Onn Party Speaker Not Charging? (Try These 7 Hacks)

onn party speaker not charging

Onn Party Speaker not charging, and you’re wondering why? We have the complete solution!

Unlike other large party boxes, the Onn Party Speaker is wireless and can be placed anywhere within your device’s wireless range.

After a short 2–3 hour charge, your Onn speaker’s battery can last for up to 20 hours of persistent Bluetooth connection, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Let’s learn what to do if the speaker isn’t charging:

If the Onn Large or Medium Party Speaker is not charging, first verify the cord is securely connected and check the A/C port for obstructions.

If the fault persists, use an alternative outlet and factory reset the Onn speaker.

There’s more so keep reading further!

Why is My Onn Party Speaker Not Receiving Charge?

onn party speaker not receiving charge

The following factors can impact the Onn party speaker’s ability to charge:

  • There’s an issue with the charging equipment.
  • Your charging adapter is not secured properly.
  • The A/C outlet’s power supply is not sufficient.
  • There’s a fault with your Onn speaker’s startup.
  • There is an existing Onn hardware malfunction.

You can track the charging and battery status of the Onn party speaker solely through the light indications, produced by the LED lamp on the front panel. 

Is there any light? Let’s check!

Onn Party Speaker LED Indications
LED Indicator:Meaning:
Flashing Blue LEDThe medium/large party speaker is currently paired with a receiver.
Solid Blue LEDThe medium/large party speaker has finalized the pairing procedure.

Solid Red LED
The medium/large party speaker currently receives a charge from a power source.
Lights OFFThe medium/large party speaker has finished charging.

Onn Party Speaker Not Charging – Here’s How to Fix Quickly!

Tip: We recommend following the guide in order!

1. Soft Reset your Onn Speaker

soft reset your onn speaker

The most practical solution to non-lasting issues with the Onn Party Speaker is to perform a “soft” reset using the built-in “Power” button.

It’s an effective method to relaunch all system services and forget the existing Bluetooth connections of the Onn speaker, fixing most issues.

Here’s how to perform a “soft” reset on the Onn Party Speaker easily:

  1. Verify the speaker is turned on and connected.
  2. Connect the charging cable to the Onn speaker.
  3. Next, hold the “Power” button on the top panel.
  4. Release the speaker’s button after 10 seconds.
  5. Wait 30 seconds while the Onn is powered off.
  6. Press the power button again, to restart the unit.

The “Power” button is in an identical position on both the “Medium” and “Large” versions of the Onn Party Speaker, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. 

In case your model does not have a built-in power button, you can achieve an identical reset by manually unpairing the speaker.

Note: You can unpair the Onn speaker manually through your device’s wireless settings!

2. Re-seat Onn’s Charging Adapter

re-seat onn’s charging adapter

An unsecured connection of Onn’s charging cable on either end will prevent the electricity from accessing the speaker’s hardware.

That’s why the most straightforward solution is to reseat the cable on both ends and determine if the LED status of the speaker will change to “Charging.”

Here’s how to reseat the Onn speaker’s charging cord in easy steps:

  1. Unplug the adapter from the party speaker’s A/C port.
  2. Disconnect the other end of the cable from the power.
  3. Wait for 45 seconds and reseat the wire on both ends.
  • Ensure the adapter is securely plugged into the speaker.
  • Check if the cable’s outlet connection is loose/unsecured.

What Adapter Do Onn Party Speakers Use?

Onn Large and Medium speakers both use a 2-prong AC power cord with male-to-female connectors.

The input current of the adapter does not exceed 2 amps and the plug format is type A.

So if you need a replacement in the future, verify to order the correct power adapter.

3. Alter the Speaker’s Charging Source

alter the speaker’s charging source

The next step is to install the charging adapter of the Onn Party Speaker into an alternative power source that can deliver electricity effectively.

An electrical outlet that’s deteriorated or depleted may lead to charging problems with both, the Onn Large or Medium Party Speaker.

First, identify alternative power sources that can be used instead of the current one and move the speaker along with the necessary equipment.

So, after the new cable is installed, check the indications of the speaker’s LED lamp and determine if the status has changed to “Charging.”

Tip: Before relocating the speaker, ensure the outlet is in a functional state through testing!

4. Check Onn’s Port for Obstructions

check onn’s port for obstructions

Well, if your Onn Large Party Speaker not charging, the issue may be a result of an obstructed speaker charging port or issues with the insertion.

As a result, the LED light of the speaker may remain the same, even after installing the charging cable securely into the port and socket.

You can quickly rule out an obstruction of the charging port by using a smartphone’s flashlight and inspecting the metallic pins in the connector.

  • Any dust or debris on the surface of the pins will prevent the adapter’s 2-prong end from plugging in securely.

How to Clean Onn Speaker Charging Port?

You can effectively remove all the debris within the speaker’s port by applying some cleaning solution to an ear stick and inserting it into the port.

So, use rubbing alcohol or a toothpick to soften and scrub the debris inside out.

Warning: Be gentle and do not apply too much force while cleaning the charging port’s pins!

5. Wait Until Onn Stops Overheating

wait until onn stops overheating

Charging the Onn Party Speaker for a prolonged amount of time can result in elevation of the internal hardware’s temperature or other words–overheating. 

The longer the speaker’s hardware overheats, the more likely it is for Onn to stop charging or develop other, severe issues such as hardware defects.

How to Tell if the Onn Speaker is Overheating?

To determine if the Onn speaker’s internal temperature is elevated, lay your hand on the rear panel of the speaker.

If the plastic feels hot to the touch, the speaker is most likely overheating or the internal components’ temperature is elevated.

How to Stop My Onn Speaker From Overheating?

stop my onn speaker from overheating

You can reduce the Onn Party Speaker’s temperature in the following methods:

  • Unplug the Onn speaker’s charging cable for 10–15 minutes.
  • Dislocate any heat conductors close to the Onn Party Speaker.
  • Unclog the side/rear ventilation openings on the Onn speaker.
  • Disconnect all third-party equipment from the speaker’s setup.
Tip: Track the speaker’s temperature by placing your hand over the rear panel!

6. Restore Speaker to Factory Defaults

Whether it’s the large speaker or the Onn Medium Party speaker not charging, performing a factory reset is a proven method to address existing issues.

The factory restoration will erase all settings and configurations of the speaker and erase all the device’s wireless connections.

Luckily, while your speaker still has a battery, you can perform a factory reset!

How to Factory Reset Onn Medium Party Speaker?

factory reset onn medium party speaker
  1. Ensure the Onn Medium Party Speaker is turned ON.
  2. Locate the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons.
  3. Next, hold both buttons for approximately 10 seconds.
  4. Release the buttons once your speaker’s LED flashes.
  5. Wait for 30 seconds while the Onn speaker is restored.

How to Factory Reset Onn Large Party Speaker?

  1. Verify the Onn Large Party Speaker is activated and paired.
  2. Press and hold the “Power” and “Bluetooth” speaker buttons.
  3. Hold the buttons for up to 10 seconds without releasing them.
  4. Stop holding after the speaker’s frontal LED starts to pulsate.
  5. Wait until your speaker has finalized the restoration procedure.
Notice: You will have to manually reconnect the speaker after the factory reset!

7. Replace the Onn Speaker’s Adapter

replace the onn speaker’s adapter

So, you can restore the optimal charging functionality of the Onn Party Speaker by replacing the 2-prong power cable with a brand-new adapter of the same type.

A potential malfunction of the cord may reduce the amount of voltage that reaches the device or deplete the charging entirely.

Your TV Uses the Same Power Cable!

As a 2-prong, type-A adapters are easy to come across, check if there’s another audio device or electrical appliance in your home using the same cable.

Well, typically, most TVs use the same power cable as your Onn Party Speaker, so go ahead, take the cord, and attempt the charging.

If the speaker is also refusing to charge with the second-hand adapter, there could be an issue with the hardware or the internal battery of Onn.

Notice: You can get more help by contacting the local merchant after reviewing the warranty!

Quick Recap

If the Onn Party Speaker not charging, re-install the charging cable, inspect the speaker’s charging port, and alter the electrical socket.

Also, factory reset the Onn speaker and test with an alternative 2-prong adapter.

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