Why Is My Altec Lansing Speaker Not Pairing? Fix It Fast!

why is my altec lansing speaker not pairing

Asking why is my Altec Lansing speaker not pairing? You ask the questions, and we answer!

So, the Altec Lansing speaker is a high-quality device, but like many other Bluetooth speakers issues may arise suddenly.

If your Altec Lansing speaker cannot be discovered by the source device, this guide will help you resolve the problem and get connected in a matter of minutes.

When your Altec Lansing speaker is not pairing, verify that your speaker is in Bluetooth Mode, not Wi-Fi Mode, and restart the Bluetooth on your source device.

Additionally, you may need to factory reset the speaker entirely.

Let’s unwrap the possible causes!

Why is the Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker Not Pairing?

not pairing altec lansing bluetooth speaker

There could be several different possibilities when your Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker does not appear in the device’s list of your source. 

To name the primary suspects for this problem, we have prepared a short but complete list that involves all proven causes for pairing issues:

  • You’re not pairing the Altec speaker correctly.
  • Your Altec speaker is not in “Bluetooth Mode.”
  • There is a bug in the source Bluetooth feature.
  • An existing Bluetooth pairing to other devices.
  • The space between the source and the speaker.
  • Software-related glitch with your Altec speaker.

That’s everything. Let’s address all of this in one go!

Why is My Altec Lansing Speaker Not Pairing? – Quick Fix

Tip: We recommend following the steps in order!

1. Pair your Altec Speaker Correctly

pair your altec speaker correctly

The first and most important step is to verify that you’re pairing your Altec Lansing speaker the correct way.

The speaker must be in “Pairing Mode” before your source device can discover the unit in the Bluetooth menu. 

However, different models of Altec speakers come with different steps and buttons.

So let’s take a quick look at some key points:

  • When turned on, the Altec speaker goes into Pairing Mode automatically.
  • To enable the pairing mode manually, hold the “Link” or “Bluetooth” button.
  • The indication for enabled pairing mode is blinking blue/red or blue/white.
  • Your Altec speaker should be sufficiently charged before it can be paired.

So, now that this is cleared, here’s how to pair your Altec speaker to various devices:

Pair Altec Lansing Speaker to Android Mobile:

pair altec lansing speaker to android mobile
  1. Hold the Link/Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode.
  2. Your speaker should flash in blue/red or blue/white.
  3. On your Android, go to the Bluetooth discovery tab.
  4. Wait for the speaker to appear and select to connect.

Pair Altec Lansing Speaker to Apple iOS Mobile:

  1. Hold the Link or Bluetooth button on your Altec speaker.
  2. Release when the speaker flashes in blue and red/white.
  3. On the iPhone, go to Settings and enter the Bluetooth tab.
  4. From there wait for your Altec Lansing speaker to appear.
  5. Tap on the connection to pair your speaker via Bluetooth.
Note: If you’re using a different device such as a MacBook or Windows PC, the steps remain the same, where the most important part is for your speaker to be in pairing mode.

2. Set Speaker to “Bluetooth” Mode

set speaker to “bluetooth” mode

If your Altec Lansing speaker not pairing, you may have accidentally enabled the Wi-Fi Mode instead of the Bluetooth Pairing Mode.

When the Wi-Fi mode is enabled, you need to set up the speaker in the “Altec Lansing Versa Bridge” app, hence, the speaker won’t be discoverable.

There is a quick way to switch between the two modes, so here’s how:

  1. First, hold the Power button on the speaker continuously.
  2. When the device turns off, press the Power button once.
  3. Wait to see if there is going to be blue and red/white light.
  4. If you see a white light, the speaker is connected to Wi-Fi.
  5. So, press and hold the Bluetooth button for 3–5 seconds.
  6. When you see blue and red/white light, it’s in pairing mode.

So, with the blue/red and blue/white color flashing, go ahead and try to discover the speaker in your device’s Bluetooth list.

If it doesn’t appear in the list, something else is likely interrupting the connection so continue reading ahead…

3. Turn your Bluetooth OFF and ON

turn your bluetooth off and on

The reason why your Altec Lansing speaker is not pairing to your Bluetooth device might be due to a problem with the source device, not the speaker.

That’s why the next and quick step would be to simply toggle OFF and ON your Bluetooth feature, which will refresh the connection easily.

  • To turn off and on the Bluetooth on Android, reveal the Quick Menu, hold the Bluetooth icon, and tap on the toggle to temporarily disable it.
  • To turn off and on the Bluetooth on an iOS device, go to Settings → Bluetooth and tap on the toggle to temporarily stop and restart Bluetooth.

Another quick way to refresh the Bluetooth feature on any mobile is by toggling on and off the Airplane Mode, which can be accessed through the quick menu.

Note: If you’re using Windows or macOS, you can restart the Bluetooth from the Taskbar or System Preferences, respectively.

4. Disconnect the Source Bluetooth

disconnect the source bluetooth

If your Altec Lansing speaker is not connecting to your Bluetooth device, the problem can also be related to an already existing connection.

This means that your Bluetooth source is already connected to another Bluetooth unit, which prevents the Altec speaker from being discovered.

So, on your source device, open the Bluetooth settings and locate a currently existing pairing to another Bluetooth device.

When you find it, on iOS tap the “i” icon and tap “Forget this Device” to unpair it, while on Android, you must press the cogwheel button and then select “FORGET.”

Important: Before pairing your Altec speaker, verify that your source device is not connected to another device.

5. Shorten the Bluetooth Distance

shorten the bluetooth distance

Another reason why your Altec Lansing speaker is not pairing could be due to wireless signal interference or other distance-related connection problems.

This is why, we strongly recommend placing the speaker right next to your source device and then attempting to discover the device.

The maximum Bluetooth range is about 33 feet. 

However, we recommend bypassing this suggestion and attempting to pair the speaker with the source device by putting it even closer. 

One More Thing: Interference!

If you have other Bluetooth devices near your Altec Lansing speaker, we strongly recommend turning their Bluetooth “OFF.”

This will surely stop any congestion and your speaker must show up in the Bluetooth list of your source device. 

If not, continue reading…

6. Factory Reset your Altec Speaker

factory reset your altec speaker

Sometimes the speakers, including Altec Lansing, can face software-related issues that might prevent the device from being discovered by Bluetooth devices.

So, one guaranteed way to fix the problem quickly is to perform a factory reset on the speaker, reverting all settings to default.

Warning: The factory reset will unpair the Altec Lansing speaker from all Bluetooth devices and erase any in-app settings.

Here’s how to factory reset the Altec Lansing speaker in easy steps:

  1. First, verify that the Altec Lansing speaker is “ON.”
  2. Next, find the Volume (+) and Volume (-) buttons.
  3. Then, press and hold both buttons simultaneously.
  4. Release the buttons after 5–7 seconds of holding.
  5. This will return your speaker to its original settings.

When you’re ready with the factory reset, scroll back to the first step in this guide to properly put the speaker in “Pairing Mode” and connect to your Bluetooth device.

If you’re still struggling to pair the Altec Lansing speaker, we strongly recommend trying to connect it to a different device.

Quick Tip: If your speaker won’t connect to any device, check the device’s warranty!

Quick Recap

Why is my altec lansing speaker not pairing?

Hence, when your Altec Lansing speaker not pairing verify that the Bluetooth Mode is enabled and disconnect other Bluetooth connections.

Also, shorten the Bluetooth range, and perform a factory reset on your speaker.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more!