Onn Party Speaker Won’t Turn On? (Fix It Fast in 7 Steps!)

onn party speaker won't turn on

Wondering why the onn party speaker won’t turn on? Well, we have uncovered the solution!

The onn Party speaker is designed to function according to your preferences, providing a fully customizable audio and visual interface.

All of this is accessible through the buttons on the top of your speaker and when the device won’t turn on, you pretty much lose access to everything.

Let’s review the possible solutions:

If the onn Party Speaker isn’t turning on, check if the LED indicators are disabled and long-press the “Power” button.

If the fault continues, diagnose charging issues, replace the charging equipment and factory reset the speaker.

Stay with us as we continue to unwrap!

Why My Onn Large Party Speaker Won’t Turn On?

onn large party speaker won’t turn on

Let’s review all possible causes why the Onn Party Speaker isn’t turning on:

  • There’s an issue with the speaker’sPower” button.
  • A malfunctioning onn Party Speaker charging setup.
  • Loose installation of the speaker’s charging adapter.
  • Obstructed charging port of your onn Party speaker.
  • An underlying hardware malfunction of the speaker.
Note: If the display right below the volume controller does not illuminate, onn hasn’t turned on!

Is the Onn Speaker Wired or Wireless?

Unlike other larger party speakers with higher-voltage requirements, the onn Party Speaker is a fully wireless boombox with up to 20 hours of playtime once charged to maximum capacity.

The speaker uses a standard A/C power cord to charge from a general electrical outlet and based on the equipment used, charging to maximum capacity typically takes up to 3 hours

Onn Party Speaker Won’t Turn On – Here’s How to Fix!

Tip: Follow the instructions consecutively!

1. Re-activate onn’s LED Indicators

re-activate onn’s led indicators

You can manually enable/disable the front and rear LED indicators of your onn Party speaker using two separate buttons on the top panel.

Hence, if you’ve accidentally deactivated the onn speaker’s “lightning show,” it may seem that the speaker didn’t turn on, which is not the case.

How to Activate Onn Speaker Front LED Lights?

The onn Medium, onn Large first-gen and onn Large second-gen speakers have an integrated “Lightning Controller” button.

You can press the button to go through all available LED modes of the speaker and the last mode sets the lightning to “off.”

So, hold the button for 2–3 seconds.

Note: Also, press the lightning controller multiple times to determine if your onn Party speaker responds to the presses and whether the LEDs are coming on.

How to Activate Onn Speaker Rear LED Lights (Onn Gen 2)?

Second-generation onn Party speakers have a separate lightning controller button operating the flashing of the back panel.

Thus, press and hold the button for up to 3 seconds to activate or deactivate the blinking of the rear panel, based on the current regime.

2. “Soft” Reset the Onn Party Speaker

“soft” reset the onn party speaker

All you need to do to turn on the onn large Party speaker is press the “Power” button on the top panel for 1–2 seconds and then release.

A potential power distribution fault or an issue with the button’s pressure plate may turn on the speaker with a slight/major delay or prevent it from turning on at all.

You can address underlying issues with the momentary power supply of the speaker and long-pressing the “Power” button.

Notice: Do not release the button for at least 15–20 seconds to power reset the onn speaker.

How to Check if Onn Party Speaker is Discoverable?

If onn has run into a temporal functionality fault or the LED indicators have been disabled, you should check if the speaker can be discovered by your device.

Open the “Settings” app on your smartphone or computer, go to “Bluetooth” and navigate to “Discoverable Devices” to check.

Note: If the speaker was previously paired to the device, the connection exists in “Remembered Devices.”

3. Plug Onn into a Different Outlet

plug onn into a different outlet

As established, the primary cause for startup issues of the speaker is unstable or insufficient power supply.

That’s why one of the straightforward steps is to relocate the charging equipment of your speaker into an alternative outlet with proven efficiency and refill the battery’s capacity.

To test an outlet’s functionality, you can attempt to charge your smartphone through it or connect any low-voltage appliance, such as a lamp or a charger.

Alert: Consider contacting a technician for a defective or short-circuiting electrical outlet!

4. Re-install Onn’s Charging Equipment

re-install onn’s charging equipment

The onn speaker may continuously fail to receive voltage due to loose or unsecured charging connections.

The onn Party Box first and second generation use the same 2-prong AC power cord, with some models supporting up to 24 V.

Follow these instructions to reinstall the charging cord of the onn speaker:

  1. Unplug the 2-prong adapter from your onn speaker.
  2. Disconnect the other end from the supplying outlet.
  3. Wait for ~60 seconds while the cable is uninstalled.
  4. Plug the supplying cable back into the onn speaker.
  5. Reconnect the other end of the cable with an outlet.
  6. Check if the onn Party Speaker is receiving a charge.

While the adapter is uninstalled, inspect the connector and plastic cover of the cable for visual damages, such as rips, cuts, or bents.

Well, any physical damages inflicted on the cable may prevent the onn Party Box from receiving a sufficient amount of charge.

Are you Using the Original Onn Cord?

Charging the speaker with counterfeit or third-party power adapters may significantly impact the internal battery’s ability to refill.

You should only use the original power cord that came with the onn Party speaker for charging or order a new one, compatible with the voltage requirements.

Note: A third-party 2-prong adapter may reduce the charge rate of your onn Party Speaker!

5. Inspect the Speaker’s Charging Port

inspect the speaker’s charging port

Your onn Party speaker still won’t turn on eh? Well, have you checked the charging port pins?

Obstruction of the party speaker’s charging port may prevent the charging cable from securely establishing contact with the A/C connectors.

The next step is to ensure that the port is free of debris, dust accumulation, or any other obstruction that is blocking the cable from plugging in.

Here’s how to inspect the charging port on your onn Party Speaker:

  1. Disconnect the charging cord from the speaker’s port.
  2. Use a flashlight to inspect the A/C port for obstructions.
  3. Next, apply some rubbing alcohol to 1 or 2 ear sticks.
  4. Using the earsticks, thoroughly clean the A/C port’s pins.
  5. After collecting all of the debris, wait for ~10-15 minutes.
Warning: Do NOT connect the power cable until the port is completely dry!

6. Factory Reset the Onn Party Speaker

factory reset the onn party speaker

If the onn Party Speaker is still failing to turn on, then you should force a “factory” reset on the speaker’s system to address issues with the startup.

Well, all wireless speakers with an in-built “Bluetooth” button can be reset, but this will erase all the existing Bluetooth connection profiles.

Here’s how to perform a “System” reset on your onn Party Speaker easily:

  1. Find the “Bluetooth” and “Power” buttons on the speaker.
  2. Hold both of the buttons simultaneously to start.
  3. Release the buttons after about 10–15 seconds of holding.
  4. Wait until the onn speaker produces a visual indication.

Once the procedure has started, it may last for up to 3 minutes, based on the performance and type of your speaker.

Keep in mind that not all onn Party Speaker models are designed to flash or output any LED indication as a result of starting the reset. 

Quick Tip: To prevent interruption, do not interact with the device for 5 minutes after the reset!

7. Alter Onn’s 2-Prong Charging Cord

alter onn’s 2-prong charging cord

If you’re still unable to turn on your onn Party speaker, consider replacing the charging cable with a brand-new 2-prong cord.

Many TVs use the same power cable, so if your TV’s cord is the same as the speaker, you can test replacing it.

If not, attempt to re-supply the internal battery of your onn Party speaker using a brand-new 2-prong power cable.

If this doesn’t help either, check the speaker’s warranty and seek help.

Reminder: You can test the speaker’s current adapter on any compatible appliance!

Quick Recap

To fix whenever the onn Party Speaker won’t turn on, check if all the LED indicators are disabled, alter the charging source, and re-install the charging cable.

If the fault persists, check the speaker’s charging port and force a system reset.

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