Sonos Move 2 Not Charging? (Don’t Panic, Easy Fix!)

sonos move 2 not charging

If your Sonos Move 2 not charging, and you don’t know why, by the end of this guide you will discover and effectively resolve the problem.

Sonos Move 2 is an excellent speaker, but the charging issues always catch us unprepared.

However, this guide will unwrap everything you can do against the problem at home, and show you the best techniques and methods that will help you solve the issue in a matter of minutes!

If Sonos Move 2 is not charging, clean the charging pins on the station and the ports on the speaker and on the adapter/station.

Next, switch to a different power socket, factory reset the speaker and if nothing helps, replace the charging equipment.

How to Know When Sonos Move 2 is Charging?

know when sonos move 2 is charging

When Sonos Move 2 is placed on the charging station or connected directly to the wall outlet, if charging, you should see an orange/amber light on the back of the speaker.

The light will stay on for 10 seconds and will turn off, but the Sonos Move 2 will keep charging with no indications.

How to Check Sonos Move 2 Battery Percentage?

You can check the battery level of the Sonos Move 2 speaker from the Sonos app, from the “System” tab, by selecting the name of your device.

The battery percentage will appear on the list where your Move 2 speaker shows up.

So, if your speaker is connected, but not charging, we have a handful of tested solutions!

Sonos Move 2 Not Charging – 8 Quick & Easy Solutions!

Tip: We recommend following the steps consecutively!

1. Clean the Sonos Connection Ports

clean the sonos connection ports

There are at least two ports in your Sonos Move 2 charging setup, regardless of whether you use the charging station or a power adapter

The first port that is always there, regardless of the charging method, is the USB-C port on the back side of Move 2.

The second port is the input of your charging station (right behind the pins) or the output port of your charging adapter, whether it’s USB-A or USB-C based on your cable.

Here is how to clean the connection ports in your Sonos Move 2 setup:

  1. Acquire a toothpick, an old toothbrush, and a soft cloth.
  2. Using the toothpick reach within the Move 2 USB-C.
  3. Gently scrub the bottom and both sides of the port.
  4. Use the old toothbrush to remove all the dust/debris.
  5. Repeat several times until you unclog the port free.
  6. Perform the same cleaning for the port on the station.
  7. If you use a power adapter, clean the port there as well.
  8. Finally, using the cloth collect all the dust from the ports.
Reminder: Always disconnect your product from the A/C before cleaning, and never use liquids to clean charging ports.

2. Clean the Station’s Charging Pins

clean the station’s charging pins

The next and most important step, if your Sonos Move 2 not charging on base, is to clean the charging pins on the docking station to verify that the device makes clear contact.

The charging pins on the station are located right in front of the connector from the inner side of your station.

There are two horizontal contact pins that you need to clean and ensure that no obstructions or blockages are preventing the speaker from connecting.

Important: Disconnect the Sonos Move 2 from the station before cleaning and only use dry tools such as toothpicks, old toothbrushes and a soft cloth.

3. Try Charging via 5V Power Adapter

try charging via 5v power adapter

If you’ve been attempting to charge the Sonos Move 2 via a charging station up until now, it’s time to test via a 5 V power adapter.

So, this is an ordinary power brick, and your smartphone probably uses the same adapter for charging, so you should have at least one to test with.

However, based on the type of power adapter you might need a different connection cable, as the power brick could be USB-A or USB-C.

Hence, based on this you either need a USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB-A connection cable.

Note: When connected, verify that the Sonos Move 2 is charging by looking at the indicator!

4. Plug Move 2 Directly to the Source

plug move 2 directly to the source

If you’re not connecting your Sonos Move 2 directly to the source, this might be preventing the speaker from charging.

We strongly recommend removing any third-party devices from the wall and making sure that the selected power source is functional by testing via a secondary device.

Here are some devices that you need to avoid using when charging Sonos Move 2:

  • Electrical strips
  • Power extenders
  • Power dividers
  • Power surge protectors
  • Smart plugs
  • Other connectors

Regardless of whether you connect your speaker directly to the power outlet, or you plug in the charging station, verify that the connection is direct

5. Test via Different Electrical Sources

test via different electrical source

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with your Move 2 or charging station, because the problem arises from the electrical outlet.

Hence, the easiest way to justify this is by attempting to charge your Sonos Move 2 via a different, tested, and proven electrical wall outlet elsewhere in the home.

So, we recommend relocating your Sonos Move 2 and charging equipment, whether it’s the station or power cable/adapter, to a different room.

Why a different room? Well, this will exclude another possibility related to your primary circuit, in which case all outlets from one room might be weak/fluctuating.

This happens when you have a bad fuse or after a recent power outage, so go into another room, connect the Move 2, and test.

Tip: Try multiple different power outlets!

6. Act Against Freezing or Overheating

act against freezing or overheating

Sometimes, even if rarely, the Sonos Move 2 speaker’s battery may be freezing or overheating, which ultimately prevents the device from charging. 

For instance, if you have just received the Sonos Move 2 speaker, and the packaging box has been exposed to extremely low temperatures, it’s likely that the battery won’t start charging until the device has acclimatized.

On the other hand, if you’ve left your speaker exposed to direct sunlight or close to nearby heat conductors for a long time, the battery could be too hot. 

  • Hence, one thing you can do is leave your Sonos Move 2 at a room’s temperature for at least 20 minutes for the device to acclimatize with your environment.

When the device is not too hot or not too cold, test one of the different charging options you’ve got to see whether this works.

Note: Avoid charging the device in extreme temperatures!

7. Reset the Sonos Move 2 to Default

reset the sonos move 2 to default

One quick thing that you can do while your Move 2 still has a battery left is to perform a factory reset, which will reset the system.

This method will work, especially if the charging problems are due to a software conflict, bug, or glitch.

However, remember that this method will ultimately unpair your Sonos Move 2 from the source and will erase any personalized settings in the app.

  • To factory reset Sonos Move 2, power off the device, then power it on and while turning it on, hold the Bluetooth button.

You can release the Bluetooth button when the status light starts flashing in orange and white, and leave the device for a few minutes until the reset is complete.

Then, retry different methods of charging to check whether the battery indicator will finally illuminate in orange or amber color.

If not, there is one last thing you can do!

8. Replace Your Charging Equipment

replace your charging equipment

Well, since it’s cheaper, we first recommend replacing the USB-C cable, and if possible also testing and justifying that your power adapter is working.

So, if the Sonos Move 2 charges well with a new USB-C cord, but not when put on your charging station, then consider purchasing a new base.

Quick Note: If you still face issues and cannot diagnose the problem, contact Sonos Customer Service or file a reclamation against the local merchant.

Wrapping Up

Hence, if your Sonos Move 2 not charging, start by cleaning the charging pins and ports in the setup as well as testing different power outlets.

Also, verify that you’re using a direct connection with the outlet, factory reset Move 2, or replace your charging equipment.

We hope this guide was helpful, so follow us for more Sonos Move 2 troubleshooting!