Is Your Sonos Move 2 Keeps Cutting Out? (Proven Fixes!)

sonos move 2 keeps cutting out

If you have no clue why your Sonos Move 2 keeps cutting out, you have found the solution!

While most Sonos speakers are designed to be used on the go, the Move 2 has an excellent home environment application, due to its portable charging base.

However, cutting out is not a pleasant experience and is often a sign of an underlying interference, or a bad Bluetooth signal.

If your Sonos Move 2’s wireless connection keeps dropping out, ensure the input device is within the speaker’s range and turn off “Idle Auto-Disconnect.”

If the problem persists, check for interfering devices and factory reset the speaker.

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Why Does Sonos Move 2 Keep Cutting Out?

why does sonos move 2 cutting out

Here’s what is possibly unpairing Sonos Move 2 from your device:

  • Your input device is out of the Sonos Move range.
  • Nearby devices are causing wireless interference.
  • An existing connection issue with the input device.
  • A problem with the Sonos Move 2 Bluetooth profile.
  • A misconfiguration within your Sonos mobile app.

Let’s fix this problem, shall we?

Sonos Move 2 Keeps Cutting Out – Here Are the Solutions!

Before you start: Have you tried playing audio through a different source?

1. Stay Within Move 2’s Bluetooth Range

stay within move 2’s bluetooth range

The first step is to ensure that your mobile or input device is within the Bluetooth range of Sonos Move 2 to ensure optimal audio playback.

The average Bluetooth range for Move 2 is about 30 feet (~10 meters) but this changes based on your positioning, environment, and surroundings.

To properly test the speaker, play audio on a connected device and remain within a 3-6-foot range to determine if there will be cuts or interruptions in the audio.

How to Extend Sonos Move 2 Wireless Range?

Here are the best tips to extend Sonos Move 2’s Bluetooth coverage:

  • Place the Sonos speaker in an open position.
  • Dislocate large obstructions or solid furniture.
  • Position the speaker close to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Consider setting up a Bluetooth signal booster.
Tip: You can calculate the Sonos Move 2 range by playing audio on a connected device and slowly walking away to check when the cutting will appear.

2. Deactivate “Idle Auto-Disconnect”

deactivate “idle auto-disconnect”

If Sonos Move 2 keeps unpairing while not in use, you must disable the “Idle Auto-Disconnect” feature within the Sonos mobile app. 

The feature automatically disrupts all wireless connections of Sonos after being idle for up to 30 minutes, but the delay is customizable through the app.

Follow these instructions to set the auto-disconnect to “Off:”

  1. Open the Sonos app on your mobile and go to “Settings.”
  2. Tap on “System” and select “Move 2” from the devices list.
  3. Next, tap “Bluetooth” and head to “Idle Auto-Disconnect.”
  4. From the configuration page, manually disable the feature.
  5. Next, exit the settings and test Sonos Move 2 functionality.
Note: Remember that “Idle Auto-Disconnect” is disabled by default!

3. Hard Reset and Fully Charge Move 2

hard reset and fully charge move 2

Attempting to use the speaker while the battery is under 10% or 15% may result in persistent disconnects or degraded audio quality.

That’s why the next solution is to hard reset the Sonos Move 2 and ensure the battery is charged to maximum capacity during your testing duration.

Follow these instructions to properly hard reset Sonos Move 2:

  1. Ensure the speaker is placed on the charging base.
  2. Unplug the charging base from the electrical outlet.
  3. Hold the speaker’s “Power” button for 15 seconds.
  4. Remove your speaker from the base and then wait.
  5. After ~30–40 seconds, place the speaker back on.
  6. Reconnect the station to the power and test Sonos.
Quick Tip: You can check the Sonos Move 2 battery level by going to the Sonos app → Sonos Move 2 → “System.”

4. Identify Potential Wireless Interference

identify potential wireless interference

One of the primary reasons why Sonos Move 2 keeps disconnecting is the existing Bluetooth interference produced by nearby wireless devices. 

Well, if the speaker is primarily used stationary-wise, you must ensure no nearby devices are communicating on the same radio frequency.

4.1 Symptoms of Wireless Bluetooth Interference:

  • Unstable connection or pairing difficulties.
  • Persistent audio disruptions and dropouts.
  • Reduced range or degraded signal strength.

If your speaker also experiences playback issues or interruptions, it is almost certain that there’s another device interfering.

Let’s learn more about the devices that can interfere with your Sonos!

4.2 Causes of Sonos Move 2 Wireless Interference:

causes of sonos move 2 wireless interference
  • Other Bluetooth devices close to Sonos Move 2.
  • Wi-Fi routers, modems, gateways, or Mesh units.
  • RF frequency cordless phones or baby monitors.
  • Certain smart home devices or microwave ovens.
Info: Wireless interference may also impact nearby devices communicating over cellular or Wi-Fi for as long as the signal is conflicting.

5. Re-add Sonos Move 2’s Pairing Profile

You can address existing issues with the wireless or audio functionality of Sonos Move 2 and stop the cutting out by re-adding the speaker’s Bluetooth profile. 

Well, each initial speaker pairing on a new device automatically registers a new connection profile within the source’s Bluetooth settings.

So, remember that erasing Sonos Move 2’s “Bluetooth” profile will permanently delete all pre-configured settings of your speaker.

re-add sonos move 2’s pairing profile

Follow these instructions to re-add Sonos Move 2’s Bluetooth profile:

  1. Open the “Settings” app on the mobile and go to “Bluetooth.”
  2. Locate “Sonos” or “Move 2” from the available list of devices.
  3. Tap the “Manage” (Android) or “Info” (iOS) button on the side.
  4. Once in the settings, go to “Forget this Device” or “Remove.”
  5. Confirm the removal of the profile and wait for 10–15 seconds.
  6. Set up Sonos Move 2 through the app to re-register the profile.
Tip: Allow Sonos to pair automatically by going to “System” → “Move 2” → “Bluetooth” → “Always Auto-Connect” within the app.

6. Reinstall the Sonos Move 2 Application

reinstall the sonos move 2 application

If you’re still experiencing issues with the Bluetooth connection strength of Sonos Move 2, you should reinstall the Sonos app from your smartphone.

A potential misconfiguration of the Sonos Move 2  profile may result in lasting issues with the Bluetooth causing a constant audio cutting.

6.1 How to Reinstall Sonos App On Android?

  1. Open the Google Play Store and tap on your profile icon.
  2. Tap “Manage apps & devices” and select the Sonos app.
  3. Tap “Uninstall” to remove the application from your device.
  4. Next, manually search for “Sonos” in the store’s search field.
  5. Install the application and re-add the Sonos Move 2 speaker.

6.2 How to Reinstall Sonos App On iOS?

how to reinstall sonos app on ios
  1. Locate the Sonos app on the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Press and hold the app for 2–3 seconds to show the menu.
  3. Next, select the “Remove this app” option from the menu.
  4. Find the Sonos app within the App Store and download it.
  5. Launch the app and re-add the Sonos Move 2 speaker unit.
Notice: All configurations, settings, and preferences within the app will be permanently erased!

7. Pair Another Device to Sonos Move 2

You should pair an alternative input device to your Bluetooth speaker for testing purposes to see whether the cutting-out problem will disappear. 

In some cases, phones, tablets, and even Bluetooth-enabled laptops can develop problems with wireless communication and cause the speaker to periodically drop out.

Hence, before pairing a new device, verify there’s a secure connection to the Wi-Fi network and the Move 2 is unpaired.

8. Factory Reset Your Sonos Move 2

factory reset your sonos move 2

Another potent method to solve issues with Sonos Move 2 is to perform a factory restoration!

This process erases all pre-configured audio or wireless settings of the  Sonos Move 2 speaker and the app, allowing you to set up the device initially.

The factory reset takes under 60 seconds to complete, during which the speaker will not respond to any user inputs, and its settings will be inaccessible.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your Sonos Move 2:

  1. Remove your Sonos Move 2 from the charging base.
  2. Ensure the Sonos Move is turned on and hold “Power.”
  3. Release “Power” after 5 seconds and hold “Bluetooth.”
  4. While holding “Bluetooth”, place Sonos back on the base.
  5. Release the button and wait until Sonos’s indicators blink.

If the reset has been initiated successfully, Sonos Move 2’s indicators will blink multiple times, and then you will be able to re-configure the speaker. 

Quick Recap

To fix whenever the Sonos Move 2 keeps cutting out, move in the speaker’s wireless range, set “Idle Auto-Disconnect” to “Off” and identify potential wireless interference.

Also, try to pair another device to Sonos Move 2 and factory reset the speaker.

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