Worried With Sonos Move 2 Red Light? (8 Working Solutions)

sonos move 2 red light

Sonos Move 2 red light blinking may appear on the Status LED or on the Battery LED, thus based on where you see the light, the indication is different. 

The red blinking battery light on Sonos Move 2 means the device is experiencing a condition fault, which has a wide spectrum of possible meanings.

In contrast, the blinking red light on the status LED, simply indicates that the device hasn’t been paired 30 seconds after booting it on.

To fix the Sonos Move 2 red light, begin by reinserting the battery, charging the device to a sufficient battery level, and performing a factory reset.

If this doesn’t help, you might need to recharge the device overnight or replace the battery.

How to Fix Sonos Move 2 Red Light in Easy Steps?

If you see a blinking red light on the status LED, there is nothing to troubleshoot, you only need to set up and pair your Move 2.

However, if you see a blinking red light on the battery LED of the speaker, there might be hardware failures, low or dead batteries, system bugs, and overheating.

1. Power Cycle Your Sonos Move 2 

power cycle your sonos move 2

The first and simplest step to undertake is a simple power cycle, which works like a charm in resolving temporary problems and bugs.

This method is completely safe to perform and only requires turning off the Sonos Move 2 speaker entirely for about 60 seconds for a discharge.

To power cycle Sonos Move 2, press and hold the Power button on the back for 5 seconds, and after the chime, the status LED on the top should turn off.

That’s it.

Now wait for at least 60 seconds for a full power cycle, press the Power button again to turn on the speaker, and check whether the red light is still there.

If yes, continue reading ahead.

2. Reinsert the Sonos Move Battery

If you see a blinking red light from the battery LED of your Sonos Move 2, this is not a good sign and typically indicates a battery problem.

One of the most potent solutions against this issue is to manually reinsert the battery, which doesn’t void the warranty, and everyone can easily do so.

reinsert the sonos move battery

Here’s how to reinsert the battery of your Sonos Move 2:

  1. Turn OFF the speaker by holding the Power button.
  2. Put the Move speaker upside down on a flat surface.
  3. The rubber end cap on the bottom must be facing up.
  4. Using the included Sonos pick, lift the rubber cap up.
  5. So, reach from the sides of the strip running across.
  6. Using the included Hex tool, remove the two screws.
  7. By grabbing the strip, you can now pull out the battery.
  8. Wait for at least 60 seconds with the battery outside.
  9. Then carefully position the battery back in the speaker.
  10. Screw the screws in place, and put in the rubber strip.

That’s it. Easy as that, the red light bug should now be gone, and your Sonos Move 2 should be working as expected.

However, if you still see the blinking battery light, continue reading ahead.

3. Fully Recharge Your Sonos Move

fully recharge your sonos move

It’s possible that your Sonos Move 2 speaker has not been charging properly, which is causing the red battery light to blink.

Hence, now that you’ve reinserted the battery it’s time for a 15–20 minutes charging session, during which, we strongly recommend reading the rest of this guide.

To recharge your speaker, verify that the electrical outlet where the charging dock is connected is fully functional, and position the speaker on the dock.

You must see a solid orange light, otherwise the speaker is not charging!

If your speaker is charging well, that’s a good sign, so leave it for some time, and keep reading!

4. Check if the Sonos is Overheating

check if the sonos is overheating

The red blinking battery light on your Sonos Move 2 might occur and stay for prolonged periods due to very high internal temperatures.

If your speaker is overheating, the battery will not work properly, so your speaker will enter the “fault regime”, which instantly stops the entire operation.

So, if you’ve been keeping your speaker exposed to direct sunlight, or in close proximity to a heat conductor, chances are that the battery is currently too hot.

The only thing you can do is wait for about 30 minutes until the battery cools down and test it!

5. Factory Reset Your Sonos Move 2

If nothing helps and your Sonos Move 2 red light blinking, perhaps you need to do a factory reset, which will clear all system bugs.

In case of a system corruption, or other possible software conflicts, the red blinking light could be a result of a glitch, which can be fixed via factory reset.

factory reset your sonos move 2

Here’s how to factory reset your Sonos Move 2 speaker:

  1. First, you need to power OFF your Sonos Move 2.
  2. Then, you need to press the Power button once.
  3. Quickly, hold the Bluetooth button for 5 seconds.
  4. Release when the status light blinks white and red.

That’s it. Your Sonos Move 2 is now factory reset, and if you continue to experience the same red blinking light problem, keep reading…

6. Let the Sonos Move 2 Acclimatize

We’ve already discussed what happens when the Sonos Move 2 is overheating, but the same can also occur when the battery is kinda frozen.

Hence, if you’ve just taken the speaker out of the delivery box, and the device has been exposed to freezing temperature, you must let your Move 2 acclimatize for a few minutes.

let the sonos move 2 acclimatize

So, simply leave the speaker at a room’s temperature for 15 minutes, then connect the device to the charger and check whether the red light will still blink.

If the conditions are extreme and the device is bricked, you may even see Sonos Move 2 solid red light. If yes, move on to the next step…

7. Recharge Your Move 2 Overnight

Unfortunately, by now, if the red blinking battery light is still there, all evidence leads to a faulty battery, which is quite bothersome.

However, before rushing into purchasing a new battery or attempting to claim your warranty, there is one last thing that you can do which will hopefully spring back your device.

recharge your move 2 overnight
  • We recommend verifying that the power source of the charging station is reliable and putting the speaker on the dock for 12 hours straight.

This is very easy to do as you only need to put your Sonos Move 2 to the charger overnight, and when you wake up, the red light could be gone.

If not, well, you will need a replacement!

8. Replace the Sonos Move 2 Battery

If your Sonos Move 2 is no longer covered by the warranty, replacing the battery is very easy, as you only need to purchase a new battery.

Then, by using the steps in solution #2 from the guide, you can easily eject the defective battery and put the new one in.

replace the sonos move 2 battery

The red light must disappear.

Note: If your Sonos Move 2 is still covered by the warranty, we strongly recommend reaching out to the local merchant or Sonos Customer Service, before replacing the battery.

Wrapping Up

Hence, to solve the Sonos Move 2 red light, power cycle the speaker, reinsert the battery, and perform a factory reset.

If this doesn’t help, check for overheating, fully recharge the device, and if nothing helps, replace the battery.

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