Why Is My Altec Lansing Speaker Not Turning On? (Top 7 Fixes)

why is my altec lansing speaker not turning on

Wondering why is my Altec Lansing speaker not turning on? Well, we have the solution!

Regardless of the many Altec Lansing speakers available, startup issues typically occur as a result of identical causes.

So, the common suspects for not turning on are the charging, the equipment, and the ports of the Altec Lansing speaker, so let’s try to evaluate the problem.

If your Altec speaker is not turning on, inspect the power button for defects, and identify issues with the charging equipment.

If everything is intact, you may need to change the charging source or restore the speaker to default.

Let’s learn more! 

Why is the Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker Not Turning On?

altec lansing bluetooth speaker not turning on

Here are all the possible causes for Altec Lansing’s functionality issue:

  • An issue with Altec Lansing’s power button.
  • Improper charging or faulty A/C equipment.
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi issues with the Lansing.
  • Improper or unsecured charging installation.
  • Malfunction of the Altec Lansing hardware.

How to Turn On Altec Lansing Properly?

To start up your Altec Lansing speaker properly, you must press and hold the “Power” button for 3–4 seconds.

This will put the speaker in “Pairing” mode, allowing all the devices in a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi range to establish a wireless connection.

When paired, your device’s audio output will be transferred through the speaker, meaning you don’t have to adjust any settings in addition. 

Tip: You can download and install the Altec Lansing Just Listen app for more optimizations!

Why is My Altec Lansing Speaker Not Turning On – Quick Fix

Pro Tip: Follow the solutions in a consecutive order!

1. Long-Press Altec’s Power Button

long-press altec’s power button

Pressing and holding the speaker’s “Power” button for an extended period will jumpstart the speaker’s hardware, as long as the device is charged. 

This is an optimal solution for any electrical device that comes with a built-in “Power” button and responds to holding.

So, hold the power to check what happens and if your speaker will turn on.

Where to Find Altec Lansing “Power” Button?

Although there are plenty of Altec Lansing speaker models, the power button is typically located on the top panel.

where to find altec lansing “power” button

Even with the LifeJacket, Baby Boom, SoundBucket and the Mini H20 3, the power button’s integration is on the top panel, right next to the “Bluetooth” and “Wi-Fi” buttons.

How to “Jump-Start” Altec Lansing Speaker?

So, once you’ve found the power button, press and hold for 15–20 seconds to reactivate your speaker hardware.

You will have to hold the button for longer than usual, which may cause the speaker to produce a different LED indication. 

Notice: Ensure the Altec’s power button can be pressed properly and isn’t defective!

2. Re-Fill Altec Lansing’s Battery

re-fill altec lansing’s battery

If the speaker is still not turning on, the primary suspect is an issue with the charging of the unit, which involves the cable, port, and source.

So, you must re-fill the speaker’s battery to a maximum level, and then attempt to pair the device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

To recharge the Altec speaker, install Altec’s micro-USB cable into your electrical adapter and connect the adapter to a power outlet.

Wait until there’s a visual output from your Altec Lansing speaker that the device has successfully initiated the charging.

How to Tell if Altec Lansing is Charging?

The primary indication that your Altec speaker has entered “Charging” mode successfully is the illuminated LED light on the front panel.

So, the LED light will remain lit for as long as the Altec speaker’s battery is filling up or the charging cable is connected.

Also, unlike many other speakers, Altec’s LED indicator will turn off once the battery is charged to maximum capacity.

So, the charging indications are similar across all Lansing speaker types.

Warning: Verify the speaker is charging as the LED may also go off due to bad connections!

3. Check if the Speaker is Discoverable

check if the speaker is discoverable

In some cases, there may be no visual signs that Altec is turned on, but your wireless device’s Bluetooth manager may still discover the speaker.

So, the next step is to access the Bluetooth settings on the device and determine if the speaker appears in the “Discoverable Devices” tab.

Note: The speaker’s connection name varies on the model!

Here’s how to check if the Altec speaker is discoverable on any Bluetooth device:

  1. Access the “Settings” app on the wireless device.
  2. Head to the “Bluetooth” tab and scroll downwards.
  3. Hold the speaker’s “Power” button for 3 seconds.
  4. Wait until Altec’s connection shows up in the tab.
  5. Tap the Bluetooth profile once to start connecting.

If your device has established a successful connection with the Altec speaker, the status next to the Lansing profile will adjust to “Connected.”

So, do not move out of the speaker’s Bluetooth range to prevent your device from disconnecting.

How to Pair Altec Lansing Via Wi-Fi?

how to pair altec lansing via wi-fi

To connect your Altec speaker via Wi-Fi, you must download the Altec Lansing app for your mobile and add the speaker’s profile.

Once your speaker is successfully connected, you can unlock numerous online functions available for your Lansing that require a Wi-Fi connection.

Note: Altec speakers that support Wi-Fi pairing can maintain a stronger connection!

4. Service Altec’s Charging Equipment

Loose or unsecured charger connections are one of the leading causes of Altec’s inability to turn on after holding the “Power” button for long enough.

So, the next step is to closely examine the charging equipment your Altec speaker uses and ensure all connections are in proper condition.

Let’s inspect the connections in your Altec Lansing speaker’s charging setup!

Charging Cable Speaker Connection

charging cable speaker connection

The most important connection in your speaker’s charging setup is how well the cable plugs into your Altec Lansing speaker.

So, ensure the universal micro-USB cable is properly connected to the charging port on your speaker and check the charging LED.

Charging Cable Adapter Connection

The next mandatory connection of your speaker’s charging setup is the cable’s installation with the power adapter.

You must ensure that the charging cable is securely plugged into the power adapter and the cable isn’t loose, unsecured, or defective in any way.

Power Adapter Outlet Connection

The last but not least important connection is how well the power adapter plugs into your power outlet.

To verify the adapter’s connection, unplug it from the outlet and plug it back in with a slight push, to ensure that the connector goes all the way into the socket.

Warning: Altec Lansing may develop an issue if the adapter is loose or unsecured.

5. Alter Lansing’s Charging Source

alter lansing’s charging source

Another reason why the Altec Lansing speaker not turning on is because of an insufficiency of the electrical source.

The charging equipment of your speaker must be connected to an outlet with proven efficiency to securely deliver battery charge to your Altec Lansing speaker device.

  • So, relocate the speaker along with the charging cable and install the adapter into a proven electrical outlet.

We recommend trying to charge your Altec Lansing speaker in a different room, on a different fuse of your primary circuit.

This may rule out a defective electrical outlet as a possible culprit.

Pro Tip: Connect any electrical appliance or charger with the outlet to test the functionality!

6. Restore your Speaker to Defaults

restore your speaker to defaults

If you’re still unable to turn on and use the Altec Lansing speaker, you must consider activating a factory restoration procedure.

It is a quick and easy solution for underlying problems with the speaker’s system, Bluetooth coverage, and general functionality issues such as powering it on.

Here’s how to force a factory reset on the Altec Lansing speaker easily:

  1. Locate the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” speaker buttons.
  2. Next, hold both of the speaker’s buttons for about 5–7 seconds.
  3. Optional: Release the buttons as soon as your speaker flashes.

If the Altec Lansing speaker is short on power supply, it may not blink as a result of holding the volume buttons simultaneously, but the factory reset may still activate.

Do not interact with the speaker for at least 1–2 minutes after activating the factory restoration to prevent interruption.

Alert: The factory reset will erase all existing speaker configurations and Bluetooth settings!

7. Access Altec Lansing’s Hardware (Advanced)

access altec lansing’s hardware (advanced)

Well, regardless of your Altec Lansing speaker model, you can access the hardware and inspect the physical condition of the internal components. 

A disrupted power button connection or a malfunction with the primary board may prevent your speaker from activating on demand.

So, with an expired warranty and a bit of technical knowledge, you might be able to resolve the problem at home, by following the instructions we’ve prepared.

Here’s how to access the hardware of your Altec Lansing speaker:

  1. Pull the blue sleeve on Altec’s side away from the device.
  2. Locate the marked pry spots after removing the blue line.
  3. Next, use a metal spudger to lift the speaker’s grill away.
  4. Use a pair of tweezers to uninstall the six rubber stoppers.
  5. Undo the six 12 mm screws using a Phillips screwdriver.
  6. Gently pull apart the front panel from your speaker’s base.
  7. Locate the power button latch and inspect for any damage.

If you discover an issue, you can use any conventional way to resolve the problem by any means!

Quick Recap

Why is my Altec Lansing speaker not turning on?

Whenever the Altec Lansing speaker is not turning on, check if the power button clicks in, verify the speaker is sufficiently charged, and try to pair it.

Also, replace pieces of the charging equipment or reset the speaker.

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