charging, then this explains why your device keeps turning off, even while paired and outputting audio.

So, to resolve charging problems, continue reading the guide!

2. Switch to a Different Power Source

switch to a different power source

Well, if your onn Party or Rugged speaker is not charging when connected, the first and most important step to undertake is to switch the power source.

If you’ve been charging your onn speaker from a USB port on your PC or laptop, we recommend switching to a power adapter.

Important: Third-Party Connectors!

When charging your onn speaker, the primary requirement is to plug the device directly into the electrical outlet without third-party devices.

Those include power extenders, dividers, and plugs.

Quick Tip: Also, disconnect and reconnect the power cable from the port and power adapter!

3. Clean the Speaker’s Charging Port

clean the speaker’s charging port

The onn Party and Rugged speakers have different charging ports, but they are both vulnerable to obstructions such as dust accumulation.

If your charging cable’s connector does not plug into the port, your onn speaker may not charge and randomly shut off, while connected.

So, we’ve prepared a quick step-by-step guide on cleaning the charging port:

  1. First, locate the charging port and disconnect the cable.
  2. The port on the Rugged speaker is labeled “CHARGE”.
  3. The port on the onn Party speaker is labeled “AC IN”.
  4. ALERT: Do NOT use liquids to clean the speaker ports.
  5. Acquire a toothpick and an ear stick to use for cleaning.
  6. Using the toothpick, gently scrub all the dust and debris.
  7. Blow into the port a few times to remove the obstructions.
  8. Using the ear stick collect the remaining dust and debris.

When the charging port is free of obstructions, reconnect the charging cable securely, plug the connector into an outlet, and check the indication light.

Is your onn speaker now charging? If not, continue reading!

4. Replace your Charging Equipment

replace your charging equipment

One of the most common reasons why the onn Rugged or onn Party speaker keeps turning off is due to a defect with the charging equipment.

Those issues can’t be caught instantly, without a replacement charging cable, but we’ve prepared some insights for both types of Onn speakers.

Onn Rugged Speaker [Charging Equipment]

Well, replacing the charging equipment on the onn Rugged speaker is easy, since the charging wire is a USB cable.

This makes it easy to test via different charging cables, as your smartphone probably uses the same type of USB cable.

Onn Party Speaker [Charging Equipment]

Well, the large onn Party speaker uses a full-scale power cable, in fact, the same as many TVs use.

So, to test with a different charging cable without buying one, check if your TV or any of the PC monitors you have to use the same type of cable.

If yes, test your onn Party speaker with it.

Note: If your onn Rugged or Party speaker keeps turning off, even with a proven power cable, the issue could be software-related.

5. Prevent Speaker from Overheating

prevent speaker from overheating

Well, if your onn Bluetooth speaker keeps turning off at random, you should know that the issue you’ve been facing may be related to overheating.

Is your onn speaker directly exposed to sunlight? If yes, well no wonder why the device turns off after a few minutes of usage.

This is called a “thermal margin” and when the hardware pieces of your speaker get too hot, the device shuts off on its own to preserve the components from harm.

Sadly, there aren’t many ways to prevent onn speakers from overheating.

However, here are a few things you can try:

  • Don’t keep the onn speaker exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Move your speaker away from nearby heat conductors.
  • Turn on a fan blowing against the back of your speaker.
  • Turn OFF the speaker for a few minutes to cool it down.
  • Open a window or turn on the AC to ventilate the room.
Quick Tip: Touch your onn speaker on all sides to determine whether any of the panels are hot on the touch, which can justify the overheating.

6. Reset your Onn Speaker to Default

reset your onn speaker to default

If your onn Rugged or Party speaker keeps turning off, it’s time to perform a factory reset, which will address all software blunders and hopefully fix the issue.

Whether you’ve got the Rugged or Party onn speaker, these units reset similarly, so everything you need is a thin and pointy tool.

Warning: The factory reset will unpair your onn speaker from your Bluetooth device!

Here’s how to factory reset your onn speaker in easy steps:

  1. First, locate the “RESET” pinhole on your speaker.
  2. Acquire a thin and pointy tool such as a toothpick.
  3. Verify that the onn Rugged or Party speaker is ON.
  4. Reach within the pinhole and hold the reset button.
  5. Release the button after 15–20 seconds to reset it.

When you’re ready, you will have to hold the Bluetooth button on the onn speaker to enable the “Pairing Mode” and then discover the device.

Once paired, your onn speaker should no longer turn off automatically, so blast some music and observe.

Quick Tip: If the onn speaker keeps shutting off without a reason, we recommend checking the warranty or contacting the local merchant for reclamation.

Quick Recap

If your onn speaker keeps turning off while playing music, fully recharge the device in a proven-to-work power outlet and test it with a different charging cable.

Additionally, you may need to clean the charging port or reset your speaker.

Follow us for more Onn speaker troubleshooting!