Altec Lansing Speaker Not Charging? (Top Fixes for Charging Woes)

altec lansing speaker not charging

If your Altec Lansing Speaker not charging, this read will help you diagnose and fix the issue!

The Altec Lansing Speaker’s charging setup consists of a micro-USB cable and a compatible 9V – 24V power adapter.

Well, a charging fault typically resembles a hardware malfunction of the charging equipment, an obstructed charging port, or internal hardware issues with your speaker.

Here’s the quick fix:

If the Altec Lansing Speaker is not receiving a charge, inspect the charging equipment for loose or unsecured connections and clean the charging port.

If the issue persists, reset the Altec speaker and replace the charging equipment.

There’s more so keep reading!

Why is My Altec Lansing Speaker Not Charging?

my altec lansing speaker not charging

Here’s what can potentially impact the Lansing speaker’s charging capability:

  • A malfunction of the speaker’s charging equipment.
  • Loose or unsecured connections of the A/C charger.
  • Insufficiency of the electrical outlet or power source.
  • Obstructed charging port or defective charging pins.
  • A hardware malfunction of the Altec Lansing Speaker.

Well, before jumping into the steps, it’s important to know what the Altec speaker is telling you!

Altec Lansing Speaker LED Indications
Blinking Blue LEDAltec’s Bluetooth is not connected. The speaker awaits connection.
Solid Blue LEDThe speaker’s Bluetooth has connected successfully.
Solid Red LEDThe Altec Lansing Speakers battery is currently being charged.
Red LED OFFAltec’s battery capacity has been refilled to the maximum.

Let’s get on with the troubleshooting, shall we?

Altec Lansing Speaker Not Charging – Fixed in 7 Methods!

Quick Tip: Follow the steps consecutively!

1. Secure Charger’s Connections

secure charger’s connections

The first step is to ensure that all connections of the Altec Lansing Speaker’s charging are firmly connected and there are no loose or unsecured cables.

This is the leading cause of charging faults of the Altec Lansing speaker and can be prevented after a thorough cabling inspection. 

Inspect the following connections in Altec’s charging setup:

  • The connection of the micro-USB to the charging source.
  • The connection of the micro-USB to the Lansing speaker.
  • The connection of the charging adapter to the A/C source.
Warning: Faulty, loose, or damaged cables must be replaced in order to restore the charging!

2. Power Reset the Altec Lansing

power reset the altec lansing

You can address issues with Altec’s charging by performing a power reset on the hardware!

The in-built “Powerbutton allows for fully discharging the hardware, without having to remove either of the side panels or disconnect internal wires.

Here’s how to perform a “Power” reset on the Altec Lansing Speaker:

  1. Connect the Altec Lansing Speaker to the power supply.
  2. Press the “Power” button once to power the speaker.
  3. Unplug the cable and hold “Power” for 10–15 seconds.
  4. Then, release the button and wait for up to 30 seconds.
  5. Press the “Power” button again to test the Altec speaker.
Important: If the “Power” button does not press properly or there’s a fault, seek customer care!

3. Inspect Speaker’s Charging Port

inspect speaker’s charging port

The next step is to diagnose any faults or physical obstructions of the Altec Lansing Speaker’s charging port, preventing the wire from plugging in all the way.

To check if the charging port is obstructed, shine your smartphone’s flashlight directly into the charging pins and check if any are bent, blocked, or missing

You can clean any dust accumulation and debris from the charging port by using a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth.

However, the charging port’s location differs on every Altec Lansing speaker, so you must first find it.

Cleaning the charging port involves the following steps:

  • Disconnect your Altec Lansing speaker from the power.
  • Use a toothpick to scrub and soften dust accumulation.
  • Use an ear stuck to clean the dust around the contacts.
  • Using the cloth, dry up everything and clean the debris.
  • Optional: Use a can of compressed air for more cleaning.
Warning: Cleaning the speaker’s internal charging pins should be done with extreme caution!

4. System Reset the Altec Speaker

system reset the altec speaker

You can address faults with Altec by performing a system reset to erase all existing software settings and configurations.

It is an effective solution against charging and functionality issues, but this method erases any configurations and personal settings, which is an irreversible step.

Here’s how to perform a system reset on the Altec Lansing Speaker:

  1. Locate the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons.
  2. Press both buttons simultaneously to start the reset.
  3. Release the buttons after 5–7 seconds and then wait.
Note: The Altec Lansing Speaker will notify you of the reset by blinking twice!

5. Replace Altec’s Charging Cable

replace altec’s charging cable

Perhaps, there’s an underlying fault with the charging cable of the Altec speaker, preventing the power from the electrical outlet from going through.

So, unplug the current charging cable from the USB port on the adapter or charging outlet and install a replacement and proven A/C cable.

Note: The Altec Lansing Speaker uses a universal micro USB charging cable!

Bonus Tip: Test with a Different Adapter:

If the Altec Lansing speaker is still not receiving a charge with the new cable, you should switch to another charging adapter.

These adapters are easy to come by as most smartphones actively utilize the same USB adapter, so you can take one from a different setup and test the charging.

Reminder: The replacement adapter’s voltage must be between 9 V and 24 V.

6. Change the A/C Power Source

change the a/c power source

Another reason why the Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker not charging is because of a power source insufficiency.

This is the voltage that the speaker is supposed to withdraw from your outlet, and when the current is fluctuating or too weak, the Altec Lansing speaker won’t charge.

The next step is to install the charging equipment of the speaker into an alternative A/C outlet or use a different USB port with proven voltage.

We recommend plugging your speaker into a different room, where the outlets are connected to a different fuse from the main circuit.

This will help you tell whether the problem is outlet-related.

Tip: Test the replacement electrical outlet or source before relocating the speaker’s equipment!

7. Forget Altec Lansing’s Connection

forget altec lansing’s connection

The charging could be interrupted due to an existing Bluetooth interference caused by one of your devices.

To address the problem, you must ensure that Altec’s Bluetooth is not connected to any receiver, including smartphones, Bluetooth computers, laptops, or other wireless devices.

Here’s how to unpair the speaker from your device and forget the profile:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your wireless device.
  2. Navigate to your “Bluetooth” section from the list.
  3. Next, scroll down and locate Altec’s connection.
  4. (iPhone) Tap on the “Info” icon to open “Settings.”
  5. (Android) Tap the “cogwheel” and tap “FORGET.”
  6. Finally, wait until Altec’s profile has been removed.
Notice: Forget Altec’s connection so the speaker won’t pair again automatically!

Quick Recap

If the Altec Lansing Speaker not charging, alter the speaker’s power source, replace the charging cable, and force a “System” restoration.

If the problem continues, power cycle Altec Lansing’s hardware and install a different adapter.

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